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HIV, cancer: Bee venom to the rescue

Photo: HIV, cancer: Bee venom to the rescue

Scientists have discovered that apart from pollinating  crops, producing honey, beeswax , propolis, pollen and royal jelly, bees could also be the solution to the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and cancer.

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Scientists have discovered that apart from pollinating  crops, producing honey, beeswax , propolis, pollen and royal jelly, bees could also be the solution to the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and cancer.
Recently, a team of scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine, USA, used nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom  to destroy HIV without harming nearby cells.
The report was contained in the current issue of Antiviral Therapy.
Explaining the modus operandi, Dr. Samuel A. Wickline, one of the researchers said; “Bee venom contains a potent toxin called melittin that can poke holes in the protective envelope that surrounds HIV and other viruses. It has even shown melittin-loaded nanoparticles to be effective in killing tumor cells.”
In an interview with Vanguard in Ibadan recently, Mr. Ayodele Salako, an apiculturist (beekeeper), corroborated the assertion of the researchers. “The bee sting is very medicinal. A bee keeper who is stung by a bee every now and then,  will not complain of any ailment because the bees have taken those things away from you by enhancing your immunity. That is one of the best works of bee venom.”
He demonstrated this by administering bee venom therapy on some people with pains in various parts of the body like the waist, hands and knees. All recipients said the pains stopped after a few minutes.
Comparing the bee venom and other anti-HIV drugs, Joshua L. Hood, another researcher said “most anti-HIV drugs inhibit the virus’s ability to replicate. But this anti-replication strategy does nothing to stop initial infection, and some strains of the virus have found ways around these drugs and reproduce anyway. The bee venom toxin is different because it attacks an essential part of the virus’ structure. The melittin forms little pore-like attack complexes and ruptures the envelope, stripping it off the virus.
“We are attacking an inherent physical property of HIV,” said Hood, “and there isn’t any way for the virus to adapt to that. The virus has to have a protective coat, a double-layered membrane that covers it,” so if the covering is destroyed, the virus is destroyed.
“Because the bee venom toxin has been engineered not to attack healthy cells, a vaginal gel loaded with bee venom particles, could be ideal for couples where one partner has HIV and they want to have a baby,” the report said, adding; “It’s also theoretically possible that intravenous injections of the nanoparticles would be able to clear HIV from the blood stream, a virtual miracle for those who have tested positive.”
Source: Vanguard

SHOCKING: Woman Kills Husband And Cooks Body

A woman in eastern China murdered her husband and boiled the corpse to cover her tracks after he abused her and her daughter, a report said Saturday.
The woman drugged the man, her second husband, and tortured him for three days in June by withholding food and water and beating him, causing his death, said a report on government-backed news portal Anhui News.
She then dismembered the corpse with a saw and boiled the parts in a pressure cooker to hide the evidence, the report said. It did not detail how she disposed of the cooked flesh afterwards.
The psychological burden of the crime proved too much for her to bear, causing her to lose 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms) and turn herself into police, according to the report.
A police officer in Anhui province’s Lu’an City, where the incident occurred, confirmed the case to AFP but declined to give further details.
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‘I am the best rapper in Nigeria’; Yung6ix declares

Last year, M.I crowned Yung6ix as the rap ‘King of the South’, a year later, the young yet-to-debut rapperis claiming to be better than the Choc Boy and every other rapper in Nigeria…

Yung6ix, a talented budding MC declared his new self acclaimed status on Twitter today (August 31, 2013); ‘I am the Best Rapper in Nigeria , if you have an opposing Opinion , now is the Best time to keep it to yourself #Controlstateofmind‘.

Obviously inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s recent declaration as being the ‘King of New York‘ and all the controversy it’s brought, Yung6ix is probably looking to Spin some contention around himself.
Earlier this year, he took a swipe at a Benin-based rapper Cyrus tha Virus after the latter contested his (Yung6ix) claim to being the rap ‘King of the South’.
Yung6ix is signed to Storm 360. He says he will be releasing his debut album in 2013. 
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Nkiru Sylvanus Responds To Rumour On Romance With Imo Governor

The ever resolute Nollywood actress, Nkiru Syvalnus has finally broken the long observed silence after she gave out her words on the rumour peddled by rumour-mongers over her alleged romance with the Imo state governor, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha.

Describing the long meted rumour on her as being horrendous and handiwork of disgruntled politicians, the fair-skinned actress in an exclusive interview  stated below:

It is unfortunate that people can say such false stories. I’ve been working for this man even before he decided to contest for the gubernatorial election. During the elections in Imo State I was all over the State. I attended every major campaign event for His Excellency, Governor Okorocha.

I was there when he declared his interest to aspire for the office of governor in Imo state. Then, people did not talk about my alleged relationship with him. They saw me on T.V they heard me on the Radio, they saw me take part in the Street Rallies, they saw me at the INEC office in Owerri, yet nobody talked about me being in a relationship with him.

Now that God has made it possible for him to become a governor the rumour mongers have started talking. All of a sudden, they accuse me of sleeping with a man I look up to as my mentor and father simply because he appointed me as one of his advisers.

