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PHOTOS: Van That Plunged Into The Lagos Lagoon Is Retrived..

Four persons are reportedly dead as a Hilux truck plunges into Majidun river in Ikorodu area of Lagos.
The vehicle with registration number KS918AU which belongs to the Ikoyi  Golf Club in Lagos  was driven by the Golf Club manager, Kolawole Ahmed, who was heading home after closing from work around 5:00 am Nigerian time.
Emergency officials said no survivor was found in the vehicle saying search and rescue efforts will continue.






Six-yr-old Girl Narrates How Three Men Took Turns To Defile Her While Her 2 Year Old Cousin Watched

“My uncle (her aunt’s husband) and I were going to the shop. ‘Oluwatobi saw us. He then greeted my uncle. I also greeted him.
“ But the next day, my uncle told me to stay at home and do my home work. My uncle said he would be back at home that he wanted to collect money from his shop.
“I went downstairs to buy biscuit. Oluwatobi then saw me and greeted me. He said, ‘fine girl, how are you?’ I said ‘fine.’”
Chideira said Oluwatobi asked her if he could buy her something too. She said he bought her gala and a bottle of coca-cola. After establishing a relationship with her, Oluwatobi asked his victim to show him her house and she innocently did, not knowing that it would mark the beginning of her ordeal in the hand of the alleged defilers.
Chideira said that Oluwatobi later came into their house, played football with her and left. She said the next day, Oluwatobi, James and one small boy visited their house, and, in the course of playing with her, they allegedly thrust their fingers inside her private part.
She claimed the next day to that, Oluwatobi and James came again, this time without the small boy and did the same thing with her.
“On another day again, Oluwatobi came with Kassim. Kassim was holding a knife and a pack of Five-Alive fruit juice and gala. When Oluwatobi was leaving, he left Kassim behind who allegedly had carnal knowledge of her later. He said that if I shouted, he would kill me with the knife. When Kassim had finished, he said I should show him our bathroom. I showed him and he bathed himself. After bathing, he said I should bring a glass cup and he shared the Five-Alive. He gave me four rolls of gala while he took two. When we finished, he told me to throw the empty pack of Five-Alive into the dustbin”, Chideira narrated.
She said Kassim left after he had made sure that she had thrown away the empty pack of the juice.
Chideira, who was then getting used to being violated every day, was relieved temporarily as she escaped being abused the next day by the suspects.
”But the next day, I did not see Kassim because I went to my aunt’s sister’s place at Igando for holiday.”
However, when she came back from Igando, the s*xual assault continued.
According to her, “when I came back from my aunt’s sister’s place, I was sent on an errand by my aunt. On my way I met Kassim who asked after my uncle and aunt. I told him they were around. Kassim now said I should come to his house and allegedly had carnal knowledge of her. The next day, Chideira had another encounter with Oluwatobi. “ The next day, I wanted to go and buy biscuit for Chibuike, my little brother (the aunt’s son), Oluwatobi saw me.”
Oluwatobi, according to Chideira, who was then with her little cousin, asked her to follow him to his house. She said Oluwatobi threatened that if she refused, he would make sure she got lost and so would not see her parents again. Consequently, she became afraid and followed him to his house while carrying her two-year old cousin along. She alleged that Oluwatobi told her to lie on the bed and defiled her once again.
”When he finished, he told me to go and bathe in his bathroom. I later left with my brother to buy the biscuit”, she said.
On getting home, her aunt, who had become worried, asked her why she came back late, “but I told her that there were many people that wanted to buy things from the Mallam who sells provisions in the neighbourhood”.
Chideira said she did not report her experiences to her aunt and her husband because Kassim threatened to deal with her, if she mentioned his name.
Chideira’s aunt, Ngozi, said when the ordeal of her niece started, she was not in Lagos but Abuja where she preferred to be delivered of the baby in her womb. She said she was in Abuja between June and August last year, and even had to return to Abuja for medical attention because some complications developed after she had given birth through a Ceasarean section. So, Chideira was left in the care of her husband and a cousin while she was in Abuja.
She said it was in January this year that she was going through the little girl’s clothes and discovered that her underwear had blood stains.
Ngozi suspected that something was wrong. She had to persuade her until she told her about James who worked in a barber’s shop nearby. She said Chideira told her that James defiled her and threatened to deal with her should she reveal what he had done to her.
Ngozi said: “Immediately I called my pastor and told him what happened. He called one of the members of our church who is a policewoman. The woman said I had to come down to the Ikotun Police Station to officially report.”
She said that after the police had interviewed Chideira, they got James arrested. She said the father of James was trying to defend his son, that he could not have defiled the girl since he, the father, was a pastor.
James was, however, detained and arraigned at a Magistrate’s Court in Ikeja where he was granted bail.
James, according to Ngozi, confessed to the crime. James, she alleged, wrote a confessional statement at the police station. But James’s father had been maintaining that he made the statement under duress.
As at this time, Chideira’s guardians did not know that more than one person was involved in the act.
“It was two weeks later that we discovered that there were others. I heard my two-year-old son ordering Chideira to lie down in bed. I wondered how a two-year old boy could talk like that. So I asked Chideira where Chibuike learnt that. She was just staring at me. I insisted on getting an answer from her. It was then she told me it was one Oluwatobi that said that to her and that Chibuike was present when he did that.
“I started shouting and asked if Chibuike was watching as Oluwatobi defiled her. She said yes but that he was ordered to look at the dressing mirror in his room. She told me about Oluwatobi and Kassim but that the police were reluctant to arrest them.
She said Oluwatobi’s parents were alleging that she wanted to extort money from them while Kassim’s wife claimed that her husband was not in Lagos.
Events after the arraignment of Oluwatobi have, however, made Ngozi to get worried. Ngozi claimed the police were no longer working in their interest as her niece is now being treated as an offender and made to be scared. She claimed that even when Oluwatobi was eventually arrested and arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court presided over by Mrs. E. B Daodu, the police prosecutor, identified as Anthonia, allegedly threatened her niece.
She said that herself and her husband were surprised that the police prosecutor, who was supposed to be working in her interest, made an application for Chideira to be remanded in the Child Correctional Centre at Yaba. Anthonia, she said, claimed that the application was necessary because the guardians could not take care of Chideira and that this was what made her vulnerable to s*xual assault.

You Can Now Send Money On Facebook Using GTBank(LOOK)


Guaranty Trust Bank Plc has yet again raised the service bar for Nigerian banks with the unveiling of its ‘Social Banking’ service on Facebook which allows the public open GTB accounts via their Facebook account.
The new offering which is the first of its kind by any Nigerian Bank allows GTBank Social Account holders transfer money, purchase airtime, pay bills, and confirm their account balance on Facebook.
Speaking at the launch of the social banking platform, the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the bank, Mr Segun Agbaje said the bank is committed to ensuring its stakeholders perform financial transactions at their convenience and would continue to introduce safe and novel alternative channels for them to do so.
He further confirmed that the Social Account is different from having a regular GTBank account as it enables people perform banking activities like money transfers, airtime purchases and bills payments while on Facebook.
Agbaje reaffirmed the bank’s commitment to discovering new ways of decongesting the banking halls without excluding people from its operations.
According to him, “the way to decongesting banking halls is not through excluding people but providing innovative platforms to better service for our customers.”
He however added that the bank would further spread its wings across the country with an additional 25 to 30 traditional and e-branches before the end of the year. Guaranty Trust Bank plc. has been at the forefront of industry innovations within the Nigerian financial services sector. The Bank was the first to see social media as a viable means to reach its stakeholders and presently has over 950,000 Facebook fans; the largest for any African bank.
The Bank’s other recent introductions include GTBank Mobile Money, a highly secure application that allows customers and non GTBank customers perform transfers and payments from their mobile phones, a ‘FastTrack’ banking system that allows customers withdraw money within the Bank’s branches using their debit cards, the GTCrea8 eSavers virtual account for undergraduates and the GTBank e-Account for salary earners, which enables them conduct all their banking activities without having to visit a physical bank branch.
In addition, the Bank’s internet banking platform is one of the most robust in the industry. The channel supports a wide array of transactions such as bills payments, own and third party transfers and foreign exchange transfers to any bank account in the world. The Bank’s alternative banking channels were recently given a Payment Card Industry Standards Council (PCISSC) certification, implying that the channels meet acceptable technical and operational requirements to prevent credit card fraud, hacking and other security vulnerabilities.

