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Photos: Two Nigerian Girls Finally Deported From Canada After Year in Hiding

Two Nigerian students living in Regina who've been in trouble with Canadian immigration authorities are being deported today.

Victoria Ordu and Favour Amadi took refuge in a church after learning they would be forced to leave the country. The University of Regina students have been in hiding for more than a year, getting by with the help of friends.

The pair says their trouble stems from a few weeks in 2011 when they worked at a Regina Wal-Mart, not knowing it was not permitted under the terms of their student visas. 

The university said it supported the two. The case drew the attention of Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, who said the women should be allowed to stay.

On Friday, CBC News learned the students have been escorted out of Saskatchewan.

They're being flown to Toronto and are scheduled to be put on a plane to Nigeria last night.

Immigration officials were not immediately available for comment.

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Tiwa Savage Is Angry With The Editors Of TW Magazine!

Tiwa Savage is one of the most respected Nigerian celebs for her calmness and maturity, that's why everyone is wondering what the editors of TW Magazine wrote about her that made her slammed them on Twitter.

 If this is not a publicity stunt to blow the magazine, then she maybe out of line to address them in this rather unpleasant way.              

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Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye Duru Looking Stunning in new photoshoot!                 

Actress Oge okoye Duru glows in new pix as she gives a little advice to her fans. She captioned the pix��Let what you know you will become tomorrow keep you moving beyond what you are today #true word of life� .

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"One Of My Rolex's Price Tag Can Give Somebody 'Apollo" — Davido Speaks On His Life, Career & More!

Life has not been a bed of roses for HKNKing And OBO himself, Davido. In this interview with Nigerian Tribune, he shares his experiences before fame came his way and opens up on his musical career, private life and plans for the future.

You recently returned from your first musical tour. What was the experience like?
It was a great experience. I had to fly, land, perform, fly again, land, and perform. Singing in front of different crowds in different countries was a serious thing but it was a lot of fun. I met so many people. Generally, the tour was a lot of fun.
You�ve achieved fame within such a short period of time. How were you able to do that?
God has had my back, always. It�s all God�s doing. From my single back then, He had said it was my time; and so I kept doing my thing, working hard, spending more time working on the music and sampling all kinds of sounds. That�s how it came about.

Before you became a big shot, what were those days of humble beginnings in the industry like?They weren�t easy � having to prove that you could do this, or that you could be big and sell records, and then not having people believe you or want to take a chance. I had some rough periods of even hungry days in the studio. Sometimes you got broke, but still just found one way or the other to pull through. I had plenty rough times.

How did your dad feel about your decision to become a recording artiste?
He didn�t like it at first; but eventually a man understands a man�s need to do his thing and make a name for himself.

Did you drop out of school because you wanted to pursue your musical career?
Who says I dropped out? I�m in my third year in school.

How do you combine your music with your studies successfully? Has building a profession in music affected your studies in anyway?
It�s not been easy, but it�s working one way or the other. Being madly busy is not easy to cope with when you are studying; but it has no choice but to work out.

Why did you decide to go into music?
I was always going to do music as soon as I discovered my flair for it and I was working on sounds too in a studio and some of my friends used to say that I should just try doing my own thing. So, I took it up when I realised that I could actually make some decent sounds. I�ve always nurtured dreams of performing live, so it just had to be done.
Which musicians inspire you?
TuFace, PSquare and the Koko Master (Dbanj). Those guys are really something. The big things they�ve done in this industry are unforgettable. So, that�s my drive as well � to (make) a serious impact.

You travel a lot. Does your girlfriend not complain?
(Laughs) If you know say I get, and you sabi am, go ask am.

You mean you are not dating anyone now?

You must have a lot of ladies trying to get your attention. How has the reception from your female fans been like?
It�s crazy, coupled with the fact that I am young, and with girls in my age group too. Here in Africa and in Europe, the female fan base is wild. I really appreciate it. When guys are feeling you while you perform and also the girls are gingered and sometimes crazier about you, it�s cool.

We have had pictures of you in bed with various kinds of ladies. How has that affected your career?
If it has had any big effect on my career, I�m not sure I know about it, because I am still doing my thing and God still has my back. God did not allow some random act of one person who felt like fooling around to now spoil my career or ruin my image. Sebi they wanted to snap me (take my photograph)? They �snapped me� and went their way�and my life goes on. That�s it.