Some people in our society find it very hard to believe that a lady can ever get anything on merit, especially in the Nigerian context. Once a lady gets to a top position in government or any other sector in the society and it happens to come from a man, it is often assumed that she is romantically linked to the man.

This mindset of our people is not good at all and it needs to be addressed. I believe that a lot of women out there have got what it takes to arrive at the top without sleeping around with men. But I am not discouraged because I know that it is the hand-work of detractors and disgruntled politicians.

Obama wants to take military action against Syria, seeks congress vote

For attacking its citizens with chemical weapons on August 21, president Barack Obama wants the US to take military action against Syria and is now seeking congressional authorization to intervene.

The Syrian government carried out chemical weapons attack in Damascus in the early hours of August 21, killing at least 1,400 people as they slept in their homes. Although the government is denying being behind the attack, president Obama says the military action against Syria is necessary to deter future chemical attacks...not only in Syria but other governments thinking of doing same. 
"We cannot and will not turn a blind eye to what happened in Damascus." Obama said
Once the US congress reconvenes on September 9th, president Obama will have his answer. Do you think the US should take any military action against Syria? Meanwhile Britain has said they will not take part in any military action against Syria but UK Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted that "he understands and supports president Obama's position"

BREAKING NEWS: Boko Haram Slaughters 54 Innocent souls In Borno

Atleast 54 people including 24 vigilante youths (Civilian JTF), 14 Shuwa Arab herdsmen and 16 civilians were killed by suspected Boko Haram terrorists in three different Local Government Areas of Monguno, Damboa and Nganzai in Borno state.
Gunmen killed 14 nomadic herders in an attack on a village in the north eastern state of Borno, local government representative Alhaji Garba Ali told reporters.
At least 24 members of a vigilante group were killed in a separate attack in a forest in the same state, said another local official who asked not to be named.
The attackers were wearing military uniforms and the vigilantes followed them into the forest, believing them to be government soldiers, the official said.
"They took them to the middle of the forest before descending on them," he said. "About 24 bodies have been discovered, while 34 other persons are still missing."
The military has encouraged the formation of vigilante groups to help it track down Boko Haram members as it pursues an offensive in the northeast aiming to end the Islamist extremists' four-year insurgency.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the northeast in May and the military immediately launched a major offensive in the region aiming to end Boko Haram's insurgency.
Boko Haram's insurgency has left more than 3,600 dead since 2009, including killings by the security forces, who have been accused of major abuses.

Photo: Chinese Girl Shedding Tears For Psquare

See Love!!!!!!!Spot that Chinese girl shedding hot tears for Psquare during their Canadian Concert. .I’m yet to see a Nigerian girl who will.Our eye over strong sha,,,,,,

I used to scare boys away when I was younger – Actress Omotola

In a recent interview she granted a UK-based newspaper, Telegraph, the screen goddess stated that she had two younger brothers and that rubbed off on her making her a tomboy. She said her mother used to make jokes that she would not find a husband, ironically she met her husband when she was 16 years old.

Omosexy said, “I have two younger brothers and was a tomboy, fiercely independent. I used to scare boys from a very young age. They found me too much, because I knew what I wanted and I’d boss them around. In those days my mother would joke that I would never find a husband.”

A daddy’s girl while growing, the star actress said that she was close to her late father who used to treat her like a boy. Her father, a manager of Lagos Country Club, died in an auto crash when she was just twelve years old.
She said, “My father was a different kind of African man. He was very enlightened. He always asked me what I wanted, and encouraged me to speak up. He treated me like a boy.”

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Lagosians Make Money Selling Sperm For N50,000 - Fertility Clinics

Fertility clinics
People get married for different reasons. While some seek companionship in marriage, many go into marriage for procreation.  For couples who look forward to having children immediately after marriage, being declared ‘infertile’ by experts is like a death sentence. While it is generally agreed that it takes two to have a baby and every couple is expected to be in optimum health to have babies, medical experts claim men are having more fertility challenge now.  Sperm concentration in men is said to have decreased by a third since 1990s while sperm count is said to have decreased by half over the past 50 years. Wow! This is "good" business o! Continue to read the rest ...
Studies are also showing genetic abnormalities in sperm particularly in older men. For men therefore, quantity, quality and motility of spermatozoa are seen as important factors in fertility. Since the male factor is a prominent cause of infertility in couples, sperm donation has become vital in assisted conception treatment. A study by the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction stated that “a male factor is solely responsible in about 20 per cent of infertile couples and contributory in another 30 to 40 per cent.” According to experts, even when sperm numbers are great, a high proportion of men may have DNA damage that significantly impairs the chances of natural conception. Besides, male sperm deteriorates with age the same way it does for women. Studies have also shown that if a man has poor health, smokes, drinks too much or has a bad diet, it’s very likely his sperms are also going to be unhealthy. Indeed, investigation by Saturday PUNCH showed that sperm has become a commodity in high demand in Lagos. 

