Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PHOTO: Armed Bandits Invade Police Station,Disarmed them of their weapons & Beat Up Police Officers

Men of the Nigeria Police Force�were caught unawares on Monday when a gang of heavily armed gun men in their 30s invaded the police station and disarmed them of their weapons in broad day light.

One policemen confessed: �I was just about to go in and check some detainees when I heard gunshots. I rushed out to be face-to-face with bandits in flowing caftans, and some in tattered army uniforms, shooting into the air and ordering us to come out and lie down on the road.�
�They then started throwing explosives into the police station. The ground was shaking.
"They later moved to the bank (about 100 metres away) and started shooting and throwing explosives. Some of the robbers were standing over us, while the rest were at the bank.
The unfortunate incident took place at the Makarfi Divisional Police Station located in the Makarfi Council of Kaduna State. Gunmen, numbering almost 30, raided the station and rubbished the policemen on duty.

One of the police officer at the scene spoke with Vanguard. He said:
�I don�t know the time they all left because they left one after the other. They may have been there for an hour. Later, we saw a military vehicle with soldiers and Mobile Policemen. We told them what happened and they drove eastwards, also shooting into the air,� he said.

�As far as I know, no one was injured, though they beat up some of us. I also heard they could not get any money from the bank.

�I want you to please tell government to give us surveillance and communication equipment. We are just here facing danger everyday. If the armed robbers had wanted, they could have killed all of us, because they had better arms, and were more in number.�
What a BIG shame!

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