Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet the man who lives with 7 tigers,lets his granddaughter ride on their backs(Photos)

Brazilian animal lover, Ary Borges lives with seven tigers live in his house, swim in his pool and even give his baby granddaughter rides on their back. He rescued two tigers from a circus and breed them bringing the number to 7. The father-of-three refuses to accept being so close to the 35-stoneanimals is dangerous and insists if he gives them respect, they will respond
'I was never worried about my daughters co-existing with these animals.
'You have to show the animals respect and love - that's how you get it back from them.'
More photos below
He and his daughters Nayara, 20, Uyara, 23, and Deusanira, 24, walk the tigers on leads and feed meat directly into their mouths.They even allow them into their kitchen during mealtime and let them lounge around the house.
Source:Daily Mail


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