Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tonto Dikeh Mobbed By Fans

Like her or not actress cum singer, Tonto Dike seems to be unmoved by what critics her saying about her especially her music career.

She has stood tall and marched forward in her quest to become an A-list music artiste.

She was recently mobbed by fans when she stormed the venue of an event. Many gathered to catch a glimpse of the controversial actress.

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“The Bad News Is I’m Epileptic” – Rapper, Lil Wayne Reveals Reason For Seizures

American rapper Lil Wayne, has revealed that he is epileptic and as as result, he is prone to seizures when he doesn't have enough rest and overworks himself.

Speculations have blamed use of sizzurps for the 30-year-old's constant health issues, but in a new interview, Wayne, whose new LP, I Am Not a Human Being II will be in stores on Tuesday, broke his silence on the issue.

"The bad news is I'm epileptic so I'm prone to seizures," Wayne explained. "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh seizure. I've had a bunch of seizures. Y'all just never hear about them. But this time, it got real bad because I had three of them in a row. With the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30 percent.

The reason being for the seizures is just plain stress, no rest and overworking myself."

Wayne also stated that he has never experienced three consecutive seizures before and the last experience was more dangerous than the previous cases.

"I have people around me. I've actually had [seizures] so much, they already know what to do. They already expect it. They already know how to handle it. Certain times I don't even go to the hospital but this time it was real bad because, like I said, it was three in a row. I've never had three back-to-back like that and the third one was so bad."
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Man Stabs Lover to Death Over S*x

A civil servant with the Ministry of Education in Ekiti State (name withheld) has allegedly stabbed his lover to death during an argument which arose between the duo after making love.

The suspect was said to have taken the 24 year old lady, Miss. Tosin Alabi, to a hotel along Ajilosun Road in Ado Ekiti on Saturday , March 24 to catch some fun.
Our correspondent gathered that an argument arose between the two lovers after they made love and the man refused to settle Tosin as earlier agreed.
The lady was said to have insisted that her boyfriend must pay her what he promised before opening her legs for him and this led to a fight.
The man, who was said to have been slightly drunk grabbed a bottle, broke it and stabbed his girlfriend on the neck and the buttocks.
Sympathizers and some of the hotel workers were said to have rushed the lady to a nearby hospital but there was no doctor to attend to her and she was taken to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti where she was confirmed dead.
The boyfriend was said to have escaped and went into hiding since the incident happened and has not been found.
Another source told journalists that a man took the lady to the hotel for clubbing but another man hijacked her and slept with her. The fight which led to Tosin’s death was said to have broken out between her and the man who hijacked her at the hotel.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Victor Babayemi, told our correspondent that he was not aware of the incident because he had been away from the state for more than a week.
He promised to send the telephone number of a police officer for reaction to the incident but he was yet to do so as at the time of filing this report.
One of the brothers of the deceased, Mr. Paul Owolabi, told journalists that he gathered from the hotel that the man who took Tosin to the hotel stabbed her to death as a result of dispute over how much to pay her after having sèx with her.
Owolabi accused the police of trying to cover the man who committed the crime but he said that the family would not allow this to happen.
He said. “By now, the police ought to have made some arrest including the owner of the hotel. The police said the father of Tosin’s boy friend was arrested but was later released. We don’t know why the police should hurriedly release the man whose son stabbed our sister to death when the killer is still in the hiding.
“We are suspecting a foul play. The police are not making any effort to get to the root of the matter and we are disappointed. We want the police to do a thorough job, the killer must be apprehended and prosecuted.”

African leaders meet with President Obama. Where's our president?

The leaders of four African nations met with President Barack Obama yesterday March 28th at the White House. They leaders were: Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, Macky Sall of Senegal, Joyce Banda of Malawi and José Maria Pereira Neves of Cape Verde.
Why would the president of the most populous black nation in Africa not be invited?


