Sunday, December 22, 2013

"I’m Not In Music To Chase Women" - Jaywon

What are the pains and gains of being an artiste?

There are lots of them and because nobody forced me into doing music,
 I have to cope with the bad ones, like being misunderstood by 
the press, who in turn push those wrong messages to your fans. 
Sometimes, you don’t even realise how big your act is until one wrong
 incident happens and you experience the outpour of reactions. Also,
 you don’t seem to have a private life apart from constant criticisms. 
I am yet to see someone who goes to the toilet and bathroom with 
his phones. So, when someone accuses me of not taking my calls, 
I laugh and ask if he takes his phones to those places because it’s 
possible that I may have been taking my bath when he called. 
The gains are many. People pray for you and some even pay you to 
come and party with them. It’s not that I was invited to perform; it’s just 
to come and identify with the host. That’s the kind of love people have for me.

I expected you to list your female fans as part of the gains of your profession…

It depends on the artiste and I think that goes for the very young artistes. 
have been around for a while and there are some things, which, if I do now,
 I will look stupid. I am not in this industry for girls; I am here for a lot more 
serious reasons. I have a female fan base and our relationship is platonic.


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