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Yellow Diamond Ring Is Becoming Famous!

Diamond has always been considered as a perfect jewel for women as it complements their delicate nature. The trend of wearing the diamond is now changing with time; even Duchess of Cambridge wore a ring with a central sapphire instead of adorning her finger with traditional diamonds. The Prince William gifted his mother’s engagement ring to the bride-the cluster of white small crystals is covering the sapphire in the middle. The color of gemstone is bit dark yet beautiful to the eyes, I have named it “moon light sapphire ring.”

Yellow diamond ring halo

Women have developed a very strong taste in fashion jewelry, beads, and stones, watching runaway trends give them opportunity to explore new stuff. And now we can imagine that the diamond industry will face a big halt in 2003. Less famous gemstones will hit the market and be a center of discussion everywhere ( I guess it already has been in discussion on the international boards and forums of diamond jewelry); sapphire and yellow diamonds are now being regarded as a cost-effective alternative to diamonds. In the similar fashion, emerald and topaz are comparatively less expensive than diamonds but they are superior in their beauty, finish and sophistication- at least they have a bit tint to their texture. Not every woman urges to wear the same transparent diamond all the time. Colors fill your life with excitement and hope.

Yellow cushion shaped diamond ring

If you are going to be engaged this year, you should not settle down with anything less than a yellow diamond ring and it must have the gem in the center.  One speculation is that canary yellow will be the color of engagement ring trends 2013 and the same color perhaps will be used in the wedding rings.
We all know that quality of a diamond is judged by its color. Transparent, clear, and colorless diamonds were considered handy once, in the old days. They were most examined thoroughly for their clarity, carat weight, and cut- but if anything is taking the whole world by storm now is the reflection of yellow light that yellow diamond emits- only if it is genuine and rare.
Yellow engagement ring with rough diamonds

Three vivid meanings of yellow gemstone are abundance, hope, and inner strength. Suppose, you choose to wear a yellow love-knot ring on your engagement day, it will not only help you to declare a promise but also supports in binding two hearts in a love bond; because, it is said to have hidden powers, most importantly an ability to enhance the relationship between two souls. Start a new chapter of your life with hope of staying together forever, the ring will encourage you throughout the way.

Happy Birthday To Nollywood Jide Kosoko

Nollywood veteran actor, producer and director, Prince Jide Kosoko turns 59 today.

happy Birthday To Him

Nollywood Actress Nuella Njubigbo Reacts to Allegation Of Dating Gov. Rotimi Ameachi

This is a press statement from actress Nuella Njubigbo's publicist reacting to a recent report by Stella Dimoko Korkus about Nuella being in a hot romance with a South-South governor.

Few days ago a report surfaced online that our client, Nuella Njubigbo is in a sizzling romance witha South-South governor, who bought her the 2012 Toyota Highlander SUV that was recently reported. We would have ignored this but seeing that it came from the same writer who had’supposedly broken’ the news of Nuella’s ‘romantic dalliances’ with two other men in the last eight months; hence we chose otherwise.Firstly, our client has never met with the said governor. How can you travel with and ‘romance’ someone you have never met? This kind of magic can only happen in the writer’s concoctions of lies.

The writer also claimed Nuella couldn’t have been able to buy the car in many years even if she saves rigorously. This is really laughable. It is a known fact that Nuella is one of the busiest actors in Asaba and Enugu, the nerve-centers of present-day Nollywood. For someone whose fee isover N500 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira)per movie, how impossible is it for her to buy the N8 million car the writer erroneously quoted?
And isn’t it ridiculous that we naturally come to the conclusion that men must always be behind the good fortune of every successful women in this part of the world? Women are not dummies; they have what it takes to succeed without warming the bed of any man or politician for thatmatter. Women at the top did not achieve prominence by crooked means. Hardwork pays. Simple!

It was this same writer who reported Nuella was pregnant recently. After realising the absurdity of her lie, she claimed it was a ’brief pregnancy’. Whatever that meant, she alone can explain.

She also claimed that Nuella rented an apartment in Enugu to live with a certain movie director. Several months after, she has not been able to prove her story as Nuella still lives in Lagos.
Recently,she wrote that Nuella was in a hot romance with a Nigerian professional footballer based in Russia. Now, it is a South-South governor and all these happened within the spaceof eight months.

The writer should be bold enough to say publicly what axe she has to grind with Nuella rather thanhide behind the noble profession of journalism toexecute her cheap hatchet job. An open declaration of her true intentions will probably confer on her some measure of respect which she desperately needs to salvage her dwindling career fortunes. Journalism is not for rumour mongers. We know it is her stock in trade to blackmail rising stars and 'A-listers' who are mostly her friends until they come and pay 'homage'. We won't be blackmailed under any circumstance.

We await her next line of action with full assurance that the subsequent set of lies will not go without legal response from our esteemedclient.
Prestige Platform

Balotelli Goes Blond: Check Out New Hair Do

Wish he Changes His Attitude and Behaviour Also..

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Nollywood Actress, Nuella Njubigbo Dumps Tchidi And Emenike For Gov. Rotimi Amaechi

No doubt, it's season of enjoyment for the beautiful Nollywood diva called Nuella Njubigbo who is said to have just acquired a brand new 2011 Toyota Highlander, SUV last December 2012.

The wonder on wheels estimated to cost a whopping N8million.

Though, Nuella is one actress who is not on the A-list category, her sudden wealth is said to have been traced to series of men she has dated in the past. Before now, she was a darling of the film maker, Tchidi Chikere, when she came into his life, a union of over a decade collapsed irreconcilably. gathered that, it was the rumoured pregnancy of Nuella for Tchidi that led to Sophia bidding goodbye to a home she struggled to build. Ever since Sophia has kept mum.

According to a reliable source, when Nuella discovered that she wasn't getting what she expected from Tchidi, a common producer, she moved to date a Russian based footballer, Emanuel Emenike. Her relationship with the handsome rich dude didn't last a year as she was said to have met another lady with Emenike the last time she made a trip to Russia and that put a stop to her frequent visit to the place.

Governor Rotimi Amaechi, who has romanced quitea few Nollywood actresses, according to findings, has caught the eyes of pretty Nuella and they are neck deep in a soaring relationship and Nuella herself, we learnt, is seriously enjoying every moment of the relationship till it lasts.

