Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why This Man Has Nose On His Forehead (PHOTOS)

Why This Man Has Nose On His Forehead (PHOTOS)
After his nose was damaged, then infected and deformed, this Chinese man has had a new one artificially grown on a rather unusual place.
The 22-year-old man, identified only as 'Xiaolian,' damaged his nose in a vehicle accident back in August 2012, but decided not to seek medical treatment. An infection then gradually corroded the cartilage, and, when Xiaolian finally went to see a doctor, it was too late: the surgeons were helpless.
There was no other choice left but to grow a new nose to transplant it, replacing the damaged one.
The surgeons placed a skin tissue expander onto Xiaolian's forehead, cutting in into the shape of a nose and supporting it by cartilage taken from his ribs. 
The medical procedure was carried out at a hospital in Fuzhou, China's Fujian province. Surgeons say the nose is well-developed, and the replacement surgery will be carried out soon.
Why This Man Has Nose On His Forehead (PHOTOS)


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