Thursday, October 3, 2013

Man impregnates daughter for rituals!!

Villagers in Zimunya were left speechless after  local man allegedly had sex with his daughter and sired a child with her.

Zebediah Chisamba is the alleged father of her daughter, Evermore's six-week baby and was recently summoned by acting Chief Zimunya at his traditional court to answer the charges of the bizarre incestrous affair.

The court heard that Chisamba's late wife who passed on in 2003 has been manifesting through Evermore to sleep with him and 'make babies'. Evermore, during the court session, professed ignorance over the issue and said she could be bedding her father unknowingly.

Interestingly, the then pregnant Evermore earlier this year eloped to a Harare man known as Maocha but "everything failed to work" after Maocha disowned the pregnancy. The paternity of Evermore's first child is also shrouded in mystery.

The community, however, has remained adamant that Evermore has been in playing 'hide your sausage' game with her father and subsequently sired children together.

Chisamba was found guilty when he appeared before acting Chief Zimunya after overwhelming evidence was produced against him, chief among them being revelations by his own brother who testified against him.

For impregnating his own daughter, Chisamba was ordered to pay a beast and one sheep before the end of October. He was also asked to call his kinsmen so that the chiefdom would devise a way forward.

"This is unacceptable. So you should therefore pay a beast and one sheep. You should also call your kinsmen so that we will conclude the issue and come up with the way forward. You have a case to answer. This abominable act can surely defile my righteous community. We don't tolerate that taboo," said the Chief in his ruling.

Chisamba's young brother attributed the affair to rituals.

"We cannot deny that my brother (Zebediah) slept with his daughter. We all know that. However, we cannot blame them.

His late wife was reportedly into witchcraft and it is possible that when she died she 'transferred' some of the shenanigans to him. We also learnt that she is coming to sleep with him through Evermore although Zebediah would not want to agree.

"Zebediah akamboromba (he once acquired mysterious wealth charms) but he did not finish the process of cleansing the juju so the incestrous affair could be attributed to his dark past which he is trying to put right. His late wife's spirit descended on Evermore and spoke out. It's not surprising that Evermore could be in the dark about the whole issue," he said.

Zebediah whose contrasting statements baffled many who were in attendance initially denied the allegations saying he was a caring father who respected his family.

"How on earth would I do such a crazy thing? I am a very loving dad. I accommodated her when she was pregnant and I took care of her as well as comforting her. Yes I miss my wife, so much but I am surprised that my brother is accusing me of that," he claimed.

After further interrogation he however, later admitted that sin of the flesh overpowered him.

"What can I do? I'm also a human being," he eventually confessed.

Evermore, who was visibly confused during the whole session said he didn't know what was taking place.

"I don't know anything. I went to the father of my first child and things did not work out well. I also eloped to my second husband when I was carrying the pregnancy of the baby in question and I was also chased away before I decided to come back home and stay with my father. I am confused. I can't say anything more," said the spiritually troubled woman.

Meanwhile, Section 75 of the Criminal Law Cordification Act (Chapter 9:23) states that having sex within a prohibited degree of relationship which includes father and daughter is a criminal offence. It is called incest and the accused will be charged with rape. .
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