GOD Forbid That I Should Go Back To My Ex-Hubby---Monalisa Chinda


No doubt, the world, especially her teeming fans are aware that their darling screen diva, Monalisa Chinda miraculously survived a five-year violent marriage that nearly claimed her precious life and that of her little daughter,Tamarlilly.
It was with shock and a sense of outrage that Nigerians, especially her teeming fans received the unpleasant news of her crashed marriage in the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2009.
Few months after the celebrated divorce, Dejo-Richards recently remarried, finally, closing the chapter of her life with Monalisa. On her part, Monalisa is moving on with her life, rising up the social ladder, getting busier by the day in her role as Glo Ambassador and of late, a movie producer.
“No matter what happens life goes on,” she told Vanguard in a recent interview.
“But my greatest joy and happiness is my little daughter, I call her angel Tamar. Waking up beside her every morning gives me extra joy and fulfillment. She’s my all in all.”
Asked if she was ready to give marriage a try again after the first one hit the rock, ‘the Kiss and Tell actress’ said, “I would love to remarry. In fact, I’m designed to be under a man. I’m not going to lie about that. I like this ‘single mother nomenclature, but when there is no one at the moment, one is bound to get used to the situation. It’s not a ‘do- or -die affair’ because I have been there before, anything I’m going to do now,it has to be done right.”
The actress is ready to move on with her life few years after her made-in-heaven marriage to Dejo Richards ended.
Hear her, “I’m not in the school of thought, where the first one happened and perhaps, the second one. No, any bold step I have to take in settling down again, it has to be right. I’m not ready to make another mistake. But I will definitely remarry. I believe in the principles of marriage. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a better option.”
On her alleged romance with Lagos big boy, Lanre Nzeribe and the pregnancy rumour which went viral on the blogsphere recently, Monalisa said, “Yes, there is a man in my life. It’s neither here nor there. I’m a lover and I love to love.
But as you can see, I’m not pregnant. Naturally, I’m not pregnant for anybody.” She added.
Asked if her daughter, Tamar is missing her father, the Glo Ambassador said, “She doesn’t know her father . She was barely a year when our marriage crashed. I think she will ask some day.”
From every indication, there is no love between this queen of the screen and her estranged hubby. What if her ex wants to take her back? Hear her short, simple and straightforward answer? God forbid. He’s a closed chapter in my life.”

Ruggedman and 9ice Shouldn't Have Fought Over Me--Toni Payne


Toni Payne, estranged wife of Nigerian artiste, 9ice spoke to ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about the many controversies surrounding her life
I understand you now own a cosmetics line. Is it a new business?
No. I have had this line since 2005. I was in the United States then. I used to come to Nigeria often to try to push the line. It is not a mass produced brand, it is more of an exclusive brand. We have customers who buy it. It is just recently that I launched a line of eye lashes that I am trying to do mass market.
What made you get into this line of business?
I was a publicist for one brand abroad. Being its publicist, I was always in the office and I saw how the processes went. They introduced make-up and I was interested since I’m a woman. I felt it was an interesting thing and I wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself. So I started learning. I would sit in the laboratory with the technicians and I would write down formulas and look at how they did stuff. So I decided to bring what I learnt to Nigeria.
And how has it been?
Business has been good. I have no complaints. A lot of people felt I kept quiet about the make-up business but that wasn’t the case. It is just that it is not a mass market. It is not a mass produced range. I didn’t want to over- do things.
You dabble into so many things at the same time; one might see you as a restless person…
I agree. I am an Aries and we have this trait of doing everything. But I only do two things. I do PR, which has always been my background. But when I started doing PR in Nigeria, I noticed there wasn’t really a structure. You can’t just only be a publicist to an artiste. You might set out to be a publicist but you will end up doing managerial duties because there is nobody doing it. But now that more people are interested in that field, I have taken my hands off artiste management and I am sticking with PR.
You no longer manage artistes?
No. I don’t do that anymore. But I still do music promotion. It still looks like the same thing because of that lack of structure. But the duties are different. If an artiste comes to me now, I tell him straight up that promotion is different from management. I tell him his manager is supposed to do his business runs while his publicist is just to make his brand known and polish the brand.
What issues did you have with Olamide? We heard there was a misunderstanding before you parted ways with him…
I never had any problem with him. He had a label and I felt the label could handle the work for him. I had done my bit to a certain point and I felt I was satisfied. I didn’t want to be drawn into being an insider. I wanted to do Toni Payne Concept. I didn’t want to work for the label; I didn’t want to be too involved. When I felt it was time to let go, I had to go. And that is one good thing about me, I know how to let go. I don’t know if it is a good trait or a bad trait. There wasn’t a bitter quarrel. People do end amicably, not everybody has to fight. PR is easier than management. I have a child. With PR, you can do your job during office hours but with management, you are expected to work at odd hours.
You are into poetry too…
Yes. I just recently started sharing my poems. I have been writing poetry since I was 13. I never used to share it. I was on Twitter one day and I asked if anybody wanted to read my poems. The response was good and I decided to share it. So a lot of people downloaded it. I never knew there was a huge appreciation of poetry in Nigeria. Since then, I decided to use my brand to push mainstream poetry. Young people now email me to teach them how to write poetry.
Do you know music so much that you had to go on social media to criticise Tonto Dike’s song?
I didn’t do that.
But where did the story come from?
I know where it came from. I was at an event and somebody asked me what I thought of her song. I said she is a woman like me and she is trying. We are not all perfect. The next thing, I started reading online was that Tony Payne said this and that about Tonto Dike’s song. I was amazed. I never said anything negative about her songs. I have heard the song just once on the radio.
Did the story cause any kind of rift between you guys?
It didn’t because I’m sure she knew I didn’t say that. I think that was what the person who put up the story was hoping to gain. Even when people were criticising her about the song, I tweeted that people should not insult her and if they must criticise, they should do so constructively.
But what do you think of her music?
I haven’t really heard it. I don’t believe in abusive criticism. If I listen to the music, I might even end up liking it because of all the abuses she has got.
Why did you come back to Nigeria?
I got married. I just had to move back home. I felt I should have a close knit family. I got into working in Nigeria and I have been having fun.
Are you going to move back to the States?
I can’t say that. There is no guarantee. I have plans. It depends. We will find out in the next couple of years. I have lived in the US almost all my life. I used to come back home for visits.
Do you regret coming back home?
I don’t. I was even saying so this morning. If I didn’t, the curiosity would have been too much; I would have missed out on a lot of things. I’m glad I came back home. My feet are so well grounded. I know what I want and I know what I am capable of doing.
For somebody who is into PR, how come negative publicity has followed you in the short while you’ve been in Nigeria?
I will not let negative publicity control my life. It can’t make me not to live the kind of life I want to live. That means the people behind it have won. Some other persons would have run back to the States, but I didn’t and I will not. It is a little bit harder to manage yourself in terms of PR. I managed it well. I did as much as possible to reverse the notion about me. The terrain was even new to me. I kept wondering why people would want to say bad stuff about me. But now I have learnt, once I read or hear anything bad about me, I write my defence on Twitter.
What has kept you going?
I’ve been busy. A lot of people would have suffered from acute depression. I got angry at times but I was determined not to be broken. People ended up liking me. They found out I was the opposite of what was said about me.
Do you have any issues with K Solo?
I don’t have any issues with him. We are not friends. We’ve never sat down to have a 10-minute conversation. The issue with him came up because I follow him on Twitter and I saw the comment he made concerning his son. The mother in me couldn’t take it. I was angry about why he could say such concerning an innocent child on social media. That was it.
How are you coping as a single mother?
My son still has a father who is alive. It is not hard. He is well taken care of. I’m doing very well. It is not a big deal. Things happen, I will not be the first and I will not be the last.
Have you ruled out marriage?
Everything is in God’s hands. I will not rule out that aspect.
What if 9ice comes back to you?
(laughs) No comment. I will not answer that. I cannot predict the future.
What is this story that he snubbed you at an event?
I don’t know where that story came from. How could he have snubbed me? We are not enemies. He didn’t snub me at any event. I got to the event quite early. At that point, I was about leaving. And because there were too many eyes on me, I just had to stay awhile. It was even later that he asked me if I was at the event.
Do you still talk?
Oh yes we talk. We have a child together. We are friends.
During the brouhaha, you were outspoken, why?
There will be a time in the future when my son will be able to browse the Internet and read up all the stuff that happened. I didn’t want him to ask me why I didn’t defend myself. That was what inspired my own decision. I didn’t care whatever consequences that came out from my defending myself. I had to defend myself.
Why did you marry 9ice? So many people were of the view you were taken by his fame…
When I met him, he wasn’t that popular. I met him before the stardom. He was somebody whose personality I liked. It didn’t have anything to do with his being a celebrity. I saw a person I liked. I didn’t look at his status. I would say he was the first guy I was ever really in love with.
Was he your first boyfriend?
No. he wasn’t. But he was the first guy I had genuine love for.
Who was your first boyfriend?
It was one guy. We still talk. I’m not going to mention his name. He is still my friend.
How did you feel when you heard that another lady now has kids for 9ice?
No comment. I am not going to say anything concerning that. I don’t even know about it. I read about it in the papers. But then, I have read so many things about me that weren’t true in the papers. However, true or not, I will not talk about it.
It is more than two years since you separated. Are you now officially divorced?
I’ll not say anything about that. I’m sure 9ice will not tell you either.
We learnt you went back to beg him to take you back?
Me? Never. I did not. I know where the story came out from. Somebody close to him was feeding the press with the story. For some reasons known to him, he never liked me. He was the one that was always talking about me and coming up with such stories.
I guess you mean his former manager, Deinde?
Yes. And since he left him, no story has been said about me. I didn’t go to beg 9ice to take me back. Why would I do that?
Did you actually sleep with Ruggedman?
Of course I did not. I can categorically tell you I did not. Ruggedman has been my friend. But even before then, we didn’t see. And even after the whole incident, we have hardly seen. The last time I saw Rugged was during Occupy Nigeria. I have not seen him again since then.
Would you want Ruggedman and 9ice to be friends again?
They are adults so they should make their own decisions. But then again, I want peace between them. The fight was not warranted. There shouldn’t have been any fight in the first place. The song that caused the problem wasn’t about me. I was there when the song was recorded. I can still remember what I cooked that day. I cooked jollof rice and I diced the meat I used in cooking the rice. The lady referred to in the song was not me. All the attributes didn’t have anything to do with me. I don’t have tattoos. The last time I checked, I wasn’t bisexual as the lady referred to in the song. It was just a song but people just chose to believe whatever would suit them.