The smitten lovebirds met in early November 2012 in Port Harcourt where the actress had gone to represent Nollywood stuffs, and numbers were exchanged.

One thing led to another, Nuella thereafter escorted the governor abroad on official trip andwhen she came back, Amaechi was so smitten that he presented her the SUV which was supposedly taken from items meant for the state government,as we were told.

Amaechi also credited the actress' account with N5 million to get an apartment in the Eastern part of Nigeria, a source stated.

Revealed: Bisi Komolafe Died Of Spiritual Attack

The Nigerian entertainment industry was thrown into a mourning mood on Monday, December 31st, 2012 when news broke that popular Yoruba movie star, Bisi Komolafe is dead.

Bisi Komolafe died at the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan.

Findings revealed that Bisi Komolafe battled with an undisclosed illness that kept her in and out of hospital for more than 3 months.

A close friend of the actress revealed to us that Bisi Komolafe was a few weeks pregnant before the illness started, and that the pregnancy had to be terminated at the hospital to save her life when her condition got worse.

Further digs by us revealed that her death was as a result of several spiritual attacks she suffered lately.

Before Bisi Komolafe’s death she was said to have suffered several spiritual attack and was hospitalized for weeks.

Narrating her sickness and how she died a source who prefers to remain anonymous said ”There is no doubt Bisi Komolafe died of spiritual attack.

She complained about several attacks in her sleep and the many nightmares she had.

Some people even threatened her through text messages but because of her nature she didn’t pick fight with anyone.

We actually thought she had gotten over the attack but is so disheartening that she finally lost the battle.” Bisi Komolafe was a rare gem until her death and she was one lady that family and friends always wanted to be with.

Bisi Komolafe’s Biography
A short biography of Bisi Komolafe shows that when she was alive, she belonged to the Odunfa caucus of the Yoruba movie industry.The actress had a traditional wedding to Canadian based Tunde Ijadunola in Ibadan,Oyo state. She was very popular for her role in the movie, Igboro ti daru and she had featured in Omo Ghetto and Imisi Esu.

Bisi Komolafe Veronica was one of the Hottest Nollywood Actress that made wave in the yoruba movies industry. She is an actress that wass very more into here industry, she was a born actress.

Bisi Komolafe had her childwood days in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria. Went to St. Louis Grammars School, Mokola, Ibadan for her secondary education and Lagos State University for her tertiary institution where she studied Business Administration.She is the second born of a family of five.

VIDEO: Snakes Coming Out Of A Woman's Private Part

Snake Comes Out Of Woman Private Part In Ghana This sounds unbelievable, I myself did not believeit until i saw video evidence of the Occurence, May God help Us and Keep us away from Such.

A woman was being prayed for in Ghana, a deliverance session, when all of a sudden the woman noticed something moving in her panties, when she opened her legs, she saw a snake sliding out of her private part.

The most bizzarre thing about this is that the snake was actually alive.

WARNING:- Viewer Discretion is Adviced.

Download Here

Man Rapes 9-Year-Old Girl In Kenya; Destroys Her Reproductive Organs

It was tragic on new year’s day as a middle aged man lured a 9-year-old girl with a Sh. 5 coin and repeatedly raped her.

The man, Sori Abdud Ganya lure the little girl to an unknown hideout where her carried out the disgusting act.

The girl’s aunt Mariam Bakari in an interview said her niece arrived home late on that fateful day in severe pain so she inquired where she had been and that was when the victim confided in her and told her all that her ‘uncle’ had done to her.
Mad. Miriam rushed the little girl to the hospital where medics confirmed she had been defiled and her reproductive organs were destroyed in a manner that gave chances she may not conceive in future.

Doctors further said the little girl had an HIV infection which comes as a shock as to how she may have contracted it.

The accused, appearing before court pleaded not guilty to the charges laid against him. The case has been adjourned to a latter date.

Source : 233livenews

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Photo Of Wizkid's New House

Money Is Talking

Two Togolese Armed Robbers Jailed In Ghana For 50 Years Each

Two Togolese, Senyiome Grumah, 19, and Kwadwo Grumah, 32, have been sentenced to 50 years imprisonment each by the Tarkwa circuit court for robbing a purchasing clerk of Produce Buying Company (PBC) “C” to the tune of 16,960 Ghana cedis at Kwasuo near Dadieso in the Western region.

They pleaded guilty.
Prosecuting Detective Chief Inspector Oscar Amponsah told the court presided over by Mr. Samuel Obeng Diawuo that a month ago the convicts, who are farmers at Dapango and Sankase in the Republic of Togo, came to Kwasuo to work as casual labours and got to know the complainant’s place of abode in the same vicinity.

According to the Prosecutor, after spending some few weeks at Kwasuo, the convicts left for Sefwi Asawinso and returned to Kwasuo on January 3.

Inspector Amponsah said on that same day the complainant travelled to Dadieso to collect 16,960 cedis from his District Manager to purchase 80 bags of dried cocoa bean for the PBC.

He said while returning to his cottage at Kwasuo with the money in a bag at night the convicts attacked him, hit his neck with a hammer and tookaway the bag containing the money.

Inspector Amponsah said on January 4 citizens ofKwasuo, with the assistance of an officer of the Ghana Immigration Service, arrested the convicts from their hide out with 14,960 cedis andhanded them over to the police.

The judge said considering the rate at which some foreigners are abusing the Ghanaian hospitality; he decided to impose a custodial sentenced on the convicts to serve as deterrent to other foreigners.

He also ordered that the money found should be handed over to the complainant.

Source : GNA

5 Goats Arrested In Osun State For Violating Environmental Laws

At least five goats were yesterday arrested at Dele-Yesa area in Osogbo, the Osun State capitalby officials of the state Waste Management Agency (OWMA) for allegedly violating environmental laws.

The state Coordinator of the agency, Mr. Henry Ogunbanwo said the goats would be charged and arraigned before court by the agency and would be prosecuted in accordance with the laws guiding environmental protection in the state.

He said the state government had issued notice of warning to all residents of the state capital on the need to monitor their domestic animals to avoid public disturbance by the animals, which, hesaid, was against the environmental laws.

Ogunbanwo disclosed that the five goats arrested were detained at the office of the agency in Osogbo from where they would be taken to court for prosecution.