Call it the director’s creativity or mischief, the movie, Oga at the top, is out. Quite similar to the viral ‘Oga at the top’ quote, the movie features popular Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, also known as Osuofia. Although the viral quote stopped trending on Twitter after a week of dominance, Nigerians put their creativity to test as they made T-shirts, mugs, songs and jokes about the error made by the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Obafaiye Shem, during an interview on Channels Televison.
Efforts to reach Osuofia proved futile as his mobile phone was switched off when Saturday Beats tried to reach him. He did not also reply to a text message sent to his phone.

Friday, March 29, 2013

How To Increase Women's S+x Drive

The s+x drive is also called the libido. There are many factors that can contribute to a decrease in the s+x drive.

One factor for women that is unique to them is their transition into menopause. There are other factors, though, and one of them is general health. When looking at ways to increase a woman's s+x drive, the safest measures should be attempted first. Physicians should be consulted before trying any medication to improve the libido.

Step 1

Get healthier by beginning a diet and exercise regimen. Join a group that will help you to lose weight. Buy a treadmill or elliptical trainer and spend 30 minutes a day exercising. Sceintists say that the best things that people can do to increase the libido is to have a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. This leads to not only a healthier body, but a healthier mind as well. A good mental state can improve the libido, so a healthy lifestyle is the best place to start.

Step 2

Try an aphrodisiac such as oysters, scallops, chocolate, licorice and ginger. Aphrodisiacs have been around for thousands of years. By using plants, drugs and magic, people have tried to improve sexual performance and desire. Spicy foods such as chili are believed to increase sexual desire by increasing heart rates. There is no medical proof that ginseng, oysters and chili can increase libidos, but they could work because of the placebo effect. When someone is told that a substance will increase s+xual desire, it might work because of the psychological belief that it will.

Step 3

Become romantic. An unexpected gift of flowers such as red roses can add a spark of romance to a relationship. Tell her you love her. Make a candlelit dinner, during which you can talk about the first few days after you became romantically interested in her and how your thoughts lingered on her. Remind her that your thoughts still do. Even with the availability of hormone replacement and additional testosterone, a woman and her partner should try a renewed sense of romance to increase her s+xual desire.

Step 4

Discuss testosterone treatment with a physician. The average age of a woman undergoing menopause is 51. There is evidence that suggests the hormone levels of women who have been through menopause do not follow the same patterns as they had done before menopause. There is evidence that testosterone treatments can increase a woman's libido. It should be pointed out, however, that the long-term effects of this treatment, especially on breasts, are not known.

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Nigeria's First Astronaut to Emerge in 2015

Abuja - The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) yesterday said it will produce the first Nigerian astronaut in 2015.

Director General of the agency, Dr. Seidu Mohammedб who disclosed this at the 2013 national space dialogue and media conference, said the plan was part of the agency's 25 years roadmap for space and technology development in Nigeria.

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According to him, the agency plans to have a Nigerian who can go to the space and conduct research, which was needed for peculiar reasons, like agro-based development, health, disaster, weather monitoring and some other issues that are peculiar to Nigeria, such as sickle cell disease.

He said, "The possibility of this has been demonstrated by a lot of research done in the past and we have decided that by 2015, a Nigerian can go to the space and conduct research at the highest level".

The NASRDA boss also said the agency had already commenced research on how to forestall the imminent flood disaster expected to hit the country later in the year.

This according to him, was in continuation of NASRDA's effort to tackle the devastating effects of the 2012 flood disaster that claimed over 3,000 lives.

The DG said the agency would partner with the National Emergency Management, NEMA, so that people living in the affected areas can begin to move out to avert a repeat of the flood last year.

Also as part of the agency's plan to advance the development of space technology in the country, Dr. Mohammed said NASRDA plans to begin planning and designing of Satellites in Nigeria by 2020 and by 2025, will begin the commercialization and conversion of locally produced technologies, that will prepare them for a wider acceptability in Nigeria and beyond.

This he said would include software and hardware production that can fully be utilized by Nigerians.

The minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Bassey Okon Ewa, while delivering his Keynote address at the occasion said that space technology reflects the comprehensive power of a nation which had proved to be the driving force behind the economies and securities of countries like USA, China, Russia and Britain.