Poverty Pushed Me Into Cab Driving--Female School Teacher!


Rather than starve with her retiree husband and 11-year old son, a teacher, Mrs. Temidayo Fagbenle, took up commercial driving in Ilorin, Kwara State.
For Mrs. Temidayo Fagbenle , a teacher in a secondary school in Ilorin, Kwara State, the saying that necessity is the mother of invention is applicable. The school teacher has to drive Kabukabu that is, an unpainted taxi, to make ends meet.
Recalling how she became a commercial driver – a task mainly undertaken by illiterate and semi-literate men -she told Saturday PUNCH that it was in her attempt to find a solution to her financial predicament.
According to her, though she receives a monthly salary as a teacher, her family’s needs and that of some members of her relations could not be met by her monthly income.
She said that a day came that she was in so much financial need and could not even meet her own family financial needs that she started thinking of a way out.
According to her, she was so broke that she did not even have N100 in her purse. She thought so much of a way to get funds to meet her immediate need and suddenly realised that her car, which she usually drove to school, could generate additional revenue.
Fagbenle said she quickly acted on the idea and even before her husband, who is a retiree and her child, a student in a secondary school in Ilorin, could be informed of her new business idea, she had already gone ‘picking’ passengers and made brisk business on the first day. She was able to make enough to meet her immediate needs.
She said, “There was a time I was in need of money. It was such a precarious situation that I did not even have N100 on me. I had some pressing family needs to attend to. I was in a fix on how to solve the burden. I thought of something to do but it wouldn’t work, so I just took this vehicle that day.
“I woke up around 6am. I went to Tanke in Ilorin and started this kabukabu (commuter taxi). Initially, I was afraid that officials of the National Union of Road Transport Workers could harass me since I was not a member then. But I summoned courage. Within one hour, I realised some money. That was early 2011. That day, I went back home before 7am because I did not want people to know what I did.
“I was happy that the money I made that hour solved my immediate needs that day. But I stopped. I was thinking ‘is it God’s will for me to be doing this type of work for my secondary assignment’? I have a child to take care of, though my husband is there. With the situation in Nigeria, the two hands should be rubbing themselves together; husband and wife should be earning an income.”
Fagbenle said she went into full cab business this year, plying the Maraba-UITH route in Ilorin. She said that even the day she went to register with the NURTW, she had only N3,000 which was not enough for the registration. So she begged the official she met and promised to pay up later. Having reached an agreement with the NURTW official, she started and since then had been finding her second job enjoyable.
She expressed gratitude to her passengers including those that had been passing good comments about her, adding that she had never had any problem with any of them.
For her, the male drivers had never been a problem as, according to her, they regard her as fellow driver and even assist her get passengers to board her vehicle.
“In fact, they like what I am doing. When I have difficulty calling passengers, they would even rally round me and then I move on. I thank God. They are really there for me as people that can help someone. I can say that God sent them to me.
“They do not think about male or female but they are there for me at any time,” she said.
The Kogi State-born, who is married to a Kwara indigene, said she had not been having problem with other motorists or traffic officials.
She stated that her husband and child not only encourage her but have been a source of inspiration and support for her driving business.
According to her, some of her colleagues encouraged her in the kabukabu business while others feel concerned. They wonder how a woman could successfully undertake commercial driving as according them, such undertaking could be very stressful.
“I thank God and I thank my husband because if he did not allow me to be doing it, I would not and it would hurt my feelings.
“My son is in Junior Secondary School 2. When I told him that I had joined the NURTW, that I would be driving to Maraba, he burst into laughter. He told me that he normally sees a woman who also drives. I said ‘it is not a crime let me be doing it’.
“Any day I don’t go, my son would say, ‘Mummy you did not go out today’? I would say I just want to rest.
“I like commercial driving. It is now my hobby. A passenger one day asked me why I was driving?’ I told him that I like driving, that it is my hobby. Even before I got my driving licence, there was a time I boarded a vehicle and the driver was a female. I was sitting at her back and was imitating her as she was driving.
“I combine driving with my primary assignment, which is teaching. I do not allow it to affect my teaching. I engage in driving during vacation and after I have closed school for the day. I teach in a secondary school. As a woman, I normally schedule my work. It is stressful but I do not drive for a long period. I drive four hours a day on my free time,” Fagbenle said.
She also appealed to husbands to support their wives in their good ventures so that they could maximize their potential, contribute meaningfully to family and societal development as well as feel fulfilled.
“My advice to other women is, you know women love dignity. If you want to maintain your dignity and say because of the job that I am doing, how can I be driving? It is not only driving, there are other jobs that they can start that are legal. I would advise them to think properly and succeed. It is not advisable for a woman to be idle because they have need to buy some things for their children.
Even some that are salary earners can engage in some other businesses to augment their salaries.”
On some of the challenges in driving, she said lack of money for regular spare parts maintenance could be frustrating in driving business, adding that regular maintenance of a vehicle would keep it in top form.
She said, “There was a day I was going and the vehicle suddenly stopped. I later discovered it was the battery because I pulled up the bonnet. I was embarrassed and was begging the passengers.
“But I was not sure what the problem was. So when I opened the bonnet, I just touched the battery and the vehicle quickly started again. I was then ashamed. I felt that I had delayed my passengers a little bit.”
Secretary, NURTW, UITH, Wapo Unit Okise, Mr. Ambali Ajali, said Fagbenle had been a good member of the union adding that she is the only female driver in their unit.
Kwara State Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress, Mr. Farouk Akanbi, commended Fagbenle for her foresight, enterprise and versatility.
He stated that he had been encouraging teachers to find alternative sources of income to complement their salaries so long as such ventures were legitimate and would not conflict with their official duties.
Akanbi, who is also the chairman, Nigerian Union of Teachers, Kwara State chapter,added that NUT was willing to assist Fagbenle boost her driving business operations.
“It is something that I have always been campaigning for; that teachers should find a way of augmenting their resources by whatever they can do that is legitimate. Somebody who is doing that even as a woman needs to be encouraged.
“I congratulate her and if we are aware at the NUT level, we would be willing to assist her so that many women can follow queue from such kind of attitude and make ends meet.
“If teachers can make additional income outside their salaries in their spare time, certainly they will be better for it and be able to contribute more meaningfully to the development of the education sector,” Akanbi said.
Kwara State Commissioner for Transport, Dr. Abubakar Kannaike, said the ministry is willing to assist Fagbenle procure a new vehicle.
He stated that women drivers are many in some advanced countries but not Nigeria, adding that such a woman should be commended and encouraged.
“Her enterprise is very commendable. It is not uncommon outside Nigeria that you see a lot of females running taxes such as airport taxis. Since we have one of our own doing that, it is worth supporting and it is a good example for others who have the capacity and mental ability to cope. People should do something to augment their income,” Kannaike said.