What deals, endorsements, shows or recognition have you got that were quite memorable for you?MTN of course. My first advert for MTN Pulse was a big deal for me. It was a great thing to be part of. Also, my shows all over Nigeria and performing in different states make me unable to decide which one is my favourite, seriously. You perform in a state and get mad love from the crowd; and then the next state is even crazier. And that�s how it just keeps going. So, my high points are those moments when my fans show dedication, and show me love like �Ah, you be our guy; you be our man, you know?

Which musicians do you dream of working with internationally?
It won�t be bad working with Pitbul, David Guetta, Sean Paul, and Nicki Minaj.

Your dad is wealthy and influential. Would you say his wealth has been a propelling factor in your career?
My father is wealthy, yes, and I am thankful to God for that. One way or the other, in my music career, there�s always a point where the gratitude goes to my father and always a point where my father�s wealth has been a useful factor. As for opening doors, well, maybe. But money is not everything and every part of it, behind the scenes of success is a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

If you were not a musician, what other career path would you have chosen?
Maybe a producer; but if you mean totally out of music, maybe one big businessman.

Reports say you were caught abroad spending fake money. How did that happen?
Go and ask the so called reporters whether na dem put fake currency for my hand. How does that even make sense? We were in Europe and spending good hard-earned money, even when the person we had a deal with was defaulting, and didn�t want to pay us. So it was just some rubbish they cooked up to spoil our names, and get away with breaking our contract. But of course, we don pass that one, so na dem sabi.

What�s the most expensive thing you have ever pampered yourself with?
My house! But if that doesn�t count as pampering, then maybe one of my Rolexes that the price tag can give somebody �Apollo�.

You have so many tattoos. Are you just following the trend or you�re doing your own thing?
I feel the need to ink my skin, so I do it. Simple. It�s my desire and that�s all.

What�s the craziest thing you have ever done on stage?
(Laughs) Nothing too wild; I just kissed a girl from the stage.

Some of your fans complain that you don�t have strong lyrics but only project the elitist life?
It�s what we need to drive the sounds; those kinds of lyrics are what the industry, as it is, is moved by. I can decide now to bring out the deepest of my emotions through lyrics. And you know, they will say Davido is boring.

In your dull moments, what do you do to get back in line?
I just make a mad beat, or take a trip to somewhere of interest.

How do you relax?
I go to the most exotic resorts and lounges in any country I�m currently in. Then sometimes I like to just (relax) with my headphones and just jam for hours, undisturbed.

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Shocking News! Young Chinese Couple Face Jail After Selling Their Baby Daughter For £5,000 To Buy An iPhone!!

A young Chinese couple are facing many years in jail after allegedly selling their baby daughter to raise money for an iPhone and other luxury goods. The couple, identified only as Miss Zhang and Mr Teng, are said to have placed anonymous advertisements in newspapers suggesting they would be willing to part with their baby - unborn at that stage - in exchange for 50,000 yuan (about £5,000). Police in Shanghai have charged the couple with human trafficking after accepting money for the baby, who was born at home and still only weeks, or months old, when sold.

Having received the money, which was deposited in their bank account, the couple went out on a spending spree, using part of the proceeds to buy an iPhone, State media reported today. The unemployed couple, who have two other children, were also accused of using the money to purchase a number of luxury goods. They are understood to have told prosecutors that they were acting in their daughter's best interests, claiming they had hoped to find a home for her with a financially stable family who would be able to provide her with an eduction. 

'We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security,' Shanghai's Jiefang Daily newspaper reported them as telling officials. But prosecutors said they believed the couple's bank records show they had hatched a 'sinister conspiracy' to profit from the sale of the baby. One credit card bill is said to show that immediately after trading the child, the couple spent large amounts of money on the internet, including buying an iPhone and a pair of expensive trainers. In an attempt to hide that they were behind the sale of a child, the couple tried to conceal the fact that Miss Zhang was pregnant and she had even gone to the length of giving birth at home.