The Chief Consultant and Head, Obstetrician and Fertility Department, Eko Hospitals, Dr. Adegbite Ogunmokun, said fertility problem, based on recent experience, had tilted more towards the male factor. He said, “If 10 couples come in, there will be problem with the male in six of them, using our parameter of 20 million sperm per millimetre. But 10 to 15 years ago, maybe about four out of 10 men would have problem.” Our correspondents, who visited some fertility centres in Lagos, learnt that more men are having low sperm count, thus necessitating the need for more volunteer donors. But because donors are scare, fertility clinics offer as much as N50,000 to men who are interested in selling their sperm. They also pay more when sellers have special features that the beneficiaries are looking for. Like blood sellers, investigations show that many people in Lagos, especially students, now sell their sperms anytime they need money.

A student of the University of Lagos, who identified himself as John, said he had sold sperm to a few fertility centres in Lagos. John said he had been funding his education for the past two years with what he earned from selling his sperm. John said he was introduced to the programme by a friend and that he had in turn brought in two other friends to ‘business’. “I’ve sold to a number of fertility centres. The money has really helped me to stay in school. It takes care of my tuition and some other personal needs,” John said, with a measure of satisfaction. “It’s cool money, really and I’m also doing a service to mankind by helping out some people in need. Even friends that I introduced to it have not turned back since then.” An employee in a Lagos fertility clinic, who identified himself as Olufunsho, told Saturday PUNCH that some women would pay any amount to get a sperm seller with the features they want.

He said, “We pay N50,000 here but there are times when women come in and request that, at all cost, they must get a tall man. The person can earn more when they make such requests, especially if we don’t have any that fits the profile in our bank. “There was a time a woman came and requested that we get a tall man for her at all cost. I showed her the samples we had, but she did not like the profile. She said she was not satisfied with the heights. And we were unable to get what she wanted from the sellers that came at the time. “The sellers that came then were either AS, or positive with hepatitis B or had low sperm count. We had up to twelve sellers that came and we were unable to get anybody. In such cases, we could offer a lot more when we find the right person. Sometimes, such people are also in a position to negotiate for what they want.” However, subsequent drops attract lesser amounts of money for the same seller.

To sell sperm, the person, according to Olufunsho, must stay off sex for five days. He undergoes some tests to confirm that he is not HIV positive and that he also has healthy sperm among others. He said, “If the same person is still interested and we still need him, he would repeat the screening process again. We pay N10, 000 per ejaculation for other subsequent ones. With my own discretion, if the quality of the sperm is good and we have somebody who needs something that matches perfectly with that seller, we may reduce the probation period, but the sperm must be very good. “Although that is the protocol, it could always be amended when there is nothing wrong with the person. Even if someone ejaculates the first time and in twenty minutes time, he does the same, it is still going to be good, but not as good as the first one.”

At the various fertility centres where our correspondents posed as potential sperm seller, the clinic workers made keen attempts to have them start the process immediately, by leaving blood samples for tests. On one occasion, a clinic worker told one of our correspondents that he was willing to waive the two to five days’ probation period of abstinence, after our correspondent said he wished to “sleep over it.” The worker said, “What is there to think about? After all, you already said you’re not married. You can leave your blood sample for testing while you go ahead and think over it.” Investigation showed that fertility centres want sellers between 18 and 45 years of age and expect them to abstain from sex, two to five days before giving sperm sample, depending on the centre.

Other conditions to be met by potential sperm sellers include testing negative to HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, sickle cell and some other sexually transmitted diseases. Tests are also carried out to determine the count, morphology (shape) and motility of the sperm cells. In addition, fertility centres claim to also place a high premium on average intelligence, education and lifestyle. Although, Saturday PUNCH learnt that such claims are not always true as more emphases are actually placed on height and other physical attributes. “It is not immediately that we pay. We prefer AA genotype because it can be given to anybody, unlike AS that cannot be given to just anybody,” Olufunsho added. However, an employee in another fertility clinic in Lagos, Akin, said sperm sellers could get paid within a week of starting the process. This is possible only if they satisfy the conditions.

He said, “If the motility is good, the count is good and you’re okay, then, you can produce for us. If everything is okay, within a week, you can get your money.”A 2012 study into the reproductive health of 26,600 men in France, warned of a sperm crisis worldwide. It said that sperm concentration has decreased by a third since the 1990s. The study found a continuous 32.2 per cent decrease in sperm concentration over a period of 17 years. During the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual conference in London in July 2013, some experts, critical of the study’s validity, said it did not completely represent the situation in certain areas, particularly the developing world.However, a fertility expert at Mother’s World Care, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Margaret Olusegun, said the situation is similar in Nigeria.

She said, “A man should have a good count, up to 40 to 50 million sperm per millimetre of semen upward. But you find that these days, men have more challenges with fertility than women. “Although, I don’t have the statistics, men are the ones with more challenges now, even though they are the ones who drive out their wives if they can’t bear children.” Olusegun explained that good sperm should have “at least 50 per cent motility (activeness) because sperm cells can be active, sluggish or dead.” “For morphology (shape) too, which could be normal or abnormal, sperm should have upward of 50 per cent normal cells. And there should not be bacteria growth,” she added. Ogunmokun described low concentration of sperm as “Oligospermia.” He, however, said a sperm count with a minimum lower limit of 20 million sperm per millimetre of semen would still be considered normal. 