PHOTO of a jewish man all covered in a Plastic Bag Durring A Flight..


A Jewish man covered himself in a plastic bag on a plane because his religion forbids him to fly over cemeteries. The man is a Kohein, a religious descendant of the priests of ancient Israel, who are banned from flying over cemeteries. The photo was posted on Reddit yesterday and has gone viral.

Davido's Girlfriend is A Month Pregnant For OBO!!


News reaching us exposed a little secret in the HKN GANG camp disclosed that Davido’s Girlfriend, Nish Kards is actrually month pregnant for the 20YR old pop star.
Details later.

20 W0men Raped, Police Van Burnt As Hoodlums Invade Agbarha-Otor

THERE is apprehension in Agbarha-Otor kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State following a reign of terror unleashed on the people by hoodlums in the last few days. The Area Commander, Ughelli, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, Awosola Awotinde confirmed to Saturday Vanguard that 34 persons were in police net in connection with the orgy of violence.
It was gathered that no fewer than 20 women and girls, including an eight-year-old daughter of the Vicar of an Anglican church in the community were raped by the hooligans, who also set ablaze a police patrol vehicle.
A number of police officers were, at the outset, sent to the palace of the monarch of Agbarha-Otor, His Royal Majesty Richard Oghenevwogaga, Ebelle-Okorefe I, to secure the king’s abode following a breakdown of law and order in the community, Wednesday night, but rampaging hoodlums overpowered them.
At press time, last night, the monarch has relocated from the palace for safety reason, while the Area Commander, Ughelli, has reinforced security in the town. Saturday Vanguard also sighted soldiers in the troubled community.
The hooligans, numbering about 100 were angry that the monarch refused to participate in the traditional “Ekene” festival on grounds that he is a Christian.
According to our source, “they wanted the king to make sacrifice to the deity, but he refused, saying he is a Christian and they should go ahead without him contributing money or cooking for them during the feast, as some of the priests and chiefs demanded.
“His refusal to take part in the feast infuriated the hooligans, who vowed to foment trouble and they executed their mission on Wednesday, the last day of the feast. The unfortunate thing is that some chiefs even supported their rebellion,” he added.
Saturday Vanguard learnt that hoodlums allegedly expelled from the community because of their criminal escapades, started with the clergyman because it was in his church that the king held a thanksgiving service recently.
Besides raping the  clergyman’s eight-year-old daughter, hospitalized because of the incident and other girls, they also hijacked the property of people, claiming that the deity wanted them.
A community leader said, the miscreants engaged in raping of women (married and single) since the festival, which is held once every 15 years started on 27th of March. It took a worrisome dimension Wednesday night as they invaded the Church’s vicarage, destroyed and looted properties worth  thousands of naira after making the vicar and his households undergo some inhuman treatments.”
According to our source, “on their way from the vicarage, they invaded the shop of the Queen Mother of Agbarha-Otor and raided her shop; they stole wines and practically every other thing in the shop and also vandalized the freezer.”

I Regret Being A Divorcee--Monalisa Chinda.

Monalisa Chinda   Monalisa Chinda

Two things are bound to attract you to Monalisa Chinda whenever  you are privileged to engage her in a conversation. They are her frankness and humility. These attributes played out last week as Showtime Celebrity took her on a trip into her past, her present and perhaps, her future. For the first time, Lisa bares her mind on a number of issues bothering on her love life, crashed marriage and accomplishments. Chiefly, she confirms that she has found love again, not ruling out however, the possibility of giving marriage a second chance. Enjoy!!!
Find love again  

Do you still believe in love ?

I believe in love. Love is the reason for our existence. It’s really not enough if you want to get something done, you have to do  away with that emotion and be real.

Are you  religious?

I’m from a religious background. I ‘m  an Anglican and all the moral teachings I learnt while I was growing up  are still  there till date. While I was seven, I was a member of my church choir . I attended an Anglican school, Archdeacon Memorial Grammar School, it’s a convent school. I’m quite religious.

How did you feel when your father was murdered?

Every day that passes by, I think of that man. God bless his soul. He was the reason, I’m doing what I am  doing at the moment. My late dad was a philanthropist. He would give out the last money in his pocket to those who do not have. I took after my Dad,  whereas my mum was a career woman.
My dad ensured that his children were well taken care of, in all ramifications. He was a good cook  and he spent greater part of his life in Germany. As far as I’m concerned, my dad was a German. He was always in the  forefront of ensuring that his children were well catered for. But my mum was a career woman before she retired.

We learnt that you  are planning to go into marriage again. Is it true?

I would love to remarry. In fact, I’m designed to be under a man. I’m not going to lie that I like this ‘single mother nomenclature. But whereby there is no one at the moment, one is bound to get used to the situation. It’s not a ‘do- or -die affair’ because I have been there before, anything I’m going to do now,it has to be done right.
I’m not in the school of thought, where the first one happened and perhaps, the second one. No, any bold step I have to take in settling down again, it has to be right. I’m not ready to make another mistake. But I will definitely remarry. I believe in the principles of marriage. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a better option.

How  soon are you planning to settle down?
I honestly don’t know about that, and I can’t tell for now.

Have  you found love again?
It’s neither here nor there. I’m  a lover and I love to love.

It was rumoured recently that you have found love again?
Is there anything wrong with that? I just replied you that I love to love. What else do you want to know.

Your fans would want to know if there is any man in your life at the moment?
Yes, there is a man in my life.

…Lanre Nzeribe right?
No comment. This is my private life.

People are alleging that you are pregnant for him?
You can see that I’m not pregnant.  Naturally, I’m not pregnant for anybody.

What do you  regret most about your  past?

One thing I regret most is the fact that I am divorced.  Where I come  from, I’m the first daughter. I’m from a royal family, it has never been on record in my family  that the first daughter will walk out of her matrimonial home. But it was a  matter of life and death, otherwise,  I would have stayed back and make my marriage work. I tried to make it work, but it takes two people to tango.
That’s the only thing I regret, having to raise my child without the father. It’s a bit painful. But I have to live with it. It’s better that way than to expose my little daughter to all sorts of domestic  violence. It will definitely disorient her and affect her upbringing. She will be dis-functional. God knows the best. May be, I should have been more careful.

With such shocking experience, what would you say life has taught you?   