They are said to have told neighbours that the baby bump during Miss Zhang's pregnancy was a tumour. iPhones are a sought-after commodity in China and only last year seven people were jailed in Hunan province for their role in the purchase of a kidney from a teenage boy, who used the money to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Na wa o! All for iPhone! Do you think both buyers and sellers should be jailed?
Source: Daily Mail

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Photos: Check Out The Interior And Exterior Of Aviation Minister’s N256m Bullet Proof BMW

It was reported that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority purchased two bulletproof cars worth $ 1.6 Million � N 256,264,417 (256 Million Naira) for the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah.
This has provoked public outrage, with �anti corruption network� giving her ultimatum to resign.
�Oduah has been a subject of severe public criticism for describing the two major air crashes that have occurred under her watch as �acts of God� and now she is acquiring 256 million naira BMW car for protection.
What do you think about this?
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Photos: Paraguayan Groom,103, Marries His 99-Year-Old Bride After 80 Years Together!

After 80 years, 8 children, 50 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren, and 20 great great grandchildren, a 103-year-old man from Paraguay has finally tied the knot with his 99 year old partner of 80 years. Centenarian Jose Riella turned his 80 year old Martina Lopez into a bride, in a religious ceremony on Sunday in Paraguay. 

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ASUU strike has increased prostitution!!

COALITION of Civil Society Organizations, Market women and students have staged a protest with placards of different inscriptions at the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, over the continuous strike� by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, alleging that the strike has increased prostitution in the country.
The group which noted that the strike was entering the fourth month appealed to the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, the Trade Union Congress, TUC and appealed to the union to call off the strike in the interest of� Nigerians.
Some of the placards read, �ASUU please save our young girls from prostitution, NLC, TUC and NUPENG mediate now, Stop playing politics with our future, This ASUU strike has lost its tactics, ASUU please save our future.�
Though, the group�� in some of the placards had accused the striking university teachers of being selfish and too rigid in their demands, in what looked like a contradiction, the groups also said that the demands were germane and for the good of the education system.
Delivering a letter to the NLC President at the Labour House, the leader of the protest and Executive Director of Conscience Nigeria, Comrade Tosin Adeyanju said that they decided to embark on the protest to appeal to the labour leaders to mediate on the lingering face-off between ASUU and the Federal Government that had led to the continuous closure of public universities in the country.
Comrade Adeyanjul said, �We embarked on this protest today to further appeal to all major stakeholders in the Nigeria project and we deem it fit to come to the labour house because of the strategic importance that labour represents in this country.
�For almost 100 days, our students, our dependants, our children have been locked out of our ivory towers and nothing has changed. We are here to appeal to the� labour leaders in this country to come and mediate on the lingering and prolonged ASUU strikes.
�We are not unaware on the germane and relevant issues raised by ASUU, there is need for our institutions to be revitalized, there is need for improved research, there is need for improved allowance, there is need for infrastructural development in ivory towers, but all over the world no country has been able to meet the demands of labour unions 100 per cent.�
�With the information available to us, we are aware that the federal government proposed and has given ASUU a 100 billion initial fund requested for different issues in the various universities. We are aware that ASUU appealed for more money to be given on the earned allowance and 30 billion was given for earned allowance as at today about 130 billion has been given to ASUU.�
Receiving the protesters, President of NLC, Abduwaheed Omar, represented by the Chief Economist of NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo�eson said that the labour leaders had initiated moves by writing to the Federal government about four times on how to mediate but government had not responded to their letters.
Source: Vanguard
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Photos: Nicki Minaj Looking HOT As She Displays Her PIMPED OUT Pink Lamborghini Aventador

Nicki Minaj revealed her new 2014 Lamborghini Aventador earlier this month in blue. But now the head barbie drop some more cash on an already tricked out whip and this is the end result.

Nicki rolled up to the launch of her new K-Mart collection in her new pink Lamborghini Aventador.
Nicki Minaj look stunning in a black pants while showing plenty cleavage in a blue top and gold accessories.

Fans of Nicki Minaj can now pick up her new fall collection at K-Mart.
This was the Lambo before it became pink.