But he added that any sperm concentration of less than 20 million per millimetre of semen could be categorised as mild, moderate or severe oligospermia, depending on the count.Ogunmokun said fertility problems could be with the man, the woman or the two of them. Saturday PUNCH learnt that the demand for sperm has made the fertility business a lucrative one. Many of the fertility centres in Lagos have facilities for sperm preservation, where it’s freezing costs about N50, 000 per quarter. Ogunmokun said, “After collection, the semen is processed and seminal fluid and all other things are removed. The sperm is put in little bottles and placed in special containers called dewars, connected to a power source. It is stored at very low temperature and there must be an indicator for monitoring should there be a change in the condition.”

He, however, added that there must be a standby generator in a place like Nigeria, where power supply is unstable, as sperm can be frozen for decades. “Although, there are many other reasons why people freeze sperm, someone living far away from his wife can decide to freeze his sperm for the wife’s use while he’s away. Also, someone going for cancer treatment can freeze his sperm before starting the treatment since such treatments affect sperm production,” he added. Ogunmokun said fertility centres focus more on university undergraduates to ensure that sperm donors have a certain degree of intelligence. He said, “The current practice is to actually recruit sperm donors and the focus is on undergraduates. The focus is on students because they should be able to provide their ID cards so that background checks can be done.”

 According to Ogunmokun, the perceived increase in the number of men with low sperm count is as a result of infection and lifestyle habits like sitting for too long and wearing of tight underwear. He said, “The testes are not supposed to be too close to the body because of the higher body temperature. The testes are naturally colder, so people who travel long distances or sit in traffic for long can be prone to infertility.” Ogunmokun advised that men should “exercise appropriately, take good nutrition, avoid tight underwear, premarital sex, cigarette and alcohol to try to prevent low sperm count.” However, Olusegun identified good hygiene as key to the prevention of low sperm count, saying, “Our environment is too contaminated.”

