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Yvonne Ekwere gifts US rapper Wale with an Ankara outfit(Photos)

The presenter made sure Wale felt Nigerian when she gifted him with an Ankara outfit  on her
 show..Hope to see him wearing that soon

“I Want A Husband By Christmas! It’s A Gift I’m Asking From God” – Kemi Olunloyo!

pakurumo.com_ (1)

Now kemi is back again and this time she wants a hubby, 
lol i don't know who is crazier, kemi or the grinch, y'all know him righ? 
well thats by the way, so read her chrismas wish below..

Missing Mozambican plane wreck found in Namibia, all 33 on board dead

A Mozambique Airlines (LAM) aircraft is seen at the Maputuo International Airport, Mozambique
Police on Saturday found the burned wreckage of a Mozambican Airlines plane a day after it went missing in a remote area in northeastern Namibia, saying none of the 33 people aboard from several countries had survived.
It is one of the worst accidents on record in Mozambique's civil aviation history.
"My team on the ground have found the wreckage. No survivors. The plane is totally burned," Willie Bampton, a regional police coordinator in Namibia's Kavango region, told AFP.
The aircraft, en route from Mozambique to Angola, went down in deserted, swampy terrain in the Bwabwata National Park, where Namibia turns into a narrow strip of land sandwiched between Botswana and Angola.
In Maputo, LAM, the acronym for Mozambican Airlines, had not yet officially confirmed the crash.
It only said that flight TM470 had 27 passengers and six crew on board, including: 10 Mozambicans, nine Angolans, five Portuguese, one French national, one Brazilian and one Chinese.
In Lisbon, the foreign ministry said the Brazilian had, in fact, dual Portuguese-Brazilian nationality.
The Mozambique government was holding an emergency meeting in the presidential palace but likewise made no immediate statement, other than to confirm that 33 people had been on board.
The European Union banned LAM and all air carriers certified in Mozambique from flying in its airspace in 2011, citing "significant safety deficiencies".
The concern was about Mozambique's civil aviation authority, rather than the track record of the various airlines.
The LAM plane took off from Maputo at 0926 GMT Friday for the nearly four-hour flight to the Angolan capital Luanda.
Mozambican authorities confirmed the plane was a Brazil-manufactured Embraer 190 aircraft and said it was the newest plane in the LAM fleet.
With 100 seats, it was two-thirds empty.
Last contact with air traffic controllers was made at 1130 GMT over north Namibia during heavy rainfall. The airlines speculated Friday it may have landed in that area.
Namibia police sent a search team to the area after Botswana officials alerted them of a plane crash in the area.
"Botswana officials informed us that they saw smoke in the air and they thought the crash happened in their country, but when they came to the border they realised that it was in Namibia," Bampton said.
The search for the plane was hampered both by the rough terrain and torrential rains pounding the area where the plane went missing, Bampton told AFP.
"There are no proper roads, you have to go through the bush, slowly and its making our job difficult," he said.
Villagers who had heard explosions helped point police in the right direction.
Before the wreckage was found, people close to those on board gathered at Maputo airport, many frustrated at what they said was the lack of information.
"They told us it was a forced landing. I know it's a crash," said Luis Paolo, a friend of one of what were said to be two Portuguese businessmen on the flight.
Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco published a condolence message to the families of the victims.
"According to information available at this point, six Portuguese citizens were on board," it said. "With great sorrow, we will continue to follow developments in this tragic accident."
The accident is the deadliest for Mozambique since a plane carrying then president Samora Machel crashed in 1986 in South Africa en route home from an Africa's leaders' summit. That crash, which shocked the world, remains a mystery but was thought to be linked to tensions with the then apartheid regime in Pretoria. The crash claimed at least 34 lives.
Mozambique said it would set up a commission of enquiry to work with Namibian authorities over Friday's crash.
The Bwabwata National Park, a 6,100-square-kilometre (2,355 square mile) reserve, is a sparsely-populated area covered by wetlands and dense forests.