He said the goats ran fowl of the laws guiding environmental protection by roaming around the residential area of Osogbo instead of being caged by their owners. He declared that the present administration in the state had zero tolerance for dirtiness and environmental hazard;hence the need for the enshrinement of the environmental laws, adding that the government would not take it lightly with violators of the laws According to him, officials of the agency would from now move to every nook and cranny of the state to arrest animals violating the state environmental laws, stressing that owners of such animals would also be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the laws.

He advised those rearing domestic animals to keep them in a cage to avoid arrest, insisting that his agency would not allow any animal to roam about on the streets of any town or village in the state. He urged those looking for their goats in Osogbo and its environs to check at the state office of OWMA in Osogbo.

Source : Daily Sun

UNIBEN Lecturer Caught ‘In The Act’; Handed Over To Police

A senior lecturer of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), has landed in trouble for extorting N100,000 from a female student.

The lecturer (name withheld), who is in the Facultyof Law was arrested by the university’s security personnel and handed over to the police after he allegedly collected the marked money from the student to change her course of study from English Language to Law.

It was learnt that the arrest of the lecturer had led to the busting of a syndicate that specializedin extorting money from students in the institution. Informed sources at the university revealed that the suspect, said to have strong links in the committee constituted by management to coordinate students’ inter-faculty movement every academic session, used his vantage position to compel the female student to pay N150,000 to approve her request for a switch from the Faculty of Arts to the Law faculty.

It was gathered that the student, who could notimmediately raise the money, following pressure mounted on her by the lecturer, reported to another lecturer, who decried the planned extortion and encouraged her to formally lodge acomplaint with the higher authority in the institution. Following the advice, the student played along and called the lecturer that she could only raise N100, 000, which she was promptlydirected to pay into a certain account given her by the lecturer.

Luck, however, ran against the lecturer when he called the girl’s mobile phone, asking her to discontinue the bank arrangement and instead, to bring the money to him in his office, just when she was going to pay the money into the bank account earlier given to her. Sources told Daily Sun that no sooner that the female student delivered the marked money to the lecturer than the alerted personnel from the security unit swooped on the unsuspecting lecturer and handed him over to the police.

A search in the lecturer’s office by the university security personnel was said to have led to the discovery of a list of 18 students, including the female student who paid the N100, 000.00. When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the university, Mr Harrison Osarenren, confirmed the report, saying “with the arrest, we will try and rid the system of bad eggs.”

Source : Daily Sun

The 8 Mysterious Deaths That Rocked Nollywood In 2012

Once reviled as ‘not classy’ and ‘not western enough’ by some Hollywood fanatics, Nigerian movies have over the years crawled into Africans’hearts across all classes and stayed put.

The likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Stephanie Okereke, Tonto Dike, Ini Edo or Ramsey Nouah command cult followings in different parts of Africa. So when notable Nigerian stars bow out unceremoniously, it is only natural for the wide audiences to join other movie lovers across the world to mourn a string of sudden deaths that have hit Nollywood in the last two years.

Since its development about twenty years back, Nollywood has had a great impact on the shaping of African cinema. Sadly, audiences have had to come to terms with the demise of over 20 top Nigerian actors in a time span of less than two years. Here is the list some of the famous deaths that have rocked Nollywood since 2011:

Sam Loco Efe, 66

Prolific stage/screen thespian Efe succumbed under unclear circumstances in his by CouponDropDown” style=”padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; color: #444444; text-decoration: underline; -webkit-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out;”>hotel room at the beginning of August 2011. Police reports later suggested the actor died of acute asthma, as two canisters of ventolin inhalers were discovered at the scene. We will, nonetheless, remember multi-award winning Efe as the gap-toothed funnyman who appeared in over 200 movies in a career spanning three decades, including the unforgettable Heart of Stone, Open & Close, Husband My Foot and Away Match.

Pete Eneh, 68

Eneh’s death in November 2012 following a leg infection has largely been attributed to spiritual attacks, ironically in line with roles he excelled at in his screen characters. Doctors at a local facility opted to amputate the actor’s leg after an earlier improper treatment had left it swollen. The operation, however, soured the illness, causing his death. Like Elebuwa, Eneh’s body is yet to be buried.

Eneh is most remembered for his fatherly roles in Lonely Life, Divided Kingdom, Price of Ignorance, Heavy Rain and His Grace.

Geraldine Ekeocha, 56

Veteran screen princess Ekeocha passed away in September 2011 amid a fibroid operation. She is best remembered for her appearances in The Kingand the Maidens, Heavy Storm, Devine Twins and After My Heart.

David Ihezie, 70

One of the founder members of Nollywood, Ihezie died at his home in January 2012 following a shortbattle with Arthritis. Ugandans fondly remember him for his roles in David and Goliath, Brain Master, Player No 1 and King of the Forest.

Enebeli Elebuwa, 66

Face of Nollywood, Elebuwa died in December 2012from a stroke he had suffered the previous year. In his quest for healing, the aging actor visited, among others, a controversial Nigerian pastor until finally being airlifted to an India hospital from where he died. His body is due for burial sometime this month. Burly and beardy Elebuwa was notable for his kingly gait which mostly saw him play snobbish characters. He is remembered for such films as Abuja Connection, Bent Arrows, Royal War and Lasting Love.

Ashley Nwosu, 57

Famed for playing villainous roles, Nwosu succumbed to a liver complication at a military hospital in his hometown of Yaba in April 2011. Fans mostly remember him in Endless Night, Between Two Walls, Power Brokers, Foreign Affairs, Gift from the Grave and Lagos Babes.

Pat Edeh, 29

Young, vibrant and pretty Edeh was in December 2011 crushed to death by a fuel tanker while travelling on a motorcycle. She died on the spot. We will always remember her for her superb delivery in The High Class and To Love and Live Again.

Ahmed Alasari, 43

Comedian Alasari perished in a car crash in March 2011. The crash was reported to have been caused by a burst tyre, causing the car to veer off the road and overturn numerous times, killing him instantly. His last credit, Omo Nightclub, was a big hit.

Source : TON

Brazil Ashawo to learn English for 2014 world cup

Fans of soccer and paying for s*x will be sweating with excitement when they arrive in Brazil for the World Cup in 2014. Prostitution is not only legal there, but local hookers are preparing for the onslaught of horny hooligans by taking English lessons.