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We will thrill Nigerians at Glo Laffta Fest - American comedians

Popular American comedians, Tony Roberts and Deeray Davies, have promised Glo subscribers who will attend today�s Glo Laffta Fest show an exciting evening of fun and laughter.
The comedians who arrived in Lagos on Thursday evening for the biggest comedy show tagged Invasion L.O.L. said they would give the audience a different kind of comedy from what they were used to.
Asked by reporters what Nigerians should expect from him, Roberts who had a big smile plastered on his face declared, �Non-stop comedy. I'm very unpredictable, so I don�t know what I'm going to say. If you're in front of me, I might talk about you. I don't want to offend anybody, but you never know. You've got the best right here with you!�

Roberts continued, �Every country we go to, we do our research. We try to read the mindset of the people, because what's funny to people back in the United States might not appeal to the audience here, so we just have to get ready, and make sure we operate on the same wavelength as the people here.�

On his part, Davies said, "I just want to have a good time and bring my own brand of comedy to a whole new place. Many may have watched me on TV, but they�ve never seen me perform live. It's going to be spectacular. It's going to be a different vibe coming from me on that stage. I just want to create a stress-free environment and make the audience have a good time.�

Anxious to work with some of Nigeria�s biggest comedy talents, Davies stated, �I want to see more so I can take in the culture, and learn as much about their comedy as I possibly can. I don�t want this to be my last trip; I want Nigerians to be so used to me that they�ll keep having me over, and not just for big events alone.

The duo will be performing with some of Nigeria�s biggest stars including Alli Baba, Basketmouth, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu and Gordons.�

On their expectations on working with their Nigerian counterparts, Roberts said, �Actually, it's weird because they're more used to this environment than we are. They know the local stuff, so they can say things that we don't know about. They have the upper hand on us, but all the same, we're super funny, and you're going to find out! We're going to get along with them and work as a team.�
The show which is packaged by national operator, Globacom, is scheduled for 6.00 p.m., Saturday, October 19th, at Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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Photo: Meet Actress Genevieve Nnaji’s Father!!

Genevieve Nnaji is the fourth of 8 children. Her father worked as an engineer, while her mother a teacher.

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Actor Ime Bishop 'Okon Lagos' Weds Gf Idara - Traditional Marriage Ceremony Pictures

Hilarious Nollywood actor Ime Bishop Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos wedded his sweetheart Idara Saviour yesterday Thursday 17th October 2013 at Christ The King School, Barracks Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Big congrats to them.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Outrage As Nigerians Want Aviation Minister Sacked, Give Her 72-Hour Ultimatum To Resign!