I’ m a bit stronger and wiser now than before. I have known how not to get involved in anything emotional again. If you are  emotional even in a relationship, you don’t get to think. One shouldn’t  allow her  emotion to overrule  her sense of reasoning.
I have understood what it means to be patient to persevere and also, to be careful with people around me. If somebody around you is your very good friend, you end  up finding that the person is actually an enemy in disguise. I have learnt all of that because I have been alone. While my marriage was intact, I was not keeping friends.  After I’m through with my work, I usually  retire to my house. But since I’m alone, and having to mix up with a lot of people, I have realised that I have to be very careful and free-minded and at the same time, be myself.

In the midst of all these  challenges,  what would you say has kept you going?

I’m  a very strong woman, and open-minded. I know who I am. I’m a Godly person, but I’m not a perfectionist. If I do something wrong, I will always find a way to show remorse and repent of whatever sin I might have committed. That has kept me going. I’m highly determined and  focused. I do not go by what people say about me.

If your ex- comes back to you today, will you accept him again?   
God forbid.  He’s a closed chapter  in my life.

Does it mean your little daughter  is not missing her father?   

She doesn’t know her father . She was barely a year when our marriage crashed. I think she will ask some day.

Share your experience with  us as a Glo ambassador?

It has been rewarding for me. Activities always come up here and there, going around, talking about the brand. Glo has made a long lasting mark  in the country.

How do  you describe yourself?  

I’m just the girl-next-door. I don’t have many ears around me, I try to be  humble. I  want people to be able to reach out to me. I’m not a difficult person. I’m an easy-going lady.

You recently premiered your latest movie, Weekend Getway, What’s the movie all about?   

First of all, the premiere was successful. I thank God for that. A  lot of people turned out to show their support. The movie was produced by myself ,Ini Edo and Emem Isong. It was directed by Desmond Elliot. It paraded A-list actresses, both young and old ones in the industry. We had to create a platform where up and coming actors star alongside seasoned actors which made the film  more unique. The movie is already selling out  in the cinemas. Between last Friday when it was premiered and yesterday( last week),  we  have made substantial amount  of money from the box office alone. I also acted  in the movie.

What  are your recent movies?

Kiss &Tell which was produced in 2010 but premiered in 2011. My second movie,  Cat Walk  was shot in 2010, but premiered in February,  2012. My third movie, Weekend Getway, premiered forth-night ago.

Why did you go  into production of movies?

Producing  has always been at the back of my mind as an actress. In fact, I should speak the minds of a lot of people who are in the art. They want to diversify and break new grounds and to also show the  various things they can do. Naturally, we all want to try our hands in other things as long as  it’s within  the genre of  entertainment. That’s the reason I wanted  to do something different. Right now, I’m even going into live theatre which is already dying in this country. Thespians like myself and a few other people are trying to revive the dying live theatre culture in the country.

Was it why you staged a dance-drama, “Dance for Life’ last December?

Yes, because the first outing was actually sponsored by myself. That’s why I want to see how I can get corporate bodies  to partner with me for the the second edition of the dance project which I want it to come up on May29.

Do you dance?

As a Thespian, we all do the three arms of theatre including Dance , Music and Acting. These are the three arms of theatre, so you must be able to do the three and then, specialize in one.

Last December outing, was  it the first time you  actually involved in dance ?

Yes, it was the  first time I would dance  in public.  I’ve never done that before in my life . I only danced while I was in the university. As an artiste, we were involved in all sorts of performances way back in school.

How did you feel that fateful day?

I had mixed-feelings because of the massive turn-out of celebrities. Again, it was because of the fact that a lot of people enjoyed themselves and they didn’t want to go home again. So,  I was in between  rolling myself on the floor with tears of joy and also, praying that this kind of dance project should continue. It was a divine feeling.

Did the project actualise your dream of reviving  live theatre in Nigeria?

Yes,  I’ve always wanted to do exactly that.  I’ve always wanted to find an opportunity to revive the dying live theater in the country. People look at dance as a non-productive act, but I don’t think so because dance is even more vigorous than acting. You have to love the art, love theatre and singing before you can be able to have a grasp of  the message. The performer on stage  is trying to understand  the message being put across through dance.

Since you delved into movie production what has been your challenges? 

It’s been a  good experience, and also, knowing that I’m getting older, I need to step aside for the emerging actresses to excel.  But even at that, it’s really difficult for them. I think some of the fresh actresses are joining Nollywood for different reasons and probably not for the love of the industry. They just have this silly idea that if I hit the screen, people would see me and like my face as well. It’s not done like that.
If you call for an audition today, and about four thousand people show up, you will be shocked to find out that not up to five of them have what it takes to be an actress. The five people would have rigorous screening before they are able to deliver their lines. That also is a very big challenge. That’s why we keep recycling a lot of known faces even when we are getting older and tired. We still try to look slim and young, competing  favourably with the younger ones.

Do you intend to go solo in your next  movie?  

Yes, I will like to go solo in my next movie just to see what it’s like not wanting to do the movie with anybody else. But I will still engage seasoned directors  to direct my movie. But I want to be the solo financier and solo producer o f my next movie. That will happen before the end of this year.

We learnt you are planning to launch a perfume line?

Yes, I’ve already started and I’m  planning to do a launch of the perfume in future. The product is called   Monalisa Mcold Beauty Products. That’s the brand name I’m using for now. I have a factory outside Lagos where the fragrances are produced.  They took samples of my skin to test if the products are good for human consumption. We are producing body cream, age defining hand creams, body mix for men and women and soap.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Kenny Ogungbe's Response On Why He Didn't Attend 2face Idibia's Wedding!


 Even though we all thought 2face and Kenny Ogungbe’s music label, Kennis Music, parted ways amicably back in 2004, it might not be as we thought.
When asked by an Encomium reporter why he didn’t attend 2face Idibia’s Dubai wedding, Mr Ogungbe replied:
“I don’t think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people”
Perhaps there is still an open sore yet to be healed?

