Saturday, November 9, 2013

PHOTO: Man Wins $100,000 In Implant Bet, Keeps Breasts For 17 Years!

Brian Zembic with his now ex-wife
United States - In 1996, Brian Zembic, a gambler and magician who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, got breast implants after his friend him $100,000 he couldn't keep them in for a year. The bet was over sixteen years ago, however, there's the added bonus that Zembic gets $10,000 for every year that he keeps his 'man-breasts' in.
Zembic says he's grown to love his new parts so much that he refuses to remove them.
"It's a normal part of my life," he adds, "It really is, as sick as it is, it's normal."
Getting the implants has made Mr Zembic sensitive to the problems they pose to women - such as finding the right sports bra for the perfect amount of support. He's also afraid about how age will eventually impact his breasts - and what his body would look like if he ever took the implants out.
His breasts obviously cause a bit a confusion in the romantic department, but not confusing enough that he hasn't been able to procreate: Zembic has a 13-year-old daughter and she praises her dad for bringing in the money by following through on his bet.
"It gets the bills paid," his daughter says. "It's a little weird obviously, but I guess you could say now he's like my mom and my dad."
Watch a clip from several years ago to see how Zembic looks like and hear his explanation for the unusual choice.
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