In Belo Horizonte (no, we did not make that up), at least 300 working girls are expected to sign up for free English lessons put on by the regional Association of Prostitutes . “They’ll have to learn how to work out financial deals and also use a specialized vocabulary with sensual words and fetishes,” explained the association’s president, Cida Viera.


UN Endorses Resolution Against Female Genital Mutilation

The United Nations General Assembly (UN), in a move hailed by Amnesty International, has endorsed a resolution against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

“This is an important moment for everyone engaged in the fight against FGM, particularly for all girls and women who had been affected bythe grotesque practice,” said José Luis Díaz, Amnesty International’s United Nations (UN) representative in New York, in a statement.

According to the statement, every year, FGM affected up to three million girls in nearly 30 countries in the world.

The statement said the UN resolution placed FGM in a human rights framework and called for a holistic approach and empowerment of women to promote and protect sexual and reproductive health.

It also called for concerted efforts to break the cycle of discrimination and violence against women across the globe.

The statement said it was the first time the UN to endorse such resolution against FGM.

Source : Radio XYZ

PHOTO: Man with tattoo all over his face has real chance of being the Czech Republic’s next president

Man with tattoo all over his face has real chance of being the Czech Republic’s next president
Whoever becomes the Czech Republic’s next president will be the country’s first candidate toever be elected by popular vote. Just days before the election, the surprising third-place candidate is a man whose appearance is equally surprising: Vladimir Franz. The tattooed opera composer and artist has zero political experienceand admits that he’s clueless about economics .

What he does know is that Czechs are “fed up with” the current political system, which he describes as “crap.” The party-less Franz hadn’t even considered running for office until 88,000 people signed a petition encouraging him to do so.Before his final debate, though, he has one tiny detail to deal with: the final rehearsals for his opera, “War With the Newts.”

After 72years, Two Sisters Rreunite Through The Help Of Facebook

TWO Bosnian sisters who lost track of each other almost 72 years ago met for the first time with the help of Facebook although theylived only 200 kilometres apart, local media reported.

Tanija Delic, 88, and Hedija Talic, 82, had not seen each other since 1941, the Nezavisne Novine daily reported on its website on Saturday.

Talic, aged 11 at the time, got separated from her family while they were fleeing their village in northwestern Bosnia at the start of World War II.

She ended up in an orphanage, while the parents were killed during the war and her brother emigrated to the United States.

"After the war, people were telling me all kinds of things," Talic told the daily. "Some were saying that my family was killed, others that they moved to the US. I lost any hope that I would see any of them again."

She later moved with her family to a village near the northeastern town of Tuzla, while her sister lived in a village in northwestern Bosnia.

They learned of each other and eventually met again after Talic's son got interested in his family tree and contacted his aunt's daughter through Facebook.

The sisters related "tears and disbelief" over the emotional reunion, saying they shared memories of "the smallest events from childhood", the paper reported.

The sisters said they would now try to trace their brother or his family, who are believed to be in the United States.

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Ghanian Pastor arrested for attempting to poison husband of woman he’s cheating with

The Founder and Head Pastor of Zoe Power Ministries, Pastor Philip Azumah, who allegedly attempted to poison the husband of a woman he is flirting with has been arrested by the Adenta Police.

Pastor Azumah, 54 , is alleged to have been in an amorous relationship with the married woman for the past six years.

In an attempt to get rid of the woman’s husband,so that he will have unimpeded access to her, Pastor Azumah is said to have given his lover a bottle containing a substance to lace her husband’s food.

According to the Adenta District Police Commander, DSP Stephen Ahiatafu, the complainant, whose name is being withheld for security reasons, accompanied by her husband, went to the police station on January 2, 2013 to report the incident.

The woman was said to have reported the case to the police and presented the bottle containing the substance believed to be poison to them. She claimed that Pastor Azumah had given it to her to mix it with the food that her husband would eat to end his life.

He said the complainant told the police that she had been a member of the church for the past seven years and that some time in 2006 Pastor Azumah had proposed love to her but she had declined, with the explanation that she was a married woman with children.

But her explanation could not deter the pastor from continuing to put pressure on her.
Some time in 2006, the pastor invited her to accompany him to a prayer camp at Darkuman, a request she obliged.

According to the police, the woman said on the way to the prayer camp, she and the pastor decided to stop for some short rest at a guest house.

DSP Ahiatafu said the woman claimed that after taking a drink, she became drowsy, and when she came back to her senses, she found herself naked lying in bed with the pastor.

She claimed the pastor warned her not to divulge what had happened between them that day to anybody, otherwise she would die.

Based on the threat, the police said, the woman failed to divulge what had happened but continued to sleep with the pastor for six years from 2006 to 2012.

The district commander indicated that some time in September 2012, the pastor, after the usual sexual encounter with the woman, told her that he loved her so much that he wanted to do away with her husband, so that he and the woman could get married.

The pastor, consequently, gave her a black substance in a bottle and asked her to mix it with food for her husband.

DSP Ahiatafu said the woman claimed she never had the chance to carry out the act, as her husband suddenly started behaving abnormally.

For fear that the pastor had used some charm on him, just before the New Year she decided to confess her relationship with the pastor to her husband and even showed the bottle the pastor had given to her to him.

The husband then accompanied the woman to thepolice station where they lodged a complaint, leading to the pastor’s arrest.

Upon interrogation, Pastor Azumah admitted sleeping with the married woman several times and pleaded for forgiveness.

He is expected to be put before court soon after investigations.

Source : Daily Graphic

How Bisi Komolafe Initially Escaped Death

Bisi Komolafe's Brother Speaks"how She Initially Escaped Death"

According to a report, the brother of deceased actress Bisi Komolafe has spoken up on her fiancé, Tunde Ijaduola.

According to her brother, Bisi Komolafe initially escaped death from her fiance’s current wife when she visited his house in Epe few months before her death. He also revealed how her fiancé squandered all the financial resources the actress labored for and how he forced her to stop her house project in Ibadan.

In His Words:
Bisi’s life was smooth until she met Mr Ijaduola, he is a big liar, very smooth but very insecure, our sister loved him and didn’t read between the lines of the danger this man posed to her well-being.