Source: The Punch

A Must Read! A Look into Wayward Lifestyles Of Nigerian Celebs


Ayodeji Balogun famously known as Wizkid hit stardom about two years ago after he was groomed by RnB star, Banky W, and subsequently signed on to the star’s label, Empire Mates Entertainment. His debut album shot him to super highway with mega shows and gigs coming his way. But after the young star joined the club of the rich and famous, he began to exhibit traits of waywardness in his lifestyle.
Balancing his new-found fame and keeping a grip on reality is becoming too difficult for Wizkid. He first showed his negative side through a direct attack on some journalists on Twitter last year August in a statement also believed to be targeted at GOOD Music star, D’Banj in the heat of Mo’Hits Records split.
Even after that, the young star continued to spiral out of control when he went on Twitter on 1 February to announce his displeasure with his label.
Wizkid tweeted: “Moving on to start all over again!…Fuck it!…Don’t take loyalty for stupidity..don’t!” Though he didn’t explain the reason for his outburst then, not many fans thought the artist was just fooling around then.
While many fans were yet to get over the reports of Wizkid throwing a bottle at a guy in a bar for “not behaving properly”, last week, he showed the other side of him again when he lashed out at one of his fans on twitter for attempting to correct his bad English.
Wizkid had posted a photograph on his Instagram page and noted that he was supposed to perform at a wedding but had erroneously typed ‘About to perform at this wedding with an hangover! Jah Guide!’.
This led to a particular fan with Twitterhandle @spruzman to send a reply: ‘Correct urself man… see d reason why you should go back to school. Lol’
But the fan’s advice didn’t go down well with Wizkid. And his harsh response that “Broke people always think they have an opinion” to the fan on his Instagram page also elicited more retaliatory tweets from angry fans.
The incident has now resulted in a pile of insults on the singer who some described as ‘proud and spoilt brat’ even though some of his ardent fans have solidly stood behind him.
Tonto Dikeh
Some celebs are fun to rag on because they are so ridiculous that you can’t help but love them. Then there are others who are so vapid they just suck the life out of you and it pains you that they are probably making more in a year than you will in your entire lifetime. That is that category where Nollywood actress and wannabe crooner Tonto Dikeh belongs. She is a darling to controversies.
In June, Tonto had posted photographs of a wrap of hemp and some of the weed formed into the letters, “Happy birthday POKO.”
She also posted a photograph of herself and added the inscription: “Mi smoke ganja mi smoke weed while my hatez smoke ma gossip.” The close-up picture depicted Tonto in a high state.
Tonto took her bizarre behaviour to a rather dangerous state the following week in June at the O2 Arena in London during Iyanya’s Kukere UK Concert. The actress was said to have got so drunk, staggered and fell several times on stage.
The concert, which she was expected to co-host alongside comedian Eddie Kadi, ran into a hitch when Tonto kept screaming and staggering, telling the crowd how big she is, about her armpit which she said was unshaved and other meaningless chatter until she eventually fell right there on stage. As if that was not enough, as she was getting back on her feet, her boobs popped out before she quickly got hold of herself. And the next minute the MC had to escort her off stage when the crowd booed her.
To some of her critics, she is a product of more hype than talent. She has neither starred in any movie that stands out nor has she won or got nomination in any serious award. Also, her recourse to playing music has turned out to be a major disaster, which was only salvaged when she did a collaboration with another controversial singer, Terry G.
Cossy Orjiakor
This pseudo-celebrity cannot just be ignored. It is hard these days not to feel sorry for this lady, in spite of her famous and well-documented infamous antics. She is a usual suspect when it comes to controversies and waywardness. Her whole career is built around controversies.
The boobs-flaunting actress and singer always has a punch to land on her fans’ faces and the media world. She has decided to live and breathe sexuality, and has in fact found it difficult to present herself in a conscientious manner.
Her obvious unique selling point is her super-sized natural endowment, which she displays all the time and this has fortuitously become her passport to stardom. She started off as a go-go dancer in Fuji music star, Abass Obesere’s music videos. After a few display, she started getting a few roles in the movie world where she mainly flaunts her massive boobs that almost pop out of her clothes.
In January, she was thought to be going nuts when she posted a near nude picture of herself as her new Blackberry Display Picture.
Some weeks ago, a video went viral of Eedris Abdulkareem and Cossy  getting freaky as they did ‘dry humping’ on stage during a fashion show that took place in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
This is not your typical A-list celebrity, but this pretty Yoruba actress has an iconoclastic attitude that many find not worthy of being proud of. Her private life, especially as it concerns romance.
Liz has admitted to be dating several men and even had an introduction ceremony with one of them. But some months back, the rumour of her pregnancy filtered out with names of some popular socialites including road transport chieftain MC Oluomo and UK based-businessman Akeem Sodiq featuring prominently.
“The father of my child is not anyone’s problem. People should leave me alone…Why are they after the father of my baby? I have not gone to anybody to beg for the child’s upkeep so what is their business?” she retorted as she slammed those who sought to know the father of her baby.
Recently, a photograph of the actress surfaced with her holding a séx toy.
Many have asked if fast rising pop artiste, Ashimi  Ibrahim Olawale, better known as Brymo, is only craving for attention with stories swirling around his exit plan from his label, Chocolate City. But whatever assumption it may be, singer and hook master, Brymo has lately exhibited certain unbecoming behaviour which became a source of worry to his label: an open advertisement of marijuana.
BrymO weed
This act by Brymo was said to have cost the company some gigs with clients complaining of the artiste’s shameful use of the weed.
Brymo was asked by the label to remove the tweet with the picture but he refused. Rather, he went to same Twitter to announce his exit from Chocolate City.
If one assumes that Davido, son of a Nigerian billionaire, is acting a spoilt brat, it may be true. This is because of his past and recent actions which he unabashedly posted on social media.
Last year, in a country where millions of his fans struggle to make a living, Davido posted a Zenith Bank pay cheque of N10 million on Twitter and called it a change.
Although he later apologized after the heat became too much for him to bear over such unnecessary show-off, he repeated the action again some weeks back with raw bundles of naira posted on Twitter.
Davido has also had to contend with lots of sexually related issues around his person. He was sometime involved in a ‘tweet-scandal’ involving a young girl called Sonia. The girl had posted several obscene pictures of herself and the young singer on the bed while Davido was asleep and half naked.
  Source: pmnewsnigeria

Real Reason Why Brymo was dropped by Chocolate City

is Chocolate City the new label for pot heads? What is going on over at Chocolate City?

few months ago a civil lawsuit was filed by an employee against Universal Music Group,in the US,  for subjecting her to a drug infested environment where artists smoke weed all the time and cannot conduct business without smoking weed. It appears Universal is not the only label with artists who get high . .  .
Few months  ago, we saw the abrupt departure of Jesse Jagz from Chocolate City Nigeria (CC). Jagz got on Facebook and announced his departure from the leading Nigerian label with no notice to any of its executives or staff.  When  the label tried to pretend it knew, Jagz got on national television and set the record straight , informing us no one knew.

Now, if you all recall, a so called insider informed, at the time, that one of the basis for the abrupt departure was the excessive use of marijuana, among other things, by Jagz .According to 360nobs, Maikori explained that Jagz’ lyrical contents and music videos, made executives believe he was ‘promoting drugs and nicotine in his music videos’ which was completely contrary to company policies.  This excessive use, among other statements made, was getting in the way of relationships in the CC camp and helping to move business relations forward with Jagz. CC denied the allegations. but. Now, we see that there is indeed a growing or existing drug issue within the CC camp.

Indeed Brymo, a CC artist , few months back got on Instagram and shared images of himself smoking a blunt.
He further  shared an image of the drug and also confessed to smoking, a “lot” even as he simultaneously posted the image.

 This act by Brymo was said to have cost the company some gigs with clients complaining of the artiste’s shameful use of the weed.
Brymo was asked by the label to remove the tweet with the picture but he refused. Rather, he went to same Twitter to announce his exit from Chocolate City.
All I want to know is, is CC a new destination for pot head artists or do they become pot heads after they sign on to the label?
Also, is Chocolate City the only label whose artists smoke weed? Why must their own artists be the ones to perambulate the news and images on social media? Why? What does the label stand for and what do its artists also stand for? There are too many contradictory messages especially with the image the brand claims it is projecting and the one its artists keep releasing.

