Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Say What Women spend 627 hours annually worrying about their looks!

Here is an interesting article by Daily Mail. And I guess most of us are guilty ..
The study of 2,000 women, out today, found that annually, on average, they worry about their looks for 627 hours and 28 minutes.Much of this time is spent simply fretting over what to wear and then worrying about how the outfit looks throughout the day. But being overweight is the biggest concern for women, as they fret for up to an hour and 46 minutes about it each week.
Girls spend a further one hour and 26 minutes a week frantically trying to cover up their curves, with eight in 10 women admitting they often have days where they just want to cover up problem areas regardless of what they see in the mirror. Women spend 50 minutes a week deciding what to wear, and a further one hour and 32 minutes worrying if what they have chosen then looks okay.
Even underwear presents problems, with ladies taking up to 39 minutes a week to decide what lingerie looks best on a weekly basis.Attending a wedding requires the most thought on what to wear, closely followed by a party or a night out.
I think the average lady spends more than a month a year on her appearance...Any lady agree with this?
via Gistactivist


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