He claimed that he rented the Ikorodu house,that is another lie, please go to Ikorodu I will give you the numbers of the Landlady, she will tell you how Bisi laboured to pay for the house, before they met Bisi already had 2cars and was building her house in Ibadan.

Since they met the house project has been on hold because Bisi was helping to maintain this guy,the last time he travelled to CanadaBisi gave him 200,000 and there were too many complications in his life.

Bisi could not stay with him in his Epe home because his wife went to fight her and Bisi had to run for her life, all through her sickness she was the one paying for her treatment.

She took 40 pint of blood Mr Ijaduola only paid for one and as I speak he is owing Bisi's Grandmother 20,000 and Dad 50,000, what sort of man is that?

Finally our sister was never married to him and so he should stop calling Bisi Mrs ijaduola,he only proposed to her.

They were never engaged and even parlour Engagement they didnt have,we quarelled with him because Mr Ijaduola is highly diabolic and all through Bisi sickness he was always bringing different black Susbtance for her to drink and we said no we are Catholics and we do not believe in such,that was why he picked quarell with us.

Immeditely Bisi got admitted he started driving her cars around and when he comes to see her at the hosipital, he will hide the cars and walk to the hospital, how does that sound?

Mr Ijaduola says he is a car dealer, car dealer indeed who uses a 2000 model ford.

This is our last take on him, We leave him to God.

Source: Talk of Naija

Sudanese Premier League ranked Africa’s best for 2012

Sudanese Premier League adjudged Africa’s best for 2012

The Sudanese Premier League has been ranked as the strongest league in Africa and 35th in the world for the year 2012. The ranking was done by the renowned International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

Sudan’s elevation has been as a result of the performances of their clubs in CAF’s inter-clubs competitions. Two out of the three clubs who qualified to the Group stage of the 2012 Confederation Cup managed to advance to the semi-final.

El Merreikh topped Group A and was followed by El Hilal in second place bu t El Ahly Shandy finished at the foot of the table in the same pool. The Tunisian Ligue 1 is second strongest and 42nd in the annual world ranking followed by Mali, Morocco and Nigeria.

The Ghana Premier League is in sixth place and 65th in the world. With no competition taking place in Egypt since January 2012, the country’s Premier League is ranked 91st in the world.

Top ten African Leagues:
35. (1) Sudan
42. (2) Tunisia
45. (3) Mali
56.(4) Morocco
60. (5) Nigeria
65. (6) Ghana
66. (7) Angola
67. (8) Zimbabwe
72. (9) Algeria
73. (10) Ivory Coast
* Africa ranking in brackets

Source :

Video: White Couple Adopted 2 Black Daughters, Then Beat’em To Death

This is EVIL! They both will get out early on good behavior. If she was the daughter of a cop, judge, mayor, or president- they both would be handed the death penalty. The only thing I hate about this country it's politicians/law makers (there family) then theres us low lives who are not that's it! If this was one of the President's daughters they both would have been killed by lethal injection she is not so they will walk free once again and harm another child! 22yrs & 12yrs that's not justice sorry eye for an eye is justice..................Our pay checks will keep these basters with 3 hots & a cot! The debt crisis wouldnt be so bad if we didnot keep murderers living. 1 bullet donate there organs keep it moving

Watch Here

Pastor Caught And Recorded In Alleged Gay S*x Act

A pastor was caught and recorded in a compromising position speculated as a gay s*x act and and now allegedly facing embarassment has swiftly requested to go on leave.

Pastor Tom Donovan, of St. Aloysius Church in North Springfield, in America has requested a leave of absence from his Parish after an embarassing 911 call he made to emergency services was broadcasted across the world. In the November 28, 2012 call he asked emergency services to help him out of a pair of handcuffs as well as a gag.

Father Donovan calmly tells the Dispatcher “I’m going to need help getting out before this becomes a medical emergency.”

In the call the pastor’s speech sounds garbled like he has an obstruction on his mouth. The incredulous dispatcher, is clearly heard saying “You’re stuck in a pair of handcuffs?”

Pastor Donovan responds “(I was) playing with them andI need help getting out.”

Donovan informed the Dispatcher that he was alone in the Rectory. According to sources onsite police discovered some sort of gag on the priest when they arrived. It was not immediately clear how Father Donovan was attired at the time.

According to the Illinois Times “The diocese has been tight-lipped about the matter, saying only that Bishop Thomas Paprocki granted Donovan’s request for a leave of absence at some point before Christmas .

The diocese knows about the incident, given thatBrad Huff, an attorney for the diocese, has been given a copy of the 911 tape by the Sangamon County Emergency Telephone System Department.Kathie Sass, spokeswoman for the Diocese of Springfield, said that the diocese also has a copy of a police report on the matter.”

When asked about Donovan’s whereabouts Ms Sass would not disclose whether he was staying in Church owned property.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you where Father Donovan is. There’s a matter of privacy there. He [Donovan] came to the bishop before anyone wasaware of the incident… asked for help and was granted leave” Sass said.

Gawker speculates that “He was granted a leaveof absence to practice his Houdini-esque feats of self-imprisonment…”

Asked how Father Donovan ended up in the gag and handcuffs, Sass was not able to speculate on specifics.

“Paprocki reviewed the police report after speaking with Donovan, and the police account jibed with what the priest told the bishop.” Sass said.

Perhaps the dear Father forgot what the bible says about idle hands.

Source : ABCNEWS

Photo: Student Finds ‘Wrinkled Brain’ Inside KFC Chicken

The first certifiably gross item we’ve heard about this year comes courtesy of Ibrahim Langoo, a 19-year-old student who found what he described as a “wrinkled brain” inside a fried piece KFC chicken at a location in Colchester, Essex in the U.K.

According to the Sun, Langoo was attempting to pull the chicken meal from the bone when he founda “horrible wrinkled body” inside:

“I threw it down onto my tray immediately. It looked like a brain. I suddenly felt grim and really sick. I couldn’t bring myself to pick the lump up so I went to the serving counter to complain. It wasabout 1pm and pretty hectic in the restaurant and as it was so busy none of the staff helped me.”

Langoo later complained online, and KFC responded with an apology and vouchers for freemeals. KFC officials also determined that the organ was in fact a kidney, not a piece of brain.