Confession: I Killed 11 Babies For Money Rituals – Voodoo Practitioner

Nwanu told the reporter that at the peak of his foray into voodooism, he, alongside a traditional priest, slaughtered 11 young virgins for money rituals at a village in Ebonyi State. According to him, right from his childhood, he had made up his mind to serve the devil in order to become rich.
He took the decision, he noted, as a 15-year-old young lad in his village in Ebonyi State. Agu’s reason for insisting on serving the devil was that his father, who served God all his life was also poor all his life.
Said he: “When I was growing up, I never wanted to be as poor as my father. I had wanted to become not just rich but very wealthy. I reasoned that I had to serve the devil in order to become very wealthy. I believed that my father was afflicted by abject poverty because he had faithfully served God. I had believed that by serving Satan, I would be very rich, build mansions and ride big cars, as I have learnt that many wealthy persons got their money by serving the devil. So, I was determined to do money rituals too so as to hit it big.
“At 15, I began to practise paganism, I would go into the bush in the village, clear a spot, gather some stones and put some leaves on them. I would then pour oil on the stones and then kneel down to worship the objects.
I also was desirous to know the devil. I was very curious about him. I was asking everyone around about powerful native men, who could link me to the devil. I wanted to meet with him, tell him that I wanted to be very rich at all cost.”
Indeed, a few years later, Nwanu came by powerful native doctors, who introduced him into various ways of doing money rituals. “I began to meet with different native doctors, who were asking for some items as requirements for money rituals.
“The items included dogs, fowls, hairs and parts of human beings as well as some other things needed for the rituals. These items were mixed together and eventually, I started making money. That was how I was able to sponsor myself in secondary school as well as feed and clothe myself. In spite of all these, I wasn’t yet satisfied, as I was still living with my uncle.
“I was thirsty for good money. I once got introduced to a powerful native doctor, who assured that he could help me to become very wealthy on certain conditions. He said I had to get married and begin to make babies, as my wife and children would be useful in sustaining the money rituals. The man also told me that I was also too young then because I was barely 20 years old.
“He advised me to do the rituals when I turned 25. I didn’t like the conditions he gave, so, I decided to seek for help elsewhere and I got it.
“In January this year, I was introduced to another powerful native doctor in Ebonyi State. I had to travel all the way from Lagos to Ebonyi to meet with the man. I disguised as a middle-aged man to forestall a possibility of the man, dismissing me as too young. The native doctor turned out to be a priest to a deity believed to be the god of money.
“At the priest’s place, I was asked to speak with an invisible deity, who spoke to me in a guttural voice. He demanded the heads of seven female virgins, babies preferably. Though I was stunned at its demand, I was ready to do whatever needed to be done. I indicated my readiness but said I didn’t have the means of getting the babies since I was not used to the place.
“The priest offered to help and took me to some motherless babies’ homes and hospitals in the state. At first, the owners of the homes and hospitals asked for N400, 000 for each baby but we haggled and beat the price to N70, 000 for each.
“We eventually got seven babies even though we didn’t make all the payment. The priest made arrangement with the authorities of the motherless babies’ home to secretly bring the babies to his shrine in order to prevent a possible encounter with the police.
‘‘Once the priest got the items, he asked me to go into a room where he had lodged me. So, the next day, he invited me to his shrine and there I saw blood and human remains splattered all over the premises of his shrine and I concluded that he must have used those babies for the rituals.
“The priest then handed some charms to me and instructed me to return to Lagos. He said I should observe a dry fast for seven days and nights. He also instructed me strongly against having anything to do with women. He specifically said I should not allow a woman touch me or talk to me. This, to him, would preserve the potency of the juju.
“I was overwhelmed with great joy and made a strong decision to obey the priest’s instruction to the letter. But before I boarded the bus en route to Lagos from the Ebonyi motor park, an unknown woman called out to me and followed me in spite of my blunt refusal to give her audience. The lady succeeded in touching me before I got rid of her.
“Instantly, the charm I was given got broken. I ran back to the priest and was dumfounded with what he said. He said the lady that accosted me had ruined the charm because she was in her menstrual period when she touched me.
“I would have been punished severely for spoiling the charm but the deity had a soft spot for me and gave me a second and last chance. I was to do another charm with another seven virgins, four males and three females. My failure to get the additional seven virgins in three days, he said, would result in my death.
“By that time, I had spent almost all I had on me. I had only N43, 000 left. I had paid N400, 000 as part payment for the earlier ritual. So, I pleaded with the priest to assist me and he contacted some kidnappers in the state.
“He invited them to have a chat with me and the kidnappers said I was fortunate to approach them at that time because they had four virgins whom they had fetched for a client that didn’t need them any more, as another set of kidnappers he also contacted had gotten the virgins for him. So, the priest and I pleaded with the kidnappers to give me the four virgins on credit. I gave them N40,000. We promised to pay the outstanding money after the second ritual.
“Actually, the money was ready and stacked in many polythene bags and they were shown to me. But the deity had warned that I shouldn’t touch the money since the charm was already spoilt. The other seven virgins were to be used to placate the spirit behind the money so that anyone, who touched it would not be severely punished.
“Considering my situation, the priest pleaded with the deity to accept the four virgins that we eventually got from the kidnappers and the ritual of appeasement was done. After that, I was asked to come back to Lagos and wait for seven months.
“I was instructed to struggle to survive by doing odd jobs within those seven months so that I would have gathered enough experience that would enable me spend the money prudently. As the ritual of appeasement on the money was done, a paper on which my name was written fell from the ceiling.
“There was a message, congratulating and welcoming me to the club of billionaires. On that note, I returned to Lagos. As the earlier instructions about abstaining from women were passed to me, I did my best to abstain from women for the seven days of the dry fasting. I ensured this by locking myself up in the house and coming out only in the midnight to get fresh air.
“But shortly after the fasting, I had an encounter with a member of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.
“The man preached to me and we became friends. I agreed to go to church with him one day and after the church service, the presiding pastor, Brother Anapeto Peter, ministered to me and prayed with me. It was there that I received Christ and renounced my evil ways.
“Since then, I’ve been having an inexplicable peace of mind. I have asked God to forgive me for my past atrocities. I will never go back for the money, as I have given up everything for God to rule my life. I have realised that I was just being deceived by the satanic priest and his deity.”

Source: The Sun

Popular Nollywood Actress Jenifer Eliogu Chased Out By Husband For Child Paternity Mess!!

Jeniffer eliogu is known for one shameful controversy or the other, if we can recall clearly the issue of a missing money accusation from Suzan Patrick another nollywood actress against her. Jennifer Eliogu is yet in the news again, this time for child paternity mess.
News making the rounds in nollywood and the entertainment sector recently is the disgraceful way nollywood actress, jeniffer eliogu was chased out of her matrimonial home by her husband and his family due to acts of infidelity on the side of the actress. The story as we gathered from one of the sibblings of the husband started when Jennifer hurriedly and surprisingly showed up in Europe on a visit to her husband and after a few weeks claimed she was pregnant.
unfortunately for the actress, when she delivered the said baby, it was discovered that the time difference for pregnancy and delivery did not match the time she claimed she was pregnant, further investigation by the family of the husband revealed that the actress was all the while carrying another man’s child and has gone to Europe to place the paternity on her husband.
On getting this information and also getting details of Jennifer’s rollicking with various men in Nigeria while he is in Europe, the husband thus instructed his sibblings to throw Jennifer and the new baby out of the duplex he rented for her in the ajah axis of Lagos. the actress is said to now be living with a relative in ikeja pending when the real father of the child shows up.

18 year Boy repeatedly rapes an 11 Year Old Girl!


Opemipo Jaji is accused of raping an 11-year-old girl in a park in Enfield.
The sex offender repeatedly raped an 11-year-old schoolgirl in a park and then bragged he would show a video of the attack to her family and friends, a court heard today.
Jaji, 18, is alleged to have followed the 11-year-old girl as she made her way home from school last November.
The girl told police in a video interview played to the court that the attack happened after she had got off a bus.
She said she was walking along a road in Enfield, north London, when a man dragged her into Jubilee Park and repeatedly raped her.
She said, “He kept saying, ‘Stop moving or I will stab you’.
“I tried to run away but then he grabbed me when I got to the pavement of the park entrance.
“I kept on saying ‘stop’ because it was hurting me and he kept saying ‘shut up’ to me. He was just saying it every time I spoke.
“When I was on the floor, he said he would film me and send it into my school.
“I was saying ‘Get off me, get off me, stop’.”
The youngster was recorded a week after the attack which resulted in her undergoing an operation for an injury.
In the video, the youngster, who can not be identified, told police, “He said the reason he wanted to attack and have sex with me was because I didn’t have anything else like my phone – I didn’t have anything.”
She said the attacker had demanded her phone number as she left, but she lied and said she had forgotten it.
Jaji is then said to have told her, ‘If I were you I would go home and remember my phone number right now.’
Police search teams in Jubilee Park in Enfield looking for clues at the time of the rape in November 2012
The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress.
Jurors at the Old Bailey had been told Jaji would claim he had been wrongly identified – though prosecutors say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a one-in-a-billion match.
She said, “He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath. He smelled a bit like smoke, like garbage.
“He had a London, Edmonton, chavvy accent.”
Her father told the Old Bailey that his daughter usually returned home at around 4.30pm, but by 5pm he had failed to turn up.

PHOTO of a primary school in Ogun state!

This is a complete primary school in Ogun State. Nigerians please look how GOOD it's looking And there�s a government there! Wow!

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Nigerians Complain Of Discrimination In Mumbai India!


