Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CRAZY:Man burns friend to death for drinking his last four cans of beer!

This is so sad, its really crazy what people do these days, first it was the kid that killed his friend cuz of earpiece now this. According to Daily mail, Two friends are alleged to have burned a third man to death after the friend drank the last four cans of beer in the house.
Gary Stewart Miles, 40, and Gregory John Channing, 41, are accused of murdering Paul John Stamp in Darwin in September last year after a row.
Stamp, who was sharing a house with Miles at the time, apparently drank the last four cans of Miles' beer, despite being warned not to.When Miles found out, him and Channing allegedly beat Stamp, breaking eight ribs and causing internal injuries.
The duo are then accused of dragging him to the boot of a car before driving to an industrial estate where they planned to 'teach him a lesson' by making him walk home.
Darwin Supreme Court heard that the car ran out of fuel, so the pair hitched a ride to get some more, and when they returned they poured the petrol over the car before setting it alight and burning Stamp to death.
via Gistactivist


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