Friday, December 13, 2013

OUCH! Rihanna's reply to fan who blasted her for flaunting designer gifts on instagram

So Rihanna posted gifts she got from the likes of Donatella Versace and a fan accused her of being insensitive while people are dying.....
There are people out there dying and you taking pics of your good new things help andgive to people who never own a prada bag atleast i'm sure theirs people who would love one rihh.If you love your fans help them too.Its all because of us you making your damn money .What do we get? Nothing 
Trust Riri to lash back saying ...
"My prada shoes that I spent nothing on can't stop anyone from dying .However, the $100,000 i just sent to the philippines will.Now eject reject witcho rachet ass begging for purses FOH"
 The thing is Rihanna gives out a lot of money but doesn't publicize it..
See the exchange below


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