Africans staying in and around India’s commercial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), complain of indiscriminate racism and constant police harassment, reports the BBC’s Zubair Ahmed.
Nigerian Sambo Davis is married to an Indian woman and lives in Mumbai. All his documents are valid, but he was arrested by the police recently on suspicion of being a drug dealer.
He and 30 other black Africans were detained for hours before they were let off with an apology.
But the following day, Mr Davis said that he was shocked to read in local newspapers that they were “arrested for drug peddling”.
“The police treat us Africans like dogs,” he says. Mr Davis claims he often faces discrimination when he goes to restaurants or when he tries to rent an apartment in gated middle-class communities.
But he is nevertheless one of the lucky ones. He found a decent flat to rent, thanks to his Indian wife.
But his fellow countrymen, he says, still face discrimination: “When they go to rent flats in a normal building they are told – ‘you are a black man, you are Nigerian, and you are not wanted’. This is racism.”
‘Hide and seek’ There is no official data on how many Africans live in Mumbai, but since India’s economic progress gathered momentum in recent years, many have come to work in and around the city. Unofficial estimates put their numbers at more than 5,000.
Most of them are engaged in exporting garments to Nigeria and other African countries.
Many others are students, enrolled in the region’s prestigious educational institutions.
But there are also hundreds of Africans, mostly Nigerians, who live as illegal immigrants in India. They have either “lost” their passports or their visas have “expired”.
Every day, these people play hide-and-seek with the police – if they are caught, they are sent to jail.
Ikeorah Junior from Lagos runs a cafe for Africans in a crowded market on Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road.
“I don’t understand why they [police] have to go from house to house to arrest the people who don’t have their papers. If they don’t have papers, then deport them, don’t put them in jail,” he says.
Ahmed Javed, who is in charge of maintaining law and order in the state of Maharashtra, says it is not that simple: “In most cases they have no passports. So, unless their nationalities are determined, they cannot be deported.”
Dozens of Africans have taken up residence on Mira Road, a dusty, nondescript town just outside Mumbai.
One “illegal immigrant” there asked me for money, claiming he had not eaten for two days.
He looked worried and told me that he had been approached by drug dealers to work for them.
“I have been here for three years – my visa expired a long time ago. I want to go back home. Please help me, brother,” he tells me.
In this neighbourhood, Negro or kaalia (black in Hindi) are the two words indiscriminately used to describe all black people.
“We call them Negro because they are black. They look frightening,” says one woman.
“They don’t find homes to rent in Mumbai, they only stay in Mira Road. Why? Because of the way they behave. They sell drugs and indulge in other illegal activities. They cannot be trusted,” a local man commented, seemingly unaware of the offensive nature of his words.
‘Embarrassed and ashamed’ Against such a backdrop of pronounced prejudice, Sheeba Rani married Sambo Davis four years ago and the couple have two children.
Mrs Davis says her parents are enlightened Christians and they blessed them because they thought the marriage was God’s wish.
But, she says, she has been ostracised by many friends, relatives and society since her marriage.
Mrs Davis is “embarrassed and ashamed” by the behaviour of the Indian people towards black Africans.
“When I used to go to a mall or if I walked with him, I always wanted him to hold my hand. But when people saw me with him, they thought I was from a bad family or even a prostitute.”
Earlier, she did not understand why black people were being looked down upon, but now she says she does.
“Because our society is obsessed with white skin. If I had married a white man, I would have gained more friends and society’s approval too.”
Mr Davis believes that the discrimination is solely “because I am a black man”.
“It’s because I am from Africa, I am a Nigerian. I think Indians see us as inferior.”
Yet despite the discrimination they face, nearly all Africans the BBC interviewed said they had a soft spot for their adopted country.
They say the relations between India and Africa are “rock solid”. Many argued that Indians and Africans are brothers.
“We look after Indians in our countries. They have become rich there. All we want here is for Indians to understand we are not drug dealers. We are not violent. We are just like them.”
Source: BBC

Man Impregnates Two Of His Daughters, Attempts Raping The Third !


A 58-year-old man from Agbura community, Yenagoa Local Government, Bayelsa State was on Thursday arrested by the police for allegedly impregnating his two daughters.
The suspect, whose name was not disclosed, was also said to have attempted to rape his third daughter.
Our correspondent gathered that the arrest was initiated by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Women Affairs, Mrs. Pulu Zifawei.
The matter reportedly got to the office of the special adviser after the suspect made several attempts to rape his younger daughter.
The 14-year-old daughter, a student of the Community Secondary School, Agbura, was said to have reported the sexual harassment by her father to the school counsellor during a guardian and counselling session.
The school counsellor, who is also the victim’s class teacher, reported the case to the Ministry of Women Affairs which alerted the police.
The suspect was arrested and detained at the Azikoro Police Station.
A community source, Rowland Eview, told our correspondent that investigations by the police revealed that the suspect had already impregnated two of his daughters.
One of the daughters, 23, was said to have conceived twice for the father but mysteriously lost the babies at birth.
The second pregnant daughter was said to have relocated from the community out of shame.
The 21-year-old son of the suspect, who declined to mention his name, said he became aware of his father’s shameful acts at the age of 12.
“Our mother had reported the matter to the members of the family. On that day, our father nearly beat my mother to death. Each time the issue came up, my father would beat my mother,” he said.
He said the father had also inflicted machete cuts on him and his elder brother for daring to challenge his actions.
A senior police officer at the Azikoro Police Station confirmed to our correspondent that the suspect was in detention but said the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Alex Akhigbe, must be contacted for further details.
But Akhigbe told our correspondent that he was in a meeting.

Photos Of Popular Actress, Anita Joseph Smoking Marijuana!!





Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Bo*bs Suffocated My Lover Durring S*X!!


Busty Claire Smedley is terrified her whopping 40MMM b**bs could turn into lethal weapons.
One boyfriend nearly died when she smothered him with then during s*x.
And she fears the same thing could happen again.
Especially as her humungous hooters — which she claims are Britain’s biggest — have grown even more and now weigh an incredible 2.5 STONE each.
Mum-of-three Claire, 30, says the last frightening incident ended her relationship with boyfriend Mark.
She said: He became too scared to have s*x with me. I don’t want that to happen again.”
Now back with former husband Chris Willgoose, also 30, she’s always wary of suffocating him during their lovemaking. Particularly as lusty Claire demands s*x up to five times a day.
She said: “Chris loves being smothered by my b**bs, but I’m always on my guard after what happened last time.
“Once he’s had enough he’ll tap my leg and I’ll get off. It’s nice to know he appreciates them, but I won’t let things go too far.
Claire, who lives with Chris in Derby, blames high oestrogen levels for her strong s*x drive — and her big b**bs.
She said: “I read on the internet that high oestrogen levels can make your breasts grow, so I’m guessing that’s what’s causing it.
“I’ve been to the doctor but they didn’t know what was wrong. It’s got to the point now where I’m terrified they won’t stop growing.”
Claire found she was going to be bigger than other girls when she was 11. She went for her first bra fitting and discovered she was a C cup.
She said: “Mum and dad joked that I went to bed — and came downstairs the next morning with massive knockers.
“At the time I was so embarrassed. Girls used to unclip my bra strap during school assembly, while boys stared at my b**bs as though they were from outer space.
“I used to sleep on my front hoping they wouldn’t grow anymore.”
When Claire turned 12, she’d shot up to a DD cup. She said: “Everyone always thought I was older than I was. Sometimes the bus driver wouldn’t let me on with a child fare — it was so humiliating.”
And by the time Claire turned 18, her b**bs had grown to a J cup, swamping her tiny size 6 frame.
She said: “I looked ridiculous, though I always received appreciative stares from men.
“I didn’t know what I’d do if they kept on growing. I considered a chest reduction, but the thought of a surgeon hacking away at my breasts terrified me.”
But just as terrifying was the incident three years ago when she suffocated ex-boyfriend Mark with her then 40LL breasts — which weighed more than a stone each.
She said: “Usually, he loved being smothered by them, and on this occasion, he started flailing around wildly. But I assumed it was because he was so excited, so I kept going. A few minutes later, I noticed he’d stopped moving.”
By then Mark, 27, was still and seemed not to be breathing.
Claire said: “I was panicking and was just about to call 999 when thankfully he started to come round. He appeared dazed and confused but then he sat up and coughed. I was so relieved.”
But after Mark’s frightening brush with death, the couple’s s*x life flagged and they split up three months later. Then Claire managed to rekindle her relationship with Chris. The couple — who married when Claire was 21 but later parted — have three children, Shelby, three, Kai, six, and Jasmine, nine. And Claire is now using her bumper bazookas to earn some money with a modelling career.
She has bared them in ten unclad photoshoots at £150 a pop for websites, and now hopes to conquer Europe with her giant assets.
She said: “I’ve got a lot of fans in Germany, so it would be great to go over there and tap the market.”
But Claire reveals that having big breasts is not easy.
She said: “I get backache all the time. And doing simple things, like tying my shoelaces or running after the kids, is impossible.
“Shops never stock my bra size, so the only option is to get one tailor made, but that costs £200.
“And while some women might like the attention from men, not all of it’s flattering.
“In fact, most of it’s rather unimaginative — ‘get em out’, ‘look at the size of em’ and so on. But when someone tries to pull your dress down in a bar, it’s not funny.
“Sometimes, when the straps on my top have snapped under their weight, I’ve come home holding my clothes up and desperate for a chest reduction.”
Claire has not ruled that out. But, as she weighs 20 stone, doctors want her to lose eight stone before any operation.
She said: “Sometimes I do think I would like a reduction. Even so, I don’t know how I’d feel having smaller breasts. I don’t know if I’d be the same person and it would most certainly end my modelling career.”
Meanwhile Chris will go along with whatever Claire decides. He said: “Obviously I love Claire’s breasts — I’ve had a lot of fun with them.
“But I’ll support whatever decision she makes as I just want her to be comfortable. It’s her body at the end of the day.”