The minister while emphasizing the importance of space technology, said that Nigeria had been pursuing the attainment of capacities in the sector as an essential tool for a sustainable growth, through research, engineering development and satellite data acquisition among others.

While tasking the local engineers and scientists to leverage the opportunity offered by space technology, the minister blamed the poor acceptance of the technology in Nigeria on low awareness and called on all stakeholders to give in their support.

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Girl raped & tortured to death with a huge wood In Private Part (Viewer discretion advised)


Mehhnnnn!! some people can be heartless! I don't know how recent the pic is but it scares me to think that someone would actually do this to a fellow human being. From what i see  I'm guessing she was raped and tortured to death with a stick!!.

Karen Igho's Outfit At The “Spice Haute Party” In Lagos!!!

 Karen Igho

Thursday, March 28, 2013

13 year old Boy, Has S*x With a 31-Year-Old Woman, While Her Boyfriend Videotaped The Encounter

countryside were arrested after they allowed a teenage boy to have sex with a woman and filmed it, a jury heard today.

The teenager told the court that as he had sex with the 31-year-old woman, her boyfriend Brian Ecclestone walked in and told him he was doing a good job.

Ecclestone then got out his video camera and filmed the boy with his partner, Emmanie Hughes, Swansea Crown Court heard.

The jury heard how the boy had been dropped off by his mother at the home of family friend Iwan Walker, 24, who had invited him to spend the night.

Prosecutor James Jenkins told the court that Walker knew the boy and 'knew full well how old he was'.

He told that court that Walker, of Saron, deep in the Welsh countryside, spoke to Ecclestone on the telephone and then told the boy they were going to visit some of his friends.

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PATHETIC Female Teacher Arrested For Having S*x With Her Students

The Houston Chronicle reports that former Houston High School teacher Kahtanna Culp, 29, allegedly told the principal at Northbrook High School about her relationship with the student after he tried to blackmail her for money to keep quiet about it.

The allegations were first made in December, but the story made headlines this week after she was charged with having an improper relationship with a student on March 19.

"She said she wanted to end it, but the boy did not want to and had threatened to go public with the information unless she paid him money," according to police documents obtained by the Chronicle.

Cops said when this teacher was asked to pay up, she fessed up instead.

The now 19-year-old said the relationship lasted between March 2012 until November 2012 of his senior year, according to KHOU.

He also said Culp used to have kids as young as 14 come over to her home where she'd supply them with marijuana and alcohol.

The Houston Press reached out to Culp's attorney who said his client denies all the allegations.

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TRAGIC: Bride Kills Groom On Their Wedding Day

Instead of heading to his wedding today, the family of this groom will head to his funeral.

A 31-year-old woman from Whitehall is behind bars after being accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the heart and killing him on the day that they were supposed to get married.

Officials from the District Attorney's office say Nacola Franklin is charged with one count of criminal homicide in the stabbing death of 36-year-old Billy Brewster.

Investigators said police received a 911 call from 1580 Olympic Circle in Whitehall at 2:19 am on Saturday. When they arrived, Brewster was found in a second floor landing outside his apartment.

He had been stabbed twice and was taken to Lehigh County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just over an hour later.

Investigators said the couple lived together in the apartment. They were supposed to get married on that day. Police have not said what the motive was for the killing.

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Woman Performs Oral S*x On Car Salesman To Get Car For Cheaper Price

She's a sucker for a good deal.

Crystal Frantzen, 28, was spotted performing oral s*x on 58-year-old Gary Tipton in public "in exchange for a better deal" on a Cadillac she wanted to buy from him.

Dispatchers received complaints of indecent exposure at a gas station parking lot in Blountville around noon on March 20.

The act was allegedly taking place inside the very car that Tipton was trying to sell.

When Frantzen allegedly confessed, she never specified exactly what price she was hoping to get out of the oral agreement.

Frantzen was charged with prostitution, while Tipton was charged with patronizing a prostitute and drug possession. Both have been released on bond.

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