Friday, September 27, 2013

Woman Kills Her 2 Newborn Babies!!

A nymphomaniac allegedly killed her two babies so she could go to a swinger club for more sex has been arrested after the corpses of her babies were found by her father.

24-year-old, Steffie Koppers apparently talked about her visits to the sex club on her Facebook page.
She wrote:
'I'm in the swingerclub Kali. We are three nice ladies but we want men and there are none here!'
'It seems it's bad when a solo woman goes to a swinger club to get gratification from more than one man.'
On Tuesday, the corpse of the baby was discovered by her father in her home,
One was reduced to a skeleton, the other wrapped in a sheet. 
He telephoned the police who arrested his daughter at her place of work.
Murder commission head Gerd Hoppmann said: 'She admitted what happened but not comprehensibly able to tell us exactly why.'
One of her cousin says: 'She was obese. We suspected on more than one occasion that she was pregnant but she denied everything.'


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