Sunday, December 1, 2013

How I hid my boyfriend’s N850,000 gold necklace in my private part – Suspect confesses

A woman who was arrested on allegations of theft shocked police officers when she reportedly produced the stolen object from a strange place.
Tessy Emorvon, 26, is said to have stripped in the presence of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives and produced a gold necklace, which she is said to have stolen, from her vagina.
The necklace, said to be worth N850,000, had been reported missing by Tessy’s ‘boyfriend’, Cosmos.
Read the Sun reports below:
She was re-arrested by detectives at SARS, Ikeja when the owner of the gold necklace, Cosmos alerted them that she had been granted bail.
Trouble started when Cosmos, her boyfriend, realized that the gold necklace that he wore while having sex with her was missing. He raised the alarm and the occupants of the hotel, including Tessy, were arrested. They were all searched and the gold chain was not found. Not satisfied with their claim that they were not aware of where the gold chain was kept, Cosmos quickly alerted the police at Area F, Ikeja.
At the police station, Tessy insisted that she knew nothing about the stolen gold necklace. Having been detained  for two days, she was granted bail while investigation continued.
Still not satisfied, Cosmos quickly reported the matter again at SARS, Ikeja and she was picked up as soon as she was granted bail at Area F, Ikeja.  The officer in-charge of the department, SP Abba Kyari ordered his men to take her in for the normal process of interrogation. Terrified that she could be treated like an armed robber, Tessy quickly confessed and agreed to produce the golden necklace from where she had kept it.
The policemen however got the shock of their lives when she started undressing. Embarrassed, the officers asked if she had lost her senses and Tessy insisted that she was trying to bring out the necklace. She dipped her fingers inside her vagina and pulled out a piece of cotton wool soaked with blood. Inside it  was the stolen necklace. She also confessed how she smuggled out the pendant undetected.
Meanwhile, Cosmos said  he had strong feelings that the gold necklace was with Tessy as she had  threatened severally that she would disappear with it.
“I have heard so much of the exploits of SARS, Ikeja, so I quickly rushed to the office and filed a fresh report when I learnt that they wanted to release her. Actually, she drugged me, before taking the necklace,” Cosmos said.
At the police station, Tessy who claimed to be a whore confessed that she felt that the safest place to hide the stolen gold necklace was her vagina.
She  said: “This man is very stingy and hardly pays well at the end of a hot sex session with him. He is actually my boyfriend and I have dated him for more than a year. Most of the time, he will have sex with me and go home giving excuses why he would not give me a kobo. I always let it go because I knew that at the end of the day, I would make money from other customers. Since he is the only one that I normally had sex with  without condom, I was enjoying the relationship.
“Few days before the incident, he came with a gold necklace and told me that it was worth N850, 000. I felt bad that a man who can afford to buy a necklace that’s worth that much could not give his girlfriend money for maintenance.  The next day, he came with another necklace and at that point I made up my mind that I would steal it. He slept a lot after sex, so it was easy for me to take the necklace and hide it. Naturally, I knew that they will strip me in an attempt to find the necklace, so I had no choice but to hide it in the safest place in my body. My vagina.”
According to Tessy, “It was when the argument started that she got to know that Cosmos is a married man with children.  “His brother suddenly surfaced and accused him of abandoning his wife who is a nursing mother at home. I was so disappointed because, he had promised to marry me. He claimed that the gold necklace was his property and that it was worth N850, 000. It was then that I decided to steal it. I knew that no matter how bad it turns, so long as the gold necklace will not be found, I would be very rich at the end of the day.
Continuing her tale, Tessy said: “I was so happy when the police at Area F agreed to release me on bail and I was already making plans as to what to do with the money.  We were on our way home when some mean looking men re-arrested us . I was shattered, because I knew that my game was up. I tried to be strong but when they took me in for interrogation, I had no choice but to tell the truth on time. No criminal should pray to be taken to that place, because you will surely confess no matter how long.”
On how she managed to keep the necklace in her vagina for days unharmed, Tessy said: “In the business of prostitution, your vagina is the safest place to hide things especially money. We encounter all sizes, therefore your body adjusts easily.  When I stole  the necklace, I folded it in a cotton wool before I inserted it into my vagina. I couldn’t push the pendant completely inside but I managed the pains till I got to the police station. They all felt that I had kept it in the house or given it out”.
Confirming the incident, spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, Ngozi Briade said that the suspect confessed to the crime and pulled the necklace out from her vagina, adding, “Investigation in the matter is ongoing.”


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