Angry Nigerians say Stella Oduah�s corruption and profligacy should not be condoned at a time the country appears too broke to pay university teachers.
Anti-corrupt crusaders and opposition politicians, on Thursday expressed outrage over the purchase of two BMW armoured vehicles for the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, for N225 million by an agency under her supervision.
Special Assistant to the Minister on media, Joe Obi, in a media interview confirmed the vehicles were purchased for her principal to protect her from �imminent threats.�
She was reported to have compelled the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to buy the vehicles for her.
Anti-corruption campaigners and politicians, who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES, condemned the purchase of the armoured vehicles and demanded the minister�s immediate resignation and a subsequent probe of the transaction.
Leader of the Anti-Corruption Network, ACN, Dino Melaye, said his organisation had already briefed its lawyers, who he said would file a suit against Ms. Oduah on Monday.
He said his organisation had conducted investigation into the matter and found out that there was no threat to the minister�s life as claimed by his media aide.
Mr. Dino also said the vehicles could have been purchased for far less the amount they were purportedly procured.
�This government promotes, massages, embraces corruption,� an angry Mr. Melaye, a former member of the House of Representatives, said in a telephone interview with our reporter.
�There are two questions to ask � was the N225 million appropriated by the National Assembly? Does the purchase of the vehicles not negate the monetisation policy, which says that only the President, Vice president, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, their deputies and a few other public officials should have official cars? If she does not fall into this category, why did they purchase the vehicles for her?
�They claim there was a threat to her life. There was no threat to Stella Oduah�s life. Even if there was a threat, we have done our investigation and we discovered that those vehicles cost less than N100 million.
�You are spending N225 million at a time you claim there is no money for ASUU, at a time you cannot pay statutory allocations to states.
�Jonathan administration is the most corrupt administration in Nigeria.�
Ezenwa Nwagwu, Convener of Say No Campaign, Nigeria, SNCN, asked the anti-graft agencies to wade into the scandal immediately.
He wondered if the N225 million used to purchase the vehicles were appropriated, insisting that the NCAA officer(s), who authorised the release of the money, should be penalized.
Mr. Nwagwu added, �We have lost about 200 citizens to sheer incompetence and add salt to injury, we are being told that a cash-strapped agency under her had to cough out that amount of money to provide armoured vehicles.
�In saner climes, she would have resigned. But here we are treated to half truths and excuses.
�What is important now is that an independent inquiry should be set up to look into the happenings in the aviation sector. We cannot be deceived by the so-called reforms. When you renovate 11 airports at the same time, the implication is that it is a honey-pot, after the petroleum sector.
�We must as a matter of urgency beam our searchlight on happenings in the sector. It is not enough to go round media houses. What Nigerian want now is an independent inquiry into the activities in the sector.
Mr. Nwagwu lamented that the Jonathan�s administration kept treating corruption with kid gloves, especially by allegedly shielding Ms Oduah and the Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.
�These are two ministers that can never do wrong in this government,� he said.
Also speaking, Auwal Musa Rasfanjani, Executive Director, Centre for Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC, expressed worry over the flagrant abuse of public office, corruption, impunity and constant disregard of public procurement law by some ministers and other public officers under the supervision of Mr. Jonathan.
�We are particularly concerned over the Minister of Aviation who runs the Ministry of Aviation like a personal and private entity,� Mr. Musa told PREMIUM TIMES.
�Many Nigerians express worries for the various allegations of corrupt practices and outright looting in the name of renovating our airports and the recent scandal of purchasing bullet proof cars without due process and also the allegation of refusal of landing permit to some international airlines who applied but were denied the permit because they did not give bribe to her.
�It is also on record that the National Assembly had conducted a public hearing which found her guilty but yet no sanction was taken against her due to her connection to the President.
�If buying the bullet proof cars is for her own security, then we don�t understand why she doesn�t pay more attention to the safety of millions of Nigerian passengers travelling within the country every year.
�Again, despite the huge amounts spent in the name of renovating Nigerian airports, the work is very dilapidated and cannot be said to be representing value for money because of corruption in the procurement process and the service provision.�
Mr Musa demanded outright probe of Ms Oduah, saying �We therefore call for immediate investigation of the above matter in order to bring sanity, transparency, accountability, professionalism, and safety to our aviation industry which is now being characterized by corruption and impunity under the auspices of the Minister of Aviation.
�This will serve as a deterrent to other ministers and public officers who abuse the trust of their office.�
Olarenwaju Suraj, Chairman of the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, CSNAC, who was also livid over the transaction, said he would not bother calling for Ms Oduah�s sack saying, �You won�t have that under Jonathan. Jonathan does not have the integrity to ask her to resign.�
Mr. Suraj, who demanded an urgent investigation into the scandal, said there were so many corrupt officials in the present government, adding that the case of the aviation minister could not be treated in isolation.
Spokesperson of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, Osita Okechukwu, called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to quickly commence investigation into the scandal.
�Under what subhead is that money in the budget? You can�t use any money that was not appropriated. If you do, it becomes an illegal expenditure,� Mr. Okechukwu said angrily.
�I don�t know what she is protecting. Is she more important than the President?�

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So sad! Surviving Lagos Plane crash air hostess,Queenette Owolabi's 10 toes & 5 fingers to be amputated

Unless a miracle happens, or the Federal Government urgently intervenes to fly Mrs Queeneth Owolabi abroad for treatment, she would have her toes and fingers amputated due to gangreneinfection.

Mrs Owolabi is a surviving cabin crew on the ill-fated Associated Airlines plane that crashed in Lagos two weeks ago.

��� But for her husband�s resistance, the amputation would have been done yesterday or today at Nigerian Air Force, NAF, base hospital in Ikeja, where she had been hospitalised since the crash.
��� Mrs. Owolabi survived the crash alongside six others, although two of the survivors later died at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH.

Vanguard gathered, yesterday, that the husband of the victim was making frantic efforts to reach the Federal Government for his wife to be flown abroad for treatment to stave off the amputation, especially as the government was said to be responsible for her treatment thus far.

Efforts to reach him proved futile as his mobile phones remained switched off yesterday and it was also not possible to speak with the medical team at the hospital as movements in the victim�s ward was restricted by military personnel.

National President of Nigerian Airlines Cabin Crew Association, NACCA, Mr. Charles Onuoha, who confirmed the development, appealed to the Federal Government to urgently come to the rescue of the crash victim.According to him, Owolabi�s 10 toes and the five fingers of the left hand have been marked for amputation because of the infection that had set in.
He said:

��� �We are calling for referral for overseas treatment, a post-trauma stress assessment and de-briefing for Mrs Quinneth Owolabi, and her colleague, Miss Toyin Samson, currently on admission at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Lagos.�We are appealing for government�s intervention because that is the only thing that can stop this amputation.�

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Actress Rita Dominic & Kate Henshaw Looking Gorgeous At A Recording Session!!

