Sunday, October 20, 2013

Angelo's SouthAfrican Gf Candice Flaunts & Gushes About Her Reunion With Angelo On Twitter       

Angelo has dumped his girlfriend Beverly to reunite with ex-girlfriend Candice Arends who he had dumped, denied immediately he left the Big Brother Africa Chase house.

And there has been a 'war' on Twitter already, between Beverly's fans against Candice's who are very pissed off that Angelo treated Beverly this way, and Candice had the guts to flaunt their reunion on Twitter.

I was thinking, ladies, what would you do if you were in Candice's shoes - would you take Angelo back if you were her? Considering all the embarrassment he caused her.
Remember he denied her publicly after Big Brother Africa The Chase show ended, told everyone he owed her no commitment.

Then he flew down to Nigeria and had a highly publicized visit during Beverly's birthday with pictures of them passionately kissing and him professing how much he loved Beverly.

Would you take him back within such a short time?

via Gistactivist


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