Why I Attempted To Use My Cousin For Money Rituals...

 A suspect ritualist, Jonah Jabbah, who allegedly attempted to use his eight-year-old cousin for money-making ritual said that he felt the lad was responsible for his misfortune in business.
A Police Investigator, Mr Simon Ezekiel, made the disclosure in his testimony to an Abuja Court on Thursday.
Ezekiel, who investigated the case, told a Karu Chief Magistrates’ Court in Abuja, presided over by Mr Shaibu Ahmed, that the accused made the confession during interrogation at the station.
Jonah, his brother, Nanah Jabbah and one Alhaji Mamman are facing a three-count charge of criminal conspiracy, abduction and attempt to commit an offence.
Ezekiel, who appeared in court as a prosecution witness, alleged that the three conspired to use an eight-year-old boy, Lokoja Abash, for ritual sometime in 2011.
He was led in evidence by the Prosecution Counsel, Mr John Ijagbemi.
The investigator said the accused persons were arrested by operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) on April 12, 2011 and transferred to the State Police CID Command in Abuja, three days later.
He said that the accused persons, all residents of Kokona in Nasarawa, had taken the boy to a spiritualist, based in Durumi II, Abuja, Mohammed Ibrahim, for ritual purposes.
“The spiritualist requested for N30,000 to enable him buy the items needed for the ritual which they provided.
“Ibrahim, who told them to wait for him in his shrine while he went to purchase the items, tipped off the SSS whose operatives stormed the shrine and arrested the suspects.
“During interrogation, the first accused person (Jonah) told me that the boy was his cousin and had been staying with him for some time before the incident.
“He said after the boy joined him, his provision business collapsed and his pick-up van broke down beyond repair.
“Jonah confessed that he decided to use him for ritual because he later discovered that the boy was in a secret society and was responsible his misfortune,’’ he alleged.
The witness also said that he led the investigation team on a visit to the scene of the incident and discovered that the shrine existed.
After the witness’ testimony, the prosecution counsel tendered signed written statements made by the accused persons’ at the station as exhibits.
The court admitted the statements in evidence after the accused persons agreed that they were made and signed by them.
When asked whether they had any question to the evidence of the prosecution witness, the accused persons, who represented themselves in court, answered in the negative.
The Chief Magistrate then adjourned the case till May 30, for continuation of hearing and presentation of more witnesses.

13 year Old Girl Confesses, 8 men Slept With Me Daily!!

Alhaji Mallam deflowered me and before he did it I struggled with him but he overpowered me. I went through hell.
**the men paid me N800 each after sleeping with me.
**those who slept with me overnight paid N1,500 each.
**After the men had slept with me, Aunty Rosemary would give me Ampiclox to swallow.
**now I feel pains in my private part any time I urinate.

A 13-year old Junior Secondary School, JSS3 pupil, (name withheld) has confessed that an average of eight men slept with her daily in a hotel in Sango Ota, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria after she was forced into prostitution.

The daughter of a deceased police officer who hailed from Edo State, said she was lured into prostitution by a woman who used to sell clothes to her mother at their Kareem Street, Ahmadiyya, Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos residence.

For about a month that the teenager was lured into prostitution in the hotel, her abductor, Rosemary Ekpolor, also pretended to be looking for her along with the victim�s mother.

However, nemesis caught up with Rosemary, also from Edo State, Southsouth Nigeria, when the police at Oke Odo Division in Lagos State got to know that the missing 13-year old girl was one of the prostitutes their counterparts in Ogun State arrested earlier. She was nabbed with five of her accomplices.

The discovery later led to the arrest of Rosemary whom police said has no fixed address. She was nabbed with five of her accomplice.

Narrating her ordeal, the little girl said: �I was coming from home to my mother�s shop at U-Turn Abule-Egba area where she sells food and I ran into a woman, sister Rosemary, who normally sold clothes to my mother and she told me to follow her. I obeyed because I know her.

�She then took me into a bus and we arrived at a hotel in Sango where she introduced me to two men called Fatai Akoko and Olori-Ebi. And immediately she gave me a key to a room which was dirty and smelling and she put a wig on my head, which she said was to make me look older.

�On my first day at the hotel, Alhaji Mallam deflowered me and before he did it I struggled with him but he overpowered me. I went through hell. After Being Intimate with him, much blood was coming out of my private part and I quickly came out of the room to call Aunty Rosemary and she went out and brought a white handkerchief which she used in cleaning the blood.

�Eight men slept with me everyday. They paid me N800 each and those who slept with me overnight paid N1,500 each. After the men had slept with me, Aunty Rosemary would give me Ampiclox to swallow. I begged her to let me go home that I was too small for this but she beat me. Now I feel pains in my private part any time I urinate.�

Source: PM News.

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Jim Iyke’s Identical twin Gets Nabbed In Onitsha!

Being  a twin could be awesome right? Especially when they both look exactly identical.
Ok, relax your nerves a little, Jim Iyke doesn’t really have a twin; however he has a look-alike who passes to people as the real deal and defrauds them of their hard-earned cash.
Officials of First City Monumental Bank have announced the apprehending of a fraudster who operates under the guise of being Jim Iyke on social networking sites.
In a series of Twitter messages, the bank officials on Wednesday April 3, 2013, informed the actor and his management team, that they have tracked down the impostor, “This is to inform @jimiykeofficial @greyology that we have tracked the impostor. He confessed to getting money from unsuspecting people via d scam and has since being handed over to d Onitsha police” @myfcmb tweeted.
This comes less than a week after the actor publicly denied owning an account on Instagram, the picture sharing social site.
Mitch Ngaman, Iyke’s media manager, confirmed the story and added that efforts are in place to ascertain whether or not there is a connection between the facebook impostor and the one on Instagram. 

Four Church Leaders Killed In Borno!


As the government of President Goodluck Jonathan works on a controversial amnesty for the Boko Haram Islamic sect, gunmen believed to be its members continued their merciless mayhem on Monday evening, shooting to death four church leaders, mostly of Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) in Gwoza village in Borno state.
Gwoza is the same village where Boko Haram militants recently sacked a police station and killed several policemen.
The four men were murdered while resting near the church premises. Their attackers simply rode in on motorbikes and gunned them down.
A church source gave the names of those killed as Iliya Tada, Ayuba Yusuf, Idris Dogo. A fourth victim was a member of Ekliziyar Yan’uwa a Nigeriya (EYN -“Church of Brethern”).
Reverend Haskanda Jesu told SaharaReporters that the victims were buried today, amid rumours that the gunmen have regrouped in a nearby village in preparation for another attack.
He said the police in the area have limited capability to prevent attacks, and are also fearful of Boko Haram.


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