The Nollywood stars look fabulous at a recording session. The movie stars made the announcement when one of them shared the photo above with the caption.

�At a recording. Stay tuned. . *wink*�
� � � � � � � � � �
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Shocking: Two Women Both Miscarried After Jealous Friend Who Lost Her Unborn Child Poisoned Them

26-year-old secretary, Angela Maier, broke down in front of the court as she told them she 'couldn't stand the thought' of the friends having children.

Two pregnant woman miscarried after a jealous friend poisoned their drinks, a court in Austria has heard. Secretary Angela Maier, 26, was desperate to have a baby of her own but suffered three miscarriages. The depressed woman was consumed with jealousy when she then learned that her sister-in-law and best friend were pregnant.

Maier told a court in Klagenfurt, Austria: 'I couldn't stand the thought of them having babies who would be growing up when mine was dead. 'Mine should have been with them as well, but instead mine died while theirs went on.' She was suffering from depression as a result of her loss and the sight of her friend's impending births. The woman cruelly poisoned the expectant mothers' drinks with medicine she was prescribed after her miscarriage.

The court heard how the woman and her best friend had become pregnant at the same time, and had been shopping for baby clothes and planning together. The friend said: 'I asked for a glass of water, and she said she had a special drink for pregnant women, that she didn't need any more. 'A short while later I started to bleed, and then I lost the baby. When I found out what she had done, I wrote back and told her she was a murderer. I can't forgive her.'
Two months later she invited her sister-in-law to visit and did the same thing again, mixing the medicine into her hot chocolate, and then 'watched me as I drank it', the victim told the court. The court heard it led to both pregnant women suffering miscarriages. Maier went on to have a baby of her own, and now has a three-year-old daughter.

Eaten up with guilt at what she had done, and in the end she had written to both women to confess two years later after she learned that both were once again pregnant. She was sentenced by the court to 18 months in prison, with 14 suspended, after the court ruled that she was psychologically sound although she had, it accepted, been suffering from depression. Judge Michaela Sanin said: 'You maliciously took the lives of two unborn babies.'

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Kim Kardashian's "Inappropriate" Swimsuit Receives Big Online Backlash

Kim Kardashian is the master of self-publicity. But now, she has found herself at the receiving end of a large amount of negative criticism from fans after posting her revealing 'selfie' of her post-baby body in a white swimsuit yesterday. 

The picture sent shock waves through social media receiving thousands of comments so far about the picture, with many feeling that it was 'inappropriate' behavior from new mother Kim. Do you think she acted inappropriately? 

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Photos: See Restaurant Where Guests Sit And Eat On Toilet Seats!

The Magic Restroom Cafe in southern California�s City of Industry is America�s first toilet-themed eating place. All the dishes, seats and food items -everything focused on toilets, bathrooms and human bodily functions.

On the menu you can find dishes like �golden poop rice,� �black poop� (actually a chocolate sundae), �smells-like-poop� (braised pork over rice),� and �bloody number two� (vanilla-strawberry sundae).
Magic Restroom Cafe officially opened Oct. 11 and, so far, the decor is getting better reviews than the food.

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Happy 28th Birthday Wande Coal, Shares His Baby Picture
Former Mavin Records artiste, Wande Coal is 28 today.
And to celebrate, the singer shared this cute baby picture of him in his Rolls Royce. Cute.

Happy birthday, Wande.

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Hot Or Not? Uche Jombo Rodriguez Spotted In New York.

Nice right??
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Senator Bukola Saraki Sends Out His Condolence Message Over The 15 That Died During His Sallah Gift Sharing

Last Tuesday, the Peoples Democratic Party Kwara State chapter held its annual Sallah celebration at PDP Charity House where many party faithfuls were in attendance.

The event which is an annual activity of the party went on smoothly until tragedy struck when indigent party members tried to outsmart one another as the gifts were being shared.
A stampede occurred which had over 15 dead, several injured.  Among the dead were three pregnant women.
The dead and the injured were packed into ambulances and rushed to nearby hospitals.I

Reconfirming the incident and sending out his condolence message, Senator Saraki says he's saddened by the incident.