I am of the firm belief that the Nigerian entertainment community and Nigeria as a whole is simply not equipped to handle the negative and at times deadly repercussions that flow from drug use. We can’t pray this one away or use juju to fix it. Further, marijuana is just the beginning, it usually doesn’t end there but becomes a gradual progression into something else. We have only just begun to see a growing phenomenon and if it continues, the industry and Nigeria will be worse off both in the crimes and kinds of crimes committed within the community, and the quality of music produced.
Sadly, our youths now view some of these individuals as role models.

Beverly Osu Is The Worst Dressed Celebrity- Video Vixen Speaks

Venita Akpofure is a video vixen who appeared in Timaya’s shake ur bum bum video, yea she’s got the bum and also appeared in P-Squares Alingo video. She was asked on camera who are worst dressed celebrity was and this is what she said;
Well she wasn’t really a celebrity until recently, do not know if I should call her name but Beverly Osu that just got evicted from Big Brother House is my worst dressed celebrity.

Toni Payne Spends Vacation In Dubai With Son, Zion - Photos

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Woman battered for cautioning lover against smoking Indian hemp

Temitope Oladejo,26, never envisaged that the once blossoming romance between her and her lover, Ahmed Babalola, would go sour, judging by the endearing manner at which Babalola pampered her from the onset.But today, she is looking a shadow of her old self ,following several scars on her body allegedly inflicted on her by Babalola.
Trouble according to her, started after she discovered that her lover was smoking Indian hemp. Out of concern ,she reportedly accosted him, only to be given the beaten of her life.
In this interview with Crime Guard, she barely managed to speak. She had blood- stained eyes and swollen face, no thanks to another round of beaten she received from her live-in-lover Babalola.
Narrating what she described as her greatest undoing , she said:“he came back home recently and I found a wrap of Indian hemp on him. I knew he smokes but never knew he was into Indian hemp. I pleaded with him to quit but he kept quiet.
Next day, I told him I was going to visit my mum that was ill. He also said he was going out but that he was not having any money on him. I told him I had N300 which I opted to share with him .
But when I went to take my bath, he searched my bag and found N2000. He asked where I got the money from and I told him it was not mine. At that point, he started ranting, looking for an avenue for another round of beating.
I reminded him that I was not owing him because he usually goes out and comes in without caring to drop money for our little daughter’s upkeep. Before I knew it, he gave a hot slap on my face and started beating me. When I attempted to shout to alert neighbours, he picked a towel and gagged me. I managed to escape . But by then, he had inflicted injuries all over my face”
Asked why she had not bothered to report to her family or that of Babalola, she disclosed that they were not legally married. Also asked why she did not deem it fit to report the matter to the police, she winked, saying, “ I have on several occasions reported the incessant battering to the police. But each time, they would ask me to go home and resolve the issue with him.
He beats me at the slightest provocation, particularly when I cautioned him against smoking Indian hemp. My worry was not only his smoking attitude but the fact that each time, he comes asking me to give him money and when I refused, he would beat me up.
As if that was not enough, he threatened to beat up my mother when I ran to her place for treatment. He told her to leave us alone that she had no right over his relationship with me”.
NGO to her rescue
Determined to put a stop to the beating, she said she was refereed to the Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative,from where the case was charged to court.
In a letter to the President/Executive Director of Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative,CREMA Comrade Rex Kennedy Saltlove, titled “Assistance to Intervene on Assault Case and Petition to Stop the Intimidation of My Mum and I by Mr Ahmed Babalola, Oladejo appealed for immediate steps to be taken before Babalola snuffed life out of her and her mum.
The case, has been charged to Magistrate’s Court 8,with the next hearing coming up on September 7, 2013.But relatives according to her, were trying to pacify her to settle the case out of court.
There is however, a new twist to the whole saga as Oladejo said she received a phone call few days ago, where the caller who identified himself as a policeman, requested to see her and her mum at Area ‘M’ Command, Idimu,that there was a petition of threat to life against them by Babalola.
Source: Vanguard

40-Years-Old Mother Set To Marry Own Son-In Zimbabwe (See Photo Of Them Kissing)


mother-and-son-gettyA 40-year-old mother is set to marry her own son.  The woman and her son claim to be in love with each other.  And now they want to take their relationship to the next level and get married considering that the mother, Betty Mbereko (from Mwenezi in Masvingo) is now six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child and her grand child.
 Mbereko, 40,  has been a widow for the past 12 years and has been living with her 23-years-old son  Farai Mbereko.
 She confirms that she is six month pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.
 Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.
 She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.
 “Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong.
 “Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,” she told the village court council.
 Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the ilobola balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.
 “I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said. “It is better to publicise what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant.
 Otherwise they will accuse her of promiscuity.” But local headman Nathan Muputirwa says: “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, mashura chaiwo aya, (This is a bad omen indeed). In the past they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police.”
 He warned them to immediately break off their marriage or leave his village. They chose the latter and have  since left the village for an undisclosed  destination.