SAD:Mozambique plane missing with 34 on board

A Mozambique Airlines (LAM) plane with 28 passengers and 6 crew on board has gone missing on a flight to Angola, say airline officials.
Luanda airport, Angola (file image)
Flight TM470 left Mozambique's capital, Maputo, at 11:26 local time (09:26 GMT) and was due to arrive in the Angolan capital, Luanda, at 14:10.
The last contact made with the plane was when it was over northern Namibia.
The airline said there were signs it might have landed near Rundo, northern Namibia, bordering Angola and Botswana.
"LAM airlines, aeronautical and airport authorities are trying to establish contact to confirm the information," said the airline.
Spokesman Norberto Mucopa told the AFP news agency he could not confirm the nationalities of those on board.
Olavi Auanga, police commander of Namibia's Kavango West region - where the plane was last heard from - told AFP patrols were searching the area.
The agency says the region is sparsely populated and covered with wetlands and dense forests.

Peter Okoye & Wife Lola absolutely stunning on the cover of Genevieve Magazine

When I saw David & Victoria Beckham's Vogue cover today,
I said it would be lovely to have The Okoye's or Annie & 2face
 Idibia's on a magazine cover and Genevieve magazine had 
obviously thought of that..The newly wed couple dressed in a white wedding attire
 look absolutely stunning..Don't they?

British soldier’s murder: Adebolajo, Adebowale trial begins

Two men charged with the gruesome murder of a British soldier attempted to hack off his head in broad daylight on a London street, a court heard as their trial opened Friday.

British soldier’s murder: Adebolajo, Adebowale trial begins 

The two defendants, both Britons of Nigerian descent who have asked to be identified by Muslim names in court, deny murder.

As the trial opened at London’s Old Bailey court, prosecutor Richard Whittam said the pair had run Rigby over with a car, knocking him unconscious, before attacking him with knives and a meat cleaver in a “cowardly and callous murder”.

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Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are accused of murdering 25-year-old Lee Rigby as he walked to his barracks in Woolwich, south London, in May.
The two defendants, both Britons of Nigerian descent who have asked to be identified by Muslim names in court, deny murder.
As the trial opened at London’s Old Bailey court, prosecutor Richard Whittam said the pair had run Rigby over with a car, knocking him unconscious, before attacking him with knives and a meat cleaver in a “cowardly and callous murder”.
Rigby’s relatives watched from the courtroom as Whittam told the jury of eight women and four men that Adebowale had stabbed and cut the soldier while Adebolajo tried to cut his head off.
They had dragged his body into the middle of the road, Whittam said, because “they wanted members of the public to see the consequence of what can only be described as their barbarous acts”.
File: This photo taken on November 23, 2010 shows Michael Adebolajo (C) among the nine suspected members of the Al-Shabaab Movement arrested by Kenyan police on November 22 on claims of being Al-Shabaab recruits on their way to Somalia at the weekend. AFP photo
File: This photo taken on November 23, 2010 shows Michael Adebolajo (C) among the nine suspected members of the Al-Shabaab Movement arrested by Kenyan police on November 22 on claims of being Al-Shabaab recruits on their way to Somalia at the weekend. AFP photo
“They both attacked the motionless body of Lee Rigby,” Whittam told the jury.
“He was repeatedly stabbed and it appears it was Michael Adebolajo, the first defendant, who made a serious and almost successful attempt to decapitate Lee Rigby with multiple blows to his neck made with the meat cleaver.
“At the same time as Michael Adebolajo used the meat cleaver, Michael Adebowale was using a knife to stab and cut at Lee Rigby’s body.”
One witness, Whittam said, compared Adebolajo’s actions to “a butcher attacking a joint of meat”.
Rigby’s widow Rebecca walked out of the court in tears during the harrowing evidence.
There were gasps from the courtroom as the jury was shown CCTV footage of a car veering onto the pavement and ramming into the soldier.
When the police arrived, Adebolajo ran at a police car waving the meat cleaver and was shot by officers, the prosecutor said.
Adebowale charged at police with a gun, and was also shot.
Adebolajo and Adebowale are further accused of attempting to murder a police officer and conspiracy to murder a police officer. They both deny these charges.
The horrifying murder took place in the middle of the day as a group of schoolchildren were returning from a local library, Whittam told the jury. Members of the public turned them back to avoid the “awful” scene.
The prosecutor said passers-by had shown “bravery and decency” in the aftermath of the attack, with one woman confronting Adebolajo despite the fact that he was still holding the meat cleaver and his hands were covered in blood.
Another woman “went to the lifeless body of Lee Rigby and stroked him to provide some comfort and humanity”, he added.
Adebolajo has asked to be referred to as Mujaahid Abu Hamza in court, while Adebowale wants to be called Ismail Ibn Abdullah.
Both defendants have admitted possession of a firearm with intent to cause violence.
The court was shown CCTV footage of Adebolajo buying a block of kitchen knives and a knife sharpener from a south London branch of the retailer Argos on May 21, the day before the attack.
Rigby, the father of a young son, had joined the British army in 2006 and had served in Afghanistan, the court heard.(AFP)