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Cossy Orjiakor Shows Off Her Birthday

Cake + Hot Body!
Actress, singer, fashion designer Cossy Orjiakor celebrated her 29th birthday on the 15th of October, 2013, quietly with her dogs, she said.
And as usual, she couldn't't help showing off her birthday cake alongside her hot body.

Happy birthday in arrears, Cossy.

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(Photos)Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Real Big Boobs On Instagram Again  

Last time, she had them covered up with her hair. This time around, she's got the most sensitive parts covered with pasties.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

FG Finally Agrees to Meet ASUU's Demands after Over 100 Days!!

Towards ending the ongoing ASUU strike, the Federal Government has committed to spending N200 billion in the 2014 budget on the universities as well as on each of the next three-four years until the universities are brought to world-class standard as demanded by ASUU leadership.
�This is in addition to the N100 billion dedicated and already made available...
Government has also increased to N40billion as a first installment, funds for payment of earned allowances to the striking lecturers, an improvement from the N30 billion previously released.

This information is contained in an internal statement at the Federal University of Otuoke by Professor Bolaji Aluko, its Vice-Chancellor.

On the earned allowances,�Prof. Aluko said��Government will top it up with further releases once universities are through with the disbursement of this new figure of N40 million, so Vice-Chancellors are urged to expedite this disbursement within the shortest possible time using guiding templates that have been sent by the CVC.�

Professor Aluko said the development followed meetings on September 19 and Oct 11 of representatives of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, led by Prof. Hamisu of ATBU and ASUU reps led by its President, Dr. N. Fagge with the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Arc. Namadi. Sambo, Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike and others.

In the interest of peace, Vice-President Sambo appealed to ASUU to call off the strike and apologized over the "take-it-or-leave-it" comments made by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
Other points of agreement at the meetings include the following:
Project Prioritization: Universities will now be allowed to determine their priorities and not be �rail-roaded� into implementing a pre-determined set of projects with respect to the NEEDS assessment. Decisions are not to be centralized.

TETFund Intervention: Government assured that the operations of the TETFund will not be impaired, and that the regular TETFund intervention disbursement to Universities will continue, unaffected. So the NEEDS assessment capital outlays are in addition to regular TETFund intervention.

Project Monitoring: A new Implementation Monitoring Committee (IMC) for the NEEDS Assessment intervention for universities has been set up to take over from the Suswan Committee. The new one is under the Federal Ministry of Education and chaired by the Honorable Minister of Education. In addition, to build confidence and ensure faithful implementation and prevent any relapse as before, the Vice President will meet quarterly with the IMC to monitor progress.

Blueprint: ASUU was mandated to submit a blue print for revitalizing the Universities to the Vice President.

ASUU leadership will now meet to decide if the government should be trusted again, this time.

via Gistactivist

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photos: Khloe Kardashian Gets A little too cozy with her rumoured Rapper Secrete Lover The Game

Since her rumoured split from Lamar, Khloe has been hanging out with�The Game.They party together, have lunch and even dinner.Last week he almost assaulted the papparazzi for coming too close to them threatening that he is more insane than Kanye who doesn�t�hide�is disgust for the paps..

They say they are just friends but many think otherwise because they are said to have had a brief fling in the past..Whichever it is, they look good together and�Black men�just love the Kardashians..

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Photos: Ghanian Actor, Van Vicker. & Wife Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary Today

This is a picture of Van Vicker and his wife, Adjoa, in Secondary School - 19 years ago! They've been married for 10 years now and today's their 10th wedding anniversary! Congrats to the Van Vickers. May God continue to bless your union!
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PHOTO: 18-foot-long oarfish found off California coast

LOS ANGELES � �A marine science instructor snorkeling off the Southern California coast spotted something out of a fantasy novel: the silvery carcass of an 18-foot-long, serpent-like oarfish.
Jasmine Santana of the Catalina Island Marine Institute needed more than 15 helpers to drag the giant sea creature with eyes the size of half dollars to shore on Sunday.
Staffers at the institute are calling it the discovery of a lifetime.

"We've never seen a fish this big," said Mark Waddington, senior captain of the Tole Mour, CIMI's sail training ship. "The last oarfish we saw was three feet long."
Because oarfish dive more than 3,000 feet deep, sightings of the creatures are rare and they are largely unstudied, according to CIMI.

