Monday, November 4, 2013

“You are a Failure!” – Kim and Kanye Sue YouTube Founder for Filming their Proposal


The KimYe duo never seem to leave the spotlight for a second as they have recently slammed a dual hit on the tech world and music world in one fell swoop when they sued the founder of YouTubeChad Hurley, over filming their proposal ceremony at AT&T.

According to TMZ, Chad Hurley had turned up uninvited at the proposal ceremony in San Francisco and not only did he film the entire thing, but he also uploaded a two and a half minute footage of the event on his new video-sharing website, MixBrit.

Oh, Lord, were the parents of North West pissed! And now they’re going to sue.

On Friday, Associated Press reported that Kim andKanye have formally filed a law suit against Hurley. According to the accusations made in the law suit, Chad Hurley wasn’t even invited to the event, but they had allowed him in (out of the goodness of their hearts, maybe?) on the signed promise that he would not post any images or videos from the event online.

Is it waterproof? We think so. The legal papers say that Hurley was actually photographed holding the confidentially agreement, signed by him. Allegedly. Wow.

Oh, but it doesn’t even end there. The lawsuit also goes on to suggest that Chad Hurley is a failed entrepreneur. As it reads, Despite his extraordinary financial success in creating YouTube, which was sold in 2006, Hurley has ever since sought his 'second act.' This has become exceedingly elusive to Hurley. Following a lackluster launch and unsuccessful ensuing debut, Hurley sought to salvage MixBit from its dour beginning."

Meanwhile, the valiant Chad Hurley hasn’t taken the troublesome video off his site, which may suggest that he believes he is in the right. He is yet to give a statement, though.

Now this case is certainly something that should be filmed and uploaded on MixBrit, if it ever does get to court.


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