Mother, 2 daughters raped…N50, 000 stolen

A rape incident allegedly involving a mother and her two daughters in Ikwo Local government of Ebonyi state was weekend reported to the State Police Command for investigation and arrest of the suspects.It was learnt that the suspects who came at night when their victims were already asleep raped them in turns at gun point after stealing the sum of N50, 000, nine different models of handset and a Carter motorcycle from them.
Saturday Vanguard gathered that the hoodlums who were purportedly sent by a top politician in the area (name withheld) to kill the mother of two daughters and Councillor representing Ndiagu Echara Ward I in Ikwo Local government Area of Ebonyi State, Mrs. Margret Elom could do so but decided to rape them and cart away their belongings.
Briefing newsmen at the Command Headquarters, the State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Sylvester Igbo who confirmed the incident insisted that only Hon. Elom’s daughters were raped when the suspects invaded the victims’ residence.
He said: “One Hon. Margret Elom, the Councillor representing Ndiagu Echara Ward I from Ikwo Local government area of Ebonyi state reported that while she was sleeping with her daughters that some hoodlums broke into their house and stole the sum of N50, 000 from her and collected one Carter motorcycle valued at N120, 000 and nine different handsets.
“And in the process of robbing her of her belongings, two of her daughters were raped by the two suspects; the suspects were later identified as one Chidi Eze, 24, Sunday Nwogu, 23. Chidi has been arraigned in court on 12th August, 2013.
Source: Vanguard

ASUU Strike: Comply with lecturers’ demands, Parents beg FG

It’s been two months since the Academic Staff Union of Universities embarked on a nationwide indefinite strike. This was as a result of the inability of the Federal Government to implement some of the issues contained in a 2009 agreement it had with ASUU. Recently Saturday Vanguard spoke with parents whose children are affected as they begged the government to reach a compromise with ASUU .Government not feeling the strike because their children are in private universities— Ohwaguono Onos
Mr. Ohwaguono Onos, a parent and a post graduate student of University of Lagos( UNILAG), who was affected by the strike has this to say.
“The ASUU strike has made my children shift focus to other things that are costing me additional funds I didn’t budget for. And parents who cannot engage their wards in these suffer distress and heart-aches because of the nuisance the students constitute at home. One thing I have learnt is that after each episode of strike, the students are no more focused even when they resume lectures because they have been out for so long. ASUU went on strike because they want the govenrment to come to their plight and help them.
“If the Senators can have sitting and sleeping allowances, then the builders of these characters should be considered; they are the lecturers. My only pain is that these ones in government are not feeling it because their own children are not in the Federal and State universities. Their children are abroad schooling, their children are in private universities. Most of the people in sensitive government positions are the owners of most private Universities which are funded by our own money. How can the strike affect the government? Our plea is for the government to listen to the masses, listen to ASUU and help them; that way they are helping us and saving the
Federal government should meet the demands of the lecturers —Oluranti Olushola
Mrs Oluranti Olushola, a teacher who said her son was affected by the strike pleaded that the Federal Government should help them so their children can go back to school. “I am seriously appealing to the Federal Government, on behalf of Nigerian parents, to end the strike and make education a top priority and also save the education sector from imminent collapse.”
She noted that the government voluntarily entered into an agreement with the union in 2009 to fund universities better and meet some other demands of the union. “The Federal Government must at all costs meet the demands of the union to save the future of our children,” she said.
Government should avoid workers’ strike —Mrs Ruquiyat Adebayo
Another teacher, Mrs Ruquiyat Adebayo disclosed that that ASUU’s demands were genuine. She urged the government to make any sacrifice to improve the education sector. Mrs Adebayo also advised the government to avoid workers’ strike by meeting their demands early.“ASUU is not asking for too much. It’s demands are justified. We have the resources in this country, and we must set our priorities right. Education must come first in all our plans.“Whatever it will take, Nigeria must improve the welfare of the University teachers,” she said.
Governmet should resolve the conflict with ASUU—Moturayo Madandola
Mrs Moturayo Madandola whose child was affected by the strike said government should resolve the conflict with ASUU quickly to save the University system from collapse. “The Federal Government should accede to the demands of the striking union so that our children can go back to school,” she said.
Government should be considerate —Malik Alabi
Malik Alabi, a businessman expressed his feelings with anger saying, “don’t mind those people in government , all their children are schooling abroad. How would they remember us? They only plan to travel to Dubai for vacation, travel out of the country for medical check up, send their children to Harvard and all the good schools abroad. These people should also consider the parents who suffer to pay school fees for our children . I have two children at OAU and they are both at home doing nothing and it pains me a lot . My only plea is that Federal Government should help us because the parents are the ones suffering it more”.
Four -year course is running six years because of the strike–Deaconess Joy Osewengie
Deaconness Mrs. Joy Osewengie, a mother of two students in the University of Benin (UNIBEN) expressed her concern saying, “The ASUU strike has turned into something else; my children are not doing anything at home. Courses that are supposed to run for four years are now running six years and above.  When will the children finish their programmes in the Universities and become very useful to their family and the society?
“The government should know that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We should bear in mind that these ones are the future of this great nation and if they are half baked because of strike and crisis, then we may end up with a very sick nation.”
Source: Vanguard