WIN: Nigerian Female Weightlifter Dedicates Victory to Jonathan

Photo - WIN: Nigerian Female Weightlifter Dedicates Victory to Jonathan
Nigeria’s fine run in sports continued Saturday in Malaysia where the nation's weightlifting team won the 2013 Commonwealth weightlifting championship.
Nigeria won a total of eight gold, three silver and three bronze to lift the female championship trophy, while India lifted the male diadem.
Captain of Nigeria's weightlifting team, Miriam Usman has dedicated the trophy they won here to President Goodluck Jonathan, even as she stated that they were propelled by the performance of the nation's soccer teams.
The USA-based lifter noted that they came to Malaysia determined to continue from where the Golden Eaglets and the Super Eagles stopped.
Hosts Malaysia and India with a large contingent of over 100 weightlifters and officials were shocked on the final day when the brilliance of team captain Miriam Usmand Joy Joseph saw Nigeria topping the female medals table.
During the medal presentation, the Indian lifter that won silver could not but shed tears of disappointment, as Miriam's gold did the magic of Nigeria winning the competition, even when Nigeria presented only 14 lifters.

HILARIOUS: Chinese wife scratches luxury car at motor show to FORCE her husband to buy it (See Photos)

It’s never a nice feeling when you believe your partner looks so much younger than you.
But for this Chinese woman the frustration of her advancing years prompted a very public outburst – with potentially expensive consequences.
Video emerged today showing her scratching a luxury car at a motor show in apparent fury that her husband still had youth on his side.
Breaking point: A Chinese woman scratches a luxury car on display at a motor show in a apparent anger that her husband looks younger than her
Breaking point: A Chinese woman scratches a luxury car on display at a motor show in a apparent anger that her husband looks younger than her
Marriage crisis: The woman's husband pulls her away fearing that he will have to pay for any damage
Marriage crisis: The woman’s husband pulls her away fearing that he will have to pay for any damage Woman scratches ‘luxury car’ and demands husband buy it
She was reportedly trying to force him to buy the vehicle because she believed she deserved it for contributing so much to their marriage.
As he tried to pull her away, she reportedly shouts something to effect that it isn’t fair she is getting old and her husband still looks young, according to LiveLeak.
Eventually, several staff at the show in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, move in to separate the couple.
Furious: She was reportedly trying to force him to buy the vehicle because she believed she deserved it for contributing so much to their marriage
Furious: She was reportedly trying to force him to buy the vehicle because she believed she deserved it for contributing so much to their marriage
Damage limitation: Eventually, several staff at the show move in to separate the couple (pictured, left and right)
Damage limitation: Eventually, several staff at the show move in to separate the couple (pictured, left and right)

Nick Cannon comes for Kanye West on twitter(see tweets)

Kanye has been on a media blitz ranting about how he's a genius and the most impactful artist of this generation...blah blah blah. Nick Cannon took to Twitter to point out to Kanye that real geniuses don't have to announce it...

Trivia: They've both dated same women, super model Selita Ebanks and reality star Kim Kardashian. See more Tweets after the cut...

