Monday, September 30, 2013

Did Kim K get a boob job?(Photos)

 Kim stepped out  for Givenchy show during Paris Fashion week..Aside from the fact that she is back to her glamorous self,all eyes were on her boobs..
Many feel she has had a boob job judging from the way they look.I.e a nursing mother's boobs aren't usually this firm..But A source told
'Kim really wanted to take Nori to Paris but Kanye insisted that it wasn't a good idea because of his issues with photographers. He thought it was too dangerous.'
Kim had wanted to continue breast feeding for another two months.
'She considered taking a breast pump with her to Paris and having either an assistant flying the milk back to LA or shipping it back by FedEx.'Kanye swiftly dismissed this idea as 'ludicrous'.
More photos below


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