A KFC spokesperson described the product as “unsightly,” but stressed that it posed no health risk.

Vouchers or not, the incident has been understandably traumatizing for Langoo, who now says that he “never want[s] to eat KFC again.” Can’t say we blame him.

Source : Daily Mail

2 Pastors Jailed For N1Billion Deposit Scam

Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court in Asaba, capital of Delta state, found the duo and their company, Mustard Seed Micro Investment Limited guilty on a four count charge of carrying out banking practice without licence. The accused persons were said to have collected over N1 billion from different individuals and organizations as deposits in an illegal banking practice.

They have also failed to account for all the deposits they collected.

Mustard Seed Micro Investment Limited was convicted on two counts and fined N2 million on each of the counts. Pastor Abrefera and Reverend Okpogo, both directors of Mustard Seed Micro Investment limited, were also convicted on two counts and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each.

They were equally fined N2 million on each of the counts.

The terms are to run concurrently.

The accused persons were said to have sometimes between 2006 and 2007 at Warri, DeltaState engaged in banking practice without the required banking license and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 2(2) of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act, Cap B3, Vol 2,Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.Part of the charge reads: “that Pastor Glory Okeoghene Abrefera, Reverend Vincent Okpogo and Mrs Nonye Abrefera (still at large) whilst being directors of Mustard Seed Micro Investment Limited sometime between 2006 and 2007 at Warri, Delta State within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court knowingly consented to the carrying on of banking business without a valid licence by the company thereby committed an offence contrary to Section (2) and 49(1)of the Banks and other Financial Institutions Act Cap B(3), Vol 2, laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004”.

The so-called men of God were arrested following a petition filed by some of the depositors to the EFCC, detailing the dubious activities of the accused persons. The EFCC subsequently intervened, investigated the activities of the voodoo bank and arraigned the suspects in 2011.

Counsel to EFCC, G. K. Latona described the judgment as a milestone in the Nigerian judiciary.

He said it was the first time that persons were convicted for carrying out banking practice without the required licence.

He said the judgment would serve as a deterrent to other persons engaging in such nefarious activities

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Reject $3 Million Offer For Baby Pics

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly turned down a USD 3 million tabloid offer for their baby's first pictures.

According to sources, the couple has been flooded with lucrative deals from magazines to score their first child's photos, reported TMZ Online.

It is said that the USD 3 million offer was from an overseas tabloid. The couple has no plans to sell the pics to anyone right now.


"Pastor" And "Imam" Formed Kidnap Gang In Osun State

Seun Ogunmusuru was popularly called pastor by those who know him in Ilesa, Osun State, while Hammed Adewumi is said to be an Islamic cleric who was leading a congregation as an Imam in Ibadan, but if one would go by the allegation of kidnapping that is currently against them at the Osun State Police Command and the confessional statements they had made to the police, then theduo would need to do a lot to convince people that they were indeed working for God.

Ogunmusuru and Adewumi are currently with detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Osogbo where they had been undergoing interrogations on their alleged criminal activities. The duo and others at large had allegedly been terrorizing residents of different towns in Osun State by kidnapping them and collecting ransom.

Sunday Tribune learnt that Ogunmusuru was arrested at Ijebu-Jesa on December 14 while Adewumi was nabbed on Saturday, December 22 in his boutique at Academy area of Ibadan after the police had been on their trail for some time.

Their arrest was reportedly made possible by the confessional statement of a suspected gangmember, Supo Bamidele who was earlier arrested. Bamidele’s case had been charged to court while his case was adjourned till January 31, 2013 for further hearing.

Before the arrest, Sunday Tribune learnt that residents of Osogbo, Ile-Ife, Ilesa, Modakeke, Ekiti, Ibadan and some other commercial cities in the South West had sent Save-Our-Soul (SOS) messages to the Osun State Police Commissioner, Mrs Kalafite Adeyemi to come to their rescue witha view to bringing an end to the activities of Adewumi and his gang which had allegedly carried out several kidnap operations.

In an interview with Sunday Tribune, Ogunmusuru,a 25-year-old Ilesa, Osun State indigene said he used to work as a labourer before he met a member of the kidnap gang who is still at large. “I met Ifeoluwa in Akure around May or June 2012 when I went there to work. He was an okada rider and he picked me. When I wanted to disembark, I gave him money but he refused to collect it from me. I asked him why but he said I should not worry. I appreciated him and asked for his number. He gave me and I used to call him from time to time if I was broke.

“Later, I told him of what I was going through and informed him that the person I was staying with had pressurised me to leave. That was how he told me that he had a room at Ilesa, asking whether I could manage it. I said I would appreciate it if he could give me. He gave me the key to the place and I started staying there.
“He also rented an apartment at Ijebu-jesa, in Osun State. One day, I asked him where he was but he replied that he was not around. However, Iguessed he was at his apartment at Ijebu-Jesa so I went there. I asked of him from his friends whom I met there but they said he was not around. I sat with them in the sitting room to watch film. After a while, I went to the toilet to ease myself and on my way back, I saw shoes by the door of his room. I opened the door and saw two of his friends and a stranger. They asked me to help them stay with the stranger.

“I stayed with them for some days after which they told me to go back to Ilesa as they wanted to go somewhere. Later in the evening, they came to me in Ilesa. Ifeoluwa was with them. He then told me that there was more to the man I saw in the morning, that they wanted to collect some money from him. Ifeoluwa didn’t say directly that they kidnapped him. He said they had collected the money and had returned him. They said that since I was not part of the initial plan, they would give me N100,000 to enjoy myself. Since then, I have been with them.

“Another night, they called me that we should go out. We went on a bike. They warned me that I should calm down and not shout when we get there. We went to an area in Ilesa around 12 midnight and kidnapped a boy. The boy called Wole was taken to Ijebu-Jesa and Yinusa, Dada and I used to stay with him. He spent about a week before he was released. I was told that thegang collected N1.5million as ransom amd I was given N150,000.

“On the day I was arrested, I was on the bike with Dada on our way to Ijebu-Jesa when policemen stopped us. “On the day we went to pick Wole, we did not take any gun with us but the gang saw a gun in the boy’s house and they picked it. Those I knew as gang members were Dada, Ifeoluwa, Yinusa and Afaa omo Okene. I have never worked with Hammed directly but we had met before at Ifeoluwa’s place. I knew him as Ifeoluwa’s friend.”