"Kim's destroyed all of her credibility"-Kris Jenner furious after Kim appeared topless in Kanye's Bound2 video

According to Heat magazine, Kim Kardashian's mum Kris was really upset when she watched Kanye's erotic Bound2 video which had Kim topless..
 ‘Kris went ballistic, telling her daughter this is worse than the 2007 leaked sex tape that Kim made with her ex-boyfriend Ray J, because that was meant to stay private, while this was meant to go public.She started crying, saying how ashamed she was to see her daughter being 'forced into something so degrading'. She's saying that Kim's destroyed all of her credibility.
Kourtney told her she thought the video was disgusting and disrespectful, to the family and all their relatives, but also questioned why Kim did it,’ the source added.
The entire family are said to be deeply concerned by the potential damage Kim’s recent appearance could have on the lucrative Kardashian brand. They are considering an intervention,’ said the source. ‘They think Kim is really struggling and 'all over the place' since she had baby North.‘Kim has never let herself be this influenced before when it comes to her image and brand. ‘So everyone wants to go into family therapy sessions - they sit the person down and tell them they are all worried and have therapy as a group.’

UNN, ESUT announce resumption date Dec. 2

UNN, ESUT announce Dec. 2 as resumption date  

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), and the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), said their academic activities would resume on Monday, Dec. 2.
They made the announcement in separate statements issued in Nsukka and Enugu on Saturday
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The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), and the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), said their academic activities would resume on Monday, Dec. 2.

They made the announcement in separate statements issued in Nsukka and Enugu on Saturday.
The Registrar of the UNN, Mr Anthony Okonta, in the statement, stressed that “normal academic activities would resume immediately.’’
The statement directed students who had outstanding examinations for the 2012/2013 session to report to their respective faculties and departments in Nsukka and Enugu campuses.
The ESUT Registrar, Mr Chris Igbokwe, also advised students and academic and non- academic staff to report to the institution on Dec. 2.
According to the statement, students are advised to return to their campuses at Agbani and Enugu campuses as the second semester examination would commence on Monday, Dec. 9.
The Federal Government had on Thursday, directed all federal universities to resume work on or before Dec. 4.
The statement, issued by the Supervising Minister of Education, Mr Nyesom Wike, directed the striking members of ASUU, to resume work on or before Dec 4 or consider themselves sacked. (NAN)

‘Iheanacho Must Grow Like Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi Before Moving to Europe’

Photo - ‘Iheanacho must grow like Neymar before moving to Europe’
Kelechi Iheanacho has attracted interest from top clubs across Europe after his impressive displays at the 2013 FIFA Under-17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.
The Golden Eaglets forward was named the Most Valuable Player (Golden Ball winner) at the tournament after scoring six goals, including one in the final, to help Nigeria make history as the first country to win the competition for the fourth time.
Neymar’s nine goals in the Peru championship helped Brazil to win the competition for the eleventh-time.
“Iheanacho is highly talented and he can be like Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi,” the Saudi’89 FIFA Under-20 World Cup silver medallist told our correspondent on the telephone during the week.
“I’m very happy that big European clubs are chasing after his signature, but I think it’s too early for him to move to Europe.
“Brazil didn’t allow the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid lure Neymar away from the country to Europe when he emerged as one of the hottest properties in South American football.
“Big European clubs were ready to pay any amount of money for him but the Brazilian Football Federation resisted them.
“As a result, Neymar was forced to stay back in his country to develop for four year (at Santos) before joining Barcelona.
“The Brazilian FA did what they did to ensure that the player’s career was not ruined by European clubs who will put him under much pressure to deliver.
“The Federal Government or the Nigeria Football Federation should stop Iheanacho and other players who won the World Cup in UAE from leaving the country for Europe now.
“They are very young to leave for professional careers in Europe. They should stay in the country and play for the likes of Enyimba, Kano Pillars, Enugu Rangers and Warri Wolves to hone their skills.
“If they play regularly for their (domestic) clubs, they will develop better skills and attract interest from clubs in Europe. The players should only leave when they are guaranteed first-team football by clubs in Europe and not their reserve or feeder teams.
“We made mistakes in the past by allowing our players leave for Europe after winning the Under-17 World Cup. Some of the players were overage and they fizzled out immediately they got to Europe.
“It’s like someone repeating primary six when he is supposed to be a graduate. Where are the players who moved to Europe after winning the Under-17 World Cup in 2007? How many of them are playing for big clubs today?
“Macaulay Chrisantus joined Hamburg after he emerged as the top scorer at the tournament in South Korea. Where’s he today?
“Perhaps he would have been in the Super Eagles today and be in our World Cup squad if he had stayed back in the country to develop himself.
“Christian Benteke, Eden Hazard, Mamadou Sakho, Danny Welbeck, Victor Moses (represented England) and Toni Kroos played in the tournament and they are going to the World Cup. We won the competition and we should have many of the players playing for top clubs, but how many of them are in the Super Eagles? None.
“Our aim should be to develop players for the senior World Cup and not winning the age-grade tournaments. We can engage the players who won the World Cup in UAE by arranging Under-19 competitions for them before they move to the Flying Eagles.
“There should be more grassroots competitions in the country. I featured in a number of competitions where I was picked for the Under-17 World Cup in Canada.
“We also have to develop our coaches. They need to be current because the game is changing fast.
“The rich ones should go overseas for coaching courses and return home to organise seminars.
“Nigerians who had successful football careers in Europe and emulate their Sudanese and South African counterparts who bring foreign coaches to help develop the game in their countries.”
Source: Punch Nigeria

Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire (PHOTOS)

Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
The longest covered bridge in Asia has been destroyed after a fire roared through the wooden structure last night.
The Feng Yu Covered Bridge, in Chongqing, China, is known throughout the Far East for its traditional beauty topped by a pagoda-style roof that stretched 303 metres across the region's Apeng River.
But last night the five-metre-wide crossing, first built in 1591, collapsed into the waters as the blaze turned it to ashes.
Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
Firefighters battled through the night in a bid to quell the flames, but by the time they got them under control it was too late.
By morning all that was left were its row of charred stone bases surrounded by blackened driftwood floating in the waters.
Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
Authorities have now launched an investigation into what caused the fire.
Photo - PHOTOS: Longest Bridge in Asia Destroyed By Massive Fire
First built in 1591 and also known as the 'Luck Bridge' and 'Flower Bridge,' it was constructed entirely of wood without any nails.
Destroyed and re-built several times over the centuries - most recently in 1999 when its wooden base was replaced by stone - it has always been the transportation fortress of Hunan-Guizhou highroad as well as a busy place with merchants and tourists.
The bridge has been likened to a dragon and it contains both intricate architectural features as well as artistic carvings.

ABU ASUU Chair: "President Has No Power To Sack Us... But We're Waitning For HIS Dismissal"

photo - ABU ASUU Chair: "President Has No Power To Sack Us... But We're Waitning For THEIR Dismissal"
Even the President cannot relieve university lecturers of their duties, the Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria chapter, Dr. Muhammad Kabir Aliyu, said yesterday.
No minister, and even no the President, hold the power to hire or fire, Mr. Aliyu said.
"Nobody can tell us to go back to work.
"If they think they can get other lecturers, let them go and get them.
"We are not going back and we are ready to be dismissed by the minister. But even the President cannot sack us. Even the President has no place in the university when it comes to employment issues.
"During the military era, General Babangida tried what this man [Goodluck Jonathan] is saying, but did not succeed. And let us see how they would succeed.
"Tell them to do the right thing, but if they feel that they can threaten us, let them go ahead and see where it will take them," Dr. Aliyu said.
Lecturers of the university were unanimous in condemning the statement credited to the minister for education, Mr. Nyemson Wike, that university lecturers who refused to return to work on or before December 4 would be sacked.
"It is unfortunate that these are the types of people we have as leaders. The welfare of the citizens is not their business. Because they learnt that we have voted for an end to the strike they thought that they can intimidate us," Dr. Aliyu added.
"I was one of those that voted for an end to the strike, but I would not obey the directive, and let us see what would happen. They have starved us for over four months, and now they are threatening us. We are waiting for their dismissal," he concluded.
Source: Daily Trust

TERRIBLY Mutilated Baby Undergoes Surgery to Stop Her Brain from Being Squashed (PHOTOS)

A toddler who had the most misshapen head doctors had ever seen has undergone pioneering surgery to prevent her brain from being squashed.