The obscure fish apparently died of natural causes. Tissue samples and video footage were sent to be studied by biologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Santana spotted something shimmering about 30 feet deep while snorkeling during a staff trip in Toyon Bay at Santa Catalina Island, about two dozen miles from the mainland.
"She said, `I have to drag this thing out of here or nobody will believe me,"' Waddington said.
After she dragged the carcass by the tail for more than 75 feet, staffers waded in and helped her bring it to shore.

The carcass was on display Tuesday for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students studying at CIMI. �It will be buried in the sand until it decomposes and then its skeleton will be reconstituted for display, Waddington said.
The oarfish, which can grow to more than 50 feet, is a deep-water pelagic fish -- the longest bony fish in the world, according to CIMI.
They are likely responsible for sea serpent legends throughout history.


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Ladies Please Read and Learn! 6 Things Women Do That Push Men Away

You need to read this because it will be of help to you in your relationship......

1. Wanting a Man to Change
Many women get in a relationship thinking they can change the man. If a man makes a change for a relationship, the benefit must outweigh the consequences of that change. �I get it: You don�t want anything to make me as happy as you do. But if you�re willing to chase this result by eliminating everything else I might love from my life, then I don�t want you�, says Good.

2. An Overwrought Sense of Urgency
�Man Code� men liken romance to playing poker. �It�s better to conserve emotion for only the most meaningful circumstances,� Good says. While men pay attention to overall themes, women tend to sweat the small stuff. He wants women to know that ulterior motives are not a Man Code man thing to play at, if he�s out late with his friends, he�s just out late with his friends.

3. S*x on the First Date
Unfortunate but true, the �Man Code� man is chivalrous but also �red-blooded and carnal� like most guys. If a woman offers s�x on the first, any man will probably take her up on that. A woman that can walk away with a goodnight kiss and leave the man guessing appeals much more to men. They like the thrill of a chase.

4. Talking Things to Death
According to Good, women need to think of love as �quiet.� In other words, it�s what you do when no one is looking, how you find their hand when things are bad and tell them it�s okay. If you hear �I love you� constantly it loses it�s value. �Love is the result of the events in our lives, not the result of talking about the idea of it,� assures Good.

5. Disloyalty
Loyalty is everything, it is the currency of our lives, declares Good. When women are disloyal to other women, it tells the man they will be disloyal to them, too.

6. A Failure to Let a Lion be a Lion
In the same way that a women wants to feel taken care of and protected, a man wants to know he�s the one that made her feel that way. Good explains, �With a look or word, you can empower us.�

Good has one powerful piece of advice for women: Don�t forget why your man fell for you. Woman AND men seem to stop doing the little things they did at the beginning of a relationship that made it fun. Think back and try doing some of the little things you �used� to do for him.

Read this article in�GalTime�

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Kim K’s engagement ring from Kris Humphries sells at auction for $620,000

Kim Kardashian�s engagement ring from ex-husband Kris Humphries has been sold at auction for $620, 000. The ring which Kim paid for herself, but weirdly returned to Kris after she broke up with him was sold today Tuesday October 15th at a Christie�s auction in NYC, Us Weekly reports.
The unknown buyer bought the Lorraine Schwartz creation, which features a 16.21-carat center diamond and two 1.8-carat side diamonds for a total of $749,000, which is plus tax.
The amount is a significant drop from the ring�s initial reported worth of $2 million.
�Kim has been waiting for the day he would auction it. Everyone always asked what Kim did with the ring � she silently gave it back over a year ago! And Kris waited until the divorce was final to sell it.� a source told Us Weekly
�The ring is definitely not worth $2 million, not even half of that,� sniffs the source. Indeed, Kardashian, not Humphries, initially paid for the ring herself.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photo of The day! Don Jazzy The Mavin Boss

MAVIN boss, Don Jazzy recently shared a picture of himself on his Instagram puffing up the smoke like a boss from the classic Godfather series.

The suit, the pose and the overall swag is toomuch; nobody does it better.
The super-producer recently returned from a trip to Mauritius where he spoke on the business side of making music to a select group of people.

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PHOTO; See Gorgeous Ladies Rocking Nicki Minaj’s Kmart Collection

Nicki Minaj launched her Kmart collections today and of cos awesome models were there to showcase her �clothing line. Never knew Nicki was this short lool�

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