A locally-made gun was said to have been recovered in the house of another suspected gang member, Ifeoluwa, who is currently on the run. Items recovered from Adewumi during a search of his house included one tiny gourd and a leather charm. Seven motorcycles allegedly belonging to Ifeoluwa, Yinusa and Adedeji Dada were also recovered in Ilesa.

It was gathered that before he was subdued by police detectives, Adewumi tried to swallow the tiny gourd and made another attempt to hit one of the policemen who went to arrest him with the leather charm. He reportedly told the police that it was God who arrested him as they were not strong enough to do so. He also rhetorically asked himself how he could be arrested so easily.

The gang had kidnapped one Ogundoyin Popoola a.k.a ‘popular’ in Ife. Unconfirmed reports had it that his wife paid N10 million before he was released. They also abducted one Wole Komolafe, son of one Sunday Komolafe who had before the kidnap of his son received a threat letter pasted on his uncompleted building. The kidnappers asked him to pay the sum of N40 million. It was gathered however that before the kidnappers abducted their victim, his father did not report the issue of the threat letter to the police.

Again, one Alhaji Kayode Adenuga popularly called Igi-nla (big tree) was kidnapped by the gang on June 14, 2012 while one Olanrewaju Oladipo was also abducted by same syndicate on September 29, 2012.

On October 29, 2012, Adewumi, who ran a big boutique at Academy area of Ibadan, and his gang allegedly kidnapped one Evangelist Olajide John while Alhaji Akeem Sulaiman, a building material trader was also abducted by the same syndicate.

It was however gathered that Adewumi had admitted the kidnap of ‘Popular’ only. Investigations are still ongoing.

Late Bisi Komolafe's Husband Gives His Own Side Of The Story

Tunde Ijaduola granted an interview to Naijahottestgist this morning, and he tried to clear the air on the allegations leveled against him about Bisi's death. R ead the excerpts below....

On Bisi’s Jeep and properties.....

Tunde: Bisi’s property, I don't think it is a proper thing for family members to be fighting me for bisi’s properties less than 24hours after B isi’s death when we should be mourning her . Bisi died at age 27 and it is sad. I am sending the H onda P ilot back to them, sad enough Bisi’s parents do not have issues with me but herextended family members . Please note I have given them time and place to pick the car.

On the a ccusation he went back to pack Bisi properties...

Tunde: I came back to Nigeria on Oct 24th and B isi and I left the I korodu flat on OCT 26TH and till I talk I have never been to the I korodu apartment I rented for her . I t is shocking what i am hearing, when i met B isi she was living in Ajao Estate I was the one who rented the Ikorodu apartment for her.

On a ccusation he was h iding B isi from people

Tunde: I had to change B isi’s numbers because she needed rest, when she was ill people kept calling her forwork, it is sad that Bisi died the way she did . O ne of the main issue between me and h er famil y was that when Bisi’s sickness dragged on I went spiritual and we were told her problems were spiritual but her family didn't allow us to take her for spiritual care. I loved B isi till she died and she loved me, what property of B isi will I take, please go and ask about me I am from a goodfamily background and we are comfortable, my father retired as a P ermanent S ecretary in Lagos and I have a thriving c ar business.

O n g oing back to his former wife
Tunde: All that are craps, t ill B isi died she was my wife and I will forever cherish her.


Lionel Messi Bags World Best Player Of The Year

Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi has been named world footballer of the yearfor the fourth time in a row, marking another unprecedented achievement. He pipped Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo to the title.

No other male footballer has been named the best on the planet in four separate years, let alone four in succession.

New Year Message From Charly Boy To Nigerians

Charles Oputa, a.k.a. Charly Boy New year's message to Nigerians:

"In quiet moments like this, nothing runs through my mind than remembering all my haters, foes, enemies, friends, and those dear to me. It's New Year. Another time to make resolutions and aspire to acquire the desire we admire even if we misfired last year, we have this year to re-fire.

But can I candidly wish you a happy and prosperous New Year when our national patrimony has been cornered by thieves, gangsters, fraudsters in stacked robes! We live in a war situation, continuous Armageddon, Boko Haram bombers, poverty, insecurity, pen robbers who loot our treasures with impunity and squander the future of our youth who are morphing into anti-social scum bags.

All I can wish you this year is survival. May God help us to simplify our lives and live without cluttering it. Let's get ready for this year. God bless. CHARLYBOY, AKA, AREAFADA."

Why We Are Fighting Mr Ijaduola - Late Bisi Komolafe's Family

There are always 3 sides to a story: his story, her story and the truth, only God knows the truth, As I said in my previous post, the girl is dead and resting, they should all move on with their lives.

God is the best judge.

According to bononline:
Since our sister blog Naijahottestgist publisbed the interview of Bisi Komolafe’s husband this morning our phones have been kept busy by angry friends and families of Bisi Komolafe over the contents of the interview,we have received more than 15 phone calls,Here is what one of Bisi brothers (Name withheld) told us.

Bisi’s life was smooth untill she meet Mr ijaduola,he is a big liar,very smooth but very insecured,Our sister loved him and didnt read between the lines of the danger this man posed to her well being,He claimed that he rented the Ikorodu house,My brother that is Another of his lies please go to ikorodu i will give you the numbers of the Landlady she will tell you how Bisi laboured to pay for the house,Before they meet Bisi already had 2 cars and was building her housein ibadan.

Since they meet the house project has been on hold because Bisi was helping to maintain this Guy,the last time he travelled to Canada Bisi gavehim 200,000 and there were too many complications in his life,Bisi could not stay with him in his Epe home because his wife went to fight him and Bisi had to ran for her life,All through Bisi sickness she was the one paying for her treatment,Bisi took 40 pint of blood Mr ijaduola only paid for one and till i speak he is owning Bisi Grandmother 20,000 and Bisi Dad 50,000,what sort of Man is that?

finally our sister was never married to him and so he should stop calling Bisi Mrs ijaduola,he only proposed to her.They were never engaged and even parlour Engagement they didnt have,we quarelled with him because Mr ijaduola is highly diabolic and all through Bisi sickness he was always bringing different black Susbtance for her to drink and we said no we are Catholics and we do not believe in such,That was why he picked quarell with us,on the cars of Bisi immeditely Bisi got admitted he started driving her Cars around and when he comes to see her at the hosipital, he will hide the cars and walk to the hosipital,how does that sound Mr ijaduola says he is a car dealer,Car dealer indeed who uses a 2000 model ford,This is our last take on this Guy we leave him to God.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Man Caught Publicly Masturbating After Robbing A Bank

A man suspected of robbing a bank was caught the next day when he appeared to be publicly masturbating.