Three-year-old Kaydence Theriault and her fellow triplets Taylor and Kaylin were all born with Crouzon Syndrome, which causes the baby's head to become misshapen.
Kaydence had the most severe form doctors had ever seen because her skull was shaped like a cloverleaf.
Photo - Baby with Misshapen Head Undergoes Pioneering Surgery (PHOTOS)
She needed life-saving surgery to ensure her brain didn't become damaged.
A team of expert cranio-facial surgeons came together to save her, and now Kaydence and her siblings are like any playful toddlers who will celebrate their fourth birthday in December.
They are suffering no health issues or learning problems and are catching up in height with other youngsters.
Their mother Bobbie Jo, 38, of Indianapolis, said: 'The doctors have been amazing.
'When Kaydence was born no-one knew if she would survive. But thanks to their incredible talent we have a normal healthy daughter and we can't thank them enough.'
Crouzon Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes the plates of a baby's skull to lock in position too early, before the brain has had chance to grow.
Photo - Baby with Misshapen Head Undergoes Pioneering Surgery (PHOTOS)
Most children born with the condition have surgery before they are 18 months old to separate the skull before it fuses.
But Kaydence's condition was so severe the bones were already joining together, pushing her head into an odd shape at the top and sides, like a three-leaved clover.
Mrs Theriault had no idea there was a problem until her 20-week scan showed one of the triplets had a deformity.
She said: 'When the doctors told me about Kaydence having a cloverleaf shaped head, I couldn't picture that. I have never seen it before so I had no idea what to expect.'
She and her eldest son Jayden, eight, also have Crouzon Syndrome, which Mrs Theriault inherited from her father. But each of them has a milder form and underwent small operations just before they were one.
Photo - Baby with Misshapen Head Undergoes Pioneering Surgery (PHOTOS)
Her husband Jason said: 'The shape of Jayden's head started changing and that's when we and the doctors realised he needed surgery. He was in hospital two or three days and then he was home and that was the end of it and he was completely fine.
'That's one of the main reasons why we had decided to have another child. I didn't want Jayden to grow up without a sibling.'
Kaydence needed emergency surgery to open up her skull at two months old, as soon as she was strong enough, so her brain would have room to grow.
Then, three months later, a team of expert surgeons came together at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis to perform a delicate operation to reshape her head.
World famous cranio-facial surgery Dr Kenneth Salyer, from Texas, was brought in to help with the surgery, which took place in May 2010 and lasted eight-and-a half hours.
Neurosurgeon Dr Ronald Young said: 'The only way to reshape the head is to take that bone apart and put it back together in a different shape and that's what we did.'
Photo - Baby with Misshapen Head Undergoes Pioneering Surgery (PHOTOS) 
Misshapen: An MRI scan of Kaydence's skull soon after she was born, showing the severity of her case

"President Is Human": Why Jonathan Decided To "Come Down Hard On ASUU"

Leaders of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) yesterday moved from Abuja to their respective campuses expecting crackdown, as the Federal Government has issued several threats.

photo - "President Is Human": Why Jonathan Decided To "Come Down Hard On ASUU"
President Goodluck Jonathan might no longer be directly involved in negotiation with the lecturers: he is angry for the ASUU leaders' contempt for the office of the President, their decision to issue new conditions and theim being allegedly backed by some external forces.
After spending almost a week in Abuja in hopes of resuming talks, the ASUU leaders were eventually left with no other option but to go back to their campuses.
A top leader of ASUU said on conditions of anonymity: "Our leaders have returned to their campuses. They were disappointed with the Area Boy or Agbero method adopted by the Minister.
"The military style of the Minister of State for Education will only compound the situation.
"So, we are back to our trenches as it was the situation during the military era. We are ready for the worst now. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, we will also go underground and resort to guerilla tactics."
Source: The Nation

Peter Okoye Fires Back At Emmy Collins For Dissing His Wedding Outfit. (Photos +Tweets)

People who know Emmy Collins, know how good he is at dissing celebrities on his blog. Three days ago Emmy went on his blog to diss Peter okoye’s wedding outfit. Here’s what Emmy wrote on his blog:

If you guys don’t offer accolades to me for restraining myself from critiquing Lola and Peter Okoye during their wedding, I will claim it in Jesus name, Amen. Yes, there were enough talking points from that wedding yet I refused to touch them even to the extent that a few comments insinuated that I was playing what someone described as “Pasha”.
Well, I must say that Peter and the dudes on this image were totally off the mark when they decided to deck themselves in this hideous polyester kaftans. As if the fabrics weren’t disastrous enough, the quality of stitching employed in putting it together compares with the worst I have witnessed so far considering the fact that it is Peter`s wedding for crying out loud and of course he is not short of a bob or two. Before you move on to the next image, please work your eyes to the hemming of the kaftans especially that of the guys that are flanking Peter on the left and right.
Peter who didn’t find the post funny, took to twitter to ask his fans who Emmy Collins was and a badass fan told him Emmy is ‘a failed blogger and a fashion designer’ and Peter replied by saying Emmy must be frustrated.

Female teacher defiles four-yr-old pupil!

four-year-old Lydia (not real name)

At Golden Sharon Nursery and Primary School (formerly Kingdom Sharon), located at Ijaba area of Ota, Ogun State, an incident occurred on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, that has created panic in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson (not real name).
One of their twins, four-year-old Lydia (not real name), who attended the school, was defiled by a female teacher, Olajumoke Oyewole, in a fashion they suspected had ritualistic intent.
Lydia, who is a pupil of Nursery One with her twin brother, got home on Tuesday afternoon and started complaining of a nagging pain in her private part. But things she later revealed confounded her mother.
Saturday PUNCH decided not to reveal the real names of the victim and her parents because of the nature of the case.
The mother, who spoke with this correspondent on Thursday at Ota after a visit to the police station where the accused female teacher had been taken, said after Lydia came home after school, she began complaining consistently when she wanted to urinate.
She said, “I asked her what was wrong and she said, ‘stone.’ I thought she meant that somebody stoned her and I waved off the matter that she would be alright.
“But when the pain persisted and she kept complaining, I decided to check why she was feeling pain there. That was when I discovered a wound on her private part.
“I was alarmed and I asked her who did that to her. She immediately mentioned Aunty Jummy (the accused.) I asked what the teacher did to her and she said the lady dipped her finger in her private part and brought out a stone which she used to scratch her there.
“The lady is not her class teacher. She (Oyewole) teaches another class beside my daughter’s. I did not understand this and I quickly called my daughter’s class teacher on the phone to help investigate the issue. She said I should come the following day but I decided to go that same day.
“I reported the matter to the head of the school and while we were leaving, we went past the (accused’s) class. My daughter said, ‘Mummy come, this is where she did it. She sat on that chair and put me on her lap and used the stone.’ She pointed to the teacher’s chair in the classroom. The lady was not around at the time.”
According to the woman, who was clearly confused when she spoke with our correspondent, the way her daughter was defiled was strange. She said she had to take her daughter to the family clinic to conduct a test on the little girl.
Meanwhile, she had apprised her husband who is away at work in Benin, Edo State, of the incident. He instructed her to report the matter to the police as soon as possible.
“The doctor examined her and asked me to have a look at my daughter’s private part. She explained that apart from the wound from which my daughter was bleeding, her hymen had been torn. The doctor said only a state hospital could give a report on such test since it was suspected that a crime might have been committed,” the woman said.
The case was reported at the Onipanu Police Division, Ota, later.
The police were said to have taken the little girl to a state hospital nearby, where a test was done and the same confirmation was made about the defilement of the girl.
When the police went to arrest Oyewole, she denied committing any crime and resisted arrest. But the school owner advised her to go with the police.
A member of the victim’s family, who did not want the case to be treated with levity, informed the Children’s Anti-Corruption Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, concerned with the protection of children’s future.
In company with this correspondent, CACTI visited Onipanu Police Division to find out how investigation into the matter was going.
While the divisional police officer was not available at the time, a divisional crime officer, said Oyewole had been locked up in a cell.
“The teacher is in the cell. This is a serious matter that we are still investigating. We are still working on the case. She will probably be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Abeokuta soon,” the police officer said.
While in the premises of the police station, the accused’s mother, with tears on her face, approached CACTI’s group and knelt down pleading with them to let the matter be settled.
But when asked if she had asked her daughter why she carried out such act on the little girl, she said she had not asked her.
The victim’s mother was asked whether there was any possibility that her daughter might be confused as to who did such a thing to her, she said she considered it but that it had become clear that it was Oyewole.
“The night of the incident, we woke her up in the middle of the night just to be sure, we asked who did it to her, she said, ‘Aunty Jummy’. The following morning, it was the same answer.
“When we got to the hospital, the doctors threatened her with injection to say who really did it. My daughter can faint at the sight of an injection. That is what she hates most in life. But she repeated the same name.”
CACTI’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Omololu Akinwande, said there was a high possibility that the teacher had been sent to perform the act in order to use the girl’s blood for ritual purpose.
He said, “What you must note is that the girl is not in the accused teacher’s class. She is also a twin and the strange object the teacher allegedly used is suspicious.
“We cannot rule out the possibility that some wicked people had connived with the teacher to get them something from a twin. This is why this case must not be swept under the carpet.
“It is just unfortunate that many schools in Nigeria are no longer safe for children. Government needs to make it compulsory for schools to put in place CCTV cameras in order to keep children safe. When people know they are being watched, they are not likely to try something bad with children in their care.”
Akinwale insisted that rape in Nigeria had gone beyond sexual desire, adding that many now indulge in it for ritual purposes.
The phone number of the proprietor of Golden Sharon Nursery and Primary School was switched off when an attempt was made to contact her on Thursday.
Saturday PUNCH learnt on Friday that members of the accused’s family have sought the help of community leaders in the area to appeal to the victim’s parentst to drop the case.
A member of the victim’s family who did not want to be named, also told this correspondent that the police at the Onipanu division have been making efforts to make the parents drop the case.
“They told the mother that she would be the one paying for the transportation of police and the accused from Ota to Abeokuta for the duration of the investigation and anytime they need to go to court. They just want to pressure them into dropping the case,” the relation said.
But the spokesperson of the Ogun State Police Command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, has said that the police at the division did not have any power to stop the prosecution of the case.
“I have been briefed on the case and I have been told the accused is still in custody. The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye, has directed that the case be transferred to the state  CID.  The CID will take over the investigation of the case and justice will surely be done in the matter,” he said.
The proprietor of the school was also arrested by the police on Friday.