I4-year-old SSS1 pupil murdered in Ondo

A 14-year-old Senior Secondary School SS1 pupil Oluwaseyi Adelegan who was  the son of the National President of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees, Comrade Solomon Adelegan has been murdered in cold blood  by yet to be identified killers.Oluwaseyi was said to have been murdered  at his father’s residence in Aduralere quarters, Ijoka areas of Akure in the early hour on Thursday.
Report had it that the deceased was  matcheted when the killers invaded their residence and was left to die by his killers. Saturday Vanguard learnt that the deceased on the ill-fated day was alone in the house while other siblings have all gone for holiday lesson.
Why he did not accompany others to the holiday lesson that day was not known. The killers according to Police source matchetted him in the room, leaving him to die there but he was said to have managed to  crawl from the room to the sitting room but had no more strength to crawl further to the front door in order to raise alarm.
His dead body lying in the pool of his blood was met in the living room by the other siblings when they returned from the holiday lesson and they raised alarm which attracted neighbours who could not render any assistance as he was said to be stone dead.
The Police in the State have vowed to bring to book the killers of the innocent boy.
Source: Vanguard

I was a foodstuff merchant as an undergraduate – Princess Akinbile

Beautiful and industrious Princess Uzamat Folasayo Akinbile has an exemplary story that  inspires young women. Her youthful  looks no doubt will make many think  she is probably a 20-year old who was born with a silver spoon. But at 40, her  story tells how she rode her way to success through determination at a time when many of her mates depended on handouts from “generous” men .Humble beginning was not born with a silver spoon as many people believe. At a very tender age, I was exposed to the world of buying and selling. I have been in business since my secondary school days when I used to accompany my mother on business trips to various communities where she purchased foodstuffs to sell. I also helped her to sell at the shop. We were then living at Ile-Ife, Osun state.
I actually started my own business after I left secondary school and continued when I got admission into the University of Ibadan(UI) where I studied Biochemistry for some time. I opened a shop called Princess Ventures at Sango area of Ibadan in Oyo State. Then, I was already an accredited agent of Procter and Gamble. I was selling some of the company’s products like biscuits and diapers. I later left UI because I did not like Biochemistry. So, I secured another admission into University of Lagos to study Pharmacy. Even at Unilag, I was still juggling business with studies. I got another shop and continued to sell foodstuffs like rice, beans, flour, sugar, etc.
Princess Akinbile
Princess Akinbile
The turning point
Along the line, I established a computer school and a cyber café that attracted a lot of patronage from residents. My journey to success began in the year 2000 when I was encouraged to go into oil business by one of my mentors, Alhaji Olaoluwa Adeogun which I grabbed with my two hands. With the assistance of Alhaji Adeogun, an oil magnate, I started building a filling station even before I graduated from the University. The start-up capital came from my personal savings from the foodstuff business . Presently, I own a group of businesses, a chain of filling stations, a pharmaceutical company and also an information technology organization.
Challenges so far
Combining studies with business was not easy at all. It affected my studies in a way. At a point, I had epyremisis for about five months when I was pregnant. I had to abandon my studies. Hence, I had an extra year and graduated in 2006. In 2007, my business experienced a terrible blow.
In October the same year, armed robbers visited one of my filling stations and carted away millions of naira. Few weeks later, another filling station located in Ajasa, near Meiran, Lagos State was also attacked. As if that was not enough, on November 12, 2007, a fire incident arising from generator explosion during the discharge of fuel, rocked one of my filling stations. I lost almost all my money but I thank God that five of my employees who were victims of the incident survived.
Source of motivation
The source of my motivation is God. I am relatively successful because I have adhered to certain principles of running medium scale businesses into greater heights. The rules of running a business and making a success out of it are not cast in iron but require a deep understanding and relative financial discipline to apply those rules.
Why politics
I threw my hat into politics because of the love I have for humanity. Politics was a personal sacrifice I had to render, not only to protect the interest of the people around me but to further serve them better. I have been successful in business before I ventured into politics. It started in 2011 when I contested for a seat at Lagos State House of Assembly on the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN. Although, I did not secure the ticket to represent the people of Alimosho Constituency 02, I was later appointed as Supervisor for Agriculture, Rural and Social Development in Agbado/Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.
In order to serve my people better and to complement the effort of Hon. Augustine Arogundade- led administration in Agbado Oke-Odo LCDA, I inaugurated some projects on June 22, under my pet project called “The Goodwill Project.” The projects include a 12-feet culvert in Omoroga/Akintan, Meiran while about ten Community Development Associations were given N50,000 grants each. I also gave about 100 artisans tools under my “Tools for job initiative.”
Many residents have benefited from my charity especially in the areas of health education and free treatment for infirmed mothers and their children.
I have distributed drugs, mosquito nets and other items to empower indigent residents who do not have means of livelihood or resources to prosecute their children’s education. Presently, I am not tired of doing more because politics should be a calling to help humanity and not to actualize self-seeking goals.
Source: Vanguard

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