Don’t support Jonathan in 2015 – ACF warns Northern leaders

The Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has warned northern politicians against working
for President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term ambition in 2015.
Chairman of the Forum, Alhaji Aliko Mohammed on Friday, in Kaduna alleged that some
 northerners had already gone round the region with a long list of prominent Northern
 leaders that would be induced to back Jonathan’s re-election in 2015.
Aliko in a short statement noted that the purported long list which he claimed he had seen,
 actually contained names of respected leaders from the region.
The Chairman declared that those advising the president to bribe some prominent northern
 leaders with money in exchange for support were only deceiving him, saying that he would
 fail woefully.
He said, “Those seeking or advising the President to offer inducement in exchange for support
 are clearly taking the matter of the President’s re-election away from performance in office to
 something else. If that is the case, they will be well advised to leave Northern leaders out of it,
” he said.
“The attention of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has been drawn to stories circulating in
 the media lately, suggesting that some people said to be working for the Presidency are going
 about with a long list of names of Northern leaders they wish to induce ,in order that they will
 support the President’s re-election in 2015,” the chairman added.

"I was forced to masturbate in front of teammates" - David Beckham

Retired footballer David Beckham recently revealed that he was forced to masturbate in front of his teamma
tes as part of his initiation into Manchester United's youth team in 1991.

Beckham, who opened up about the incident in a documentary titled The Class of ’92, said the incident happened when he was just 16 years old. He said he was forced to stare at a calendar photo of eighties Reds soccer player Clayton Blackmore (pictured right) and pleasure himself, while his teammate watched, as part of an embarrassing hazing ritual.
“Everyone had an initiation that you had to go through on the youth team, that was one of the most uncomfortable ones. The fact that I had to look at Clayton Blackmore’s calendar and do certain things. I was embarrassed when I was saying it on camera let alone talking about it more. But it’s something that we all had to go through. It was definitely something I wouldn’t like to go through again!' Beckham said
The Class of ’92, is a documentary about the generation of Manchester United stars who came of age two decades ago.

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