On New Year's Eve at around 5 p.m., a man walked into a Seattle bank and handed the teller a note demanding money and stating he had a bomb.

The teller gave him money and the robber fled.

At about 12:30 p.m. New Year's Day, police got a complaint that a gentleman was "having a good time with himself" while lying near the entrance of a car dealership. In what the news release calls a "stroke of luck," the responding officers noticed the purported masturbator looked suspiciously similar to the bank robbery suspect.

The man, whose name has not been released, reportedly told officials he had not been "playing with himself," but had merely been trying to hide money in his pants. His story matched up with the money that officers found hidden in his pockets and shoes.

Unfortunately for him, his appearance also matched up with the surveillance pictures from the bank robbery.

The suspect, who police have dubbed the "Handsy Bandit," was taken into custody for investigation of robbery

Patience Ozokwor At Loggerheads With Ibinabo Fiberesima Over AGN Presidency

Nollywood star actress Patience Ozokwor a.k.a Mama G, according to report, has formed a parallel actors Guild in Asaba, Delta State due to an alleged rigging and 'politrick' applied in the last election that produced Ibinabo Fiberesima.

The report is that Mama G may be working in company of prominent Ibo stakeholders in the movie industry who are supposed supporters of the defeated AGN Presidential candidate, Emeka Rollas.

According to our reliable source, the popular actress is not happy over the outcome of the recent AGN election that produced the Guild`s first female president and AGN`s 7th President, Ibinabo Fiberisima. She is said to have started soliciting membership for her new Guild.

"I don't want to say anything about that election. Elections that I and others were not carried along. What election was that?" When the issue of the newly formed Guild was pushed further, she angrily replied, "Do not ask me such a question. I do not talk with journalist on phone. I do not know what you are talking about. If you want my answer you must look for me to question," these were her words when she was being asked to comment on the last elections.

Meanwhile the Vice Chairman of the AGN Board of Trustees, Emma Ogugua has called Mama G`s action a bluff that would be dealt with at the appropriate time. The BOT VP in an SMS to Mama G,

"Madam, am shocked your name was mentioned among those forming a new AGN guild in Asaba. How people forget history very quick. I still remember when I came to screen you for membership of AGN in Enugu and how you told me 'dem no dey give us role'. To you AGN has failed you, let me ask, when did you pay your dues last or send in a memo to help leaders of AGN.

We have repeatedly intervened in your issues and problem to save your name. You are collecting signature because a non-Ibo won AGN presidency.
My honest advice, do not let them ruin your name. AGN will protect itself from internal and external tribalism attempt. Even Emeka Ike has cool down. Why did you not contest so you can show the world how to lead a union? Well thanks but we will not break AGN into tribal lines.
Soon now you will get national award, yet tribalism runs in you. Yours Emma Ogugua."

PHOTO: Nigerian Student Beheads Girlfriend After Sex

A 500 level student of the federal University of Technology Minna, named Goodwin Edeko has been arrested by the Niger State Police for allegedly cutting off his girlfriend’s head after having carnal knowledge of her for three days.

Some of the neighbours who spoke to Channels Television explained that they became suspicious when they heard the dead girl, simply identified as Hanatu, screaming and the suspect dashing out of his room. (***Warning – Graphic Images**)

They further mentioned that after some time without hearing any sound from the girl who had been with the suspect for three days without coming out, they forcefully opened the door of the room only to find the headless body of Hanatu with blood stains all over the room.

Niger State Police Public Relation Officer, Pius Edoko while confirming the incident explained that although the suspect had confessed to the crime, the command is yet to establish the motive of the crime. He however said the investigation is ongoing with a view to crack down other people involved in the crime as the severed head was recovered from an uncompleted building in Bosso.

- InformationNigeria

Photos From Tonto Dikeh 'It's Ova' Music Video Shoot

Tonto rocks a blonde hair as she shoots music video “ Itz Ova ”. The video was shot at the Koga Studio in Oregun, Lagos yesterday, 6th January 2013. More photos when you continue

- bellanaija

Man Flogs Mother-in-law in Zimbabwe For Luring Wife Into Prostitution

An NKAYI man left the community shocked after he stormed into his mother-in-law's house, dragged her out while naked and brutally assaulted her for luring his wife into prostitution.

Steven Tshuma of Njombolo village was arrested and brought before Nkayi magistatrate Mr NdumoMasuku. He pleaded guilty to assault.

Prosecutor Maxwell Hapanyengwi said that on 20 November last year at around 11pm, the 31-year-old Tshuma stormed into Mrs Simangaphi Moyo's house and accused her of driving his wife to prostitution.

Tshuma, who was armed with a log, entered the mother-in-law's bedroom and grabbed her beforepushing her outside while she was naked.

Tshuma allegedly struck the complainant with the log all over the body. The complainant sustained serious injuries on the left side of the body. After beatingup the mother-in-law, the marauding Tshuma wentto Sonnie Tshuma, his uncle, looking for his wife.

It was heard that Sonnie told him that his wife was not there but Tshuma would have none of it and accused him of hiding his wife in the bedroom. A misunderstanding arose that resulted in Tshumaarming himself with a log and struck the complainant with it on the left side of his chest and left leg.

The two complainants went to seek medical attention before the matter was reported to Nkayi police leading to the arrest of Tshuma.

For the offence, the man was sentenced to nine months imprisonment of which three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour. A further six months were suspended on condition that he completes 210 hours of community service.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Caught Real Handed Smoking Marijuana In Hotel Room

Justin Bieber was photographed smoking a blunt at a party in a hotel room the dayafter New Year’s breakup with Selena Gomez. TMZ has the pics, which show Justin in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California with friends smoking up.

Note: we don’t if he’s smoking weed or just a regular cigarette!!

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was in the room as well. The sources say that Twist and his brother were rolling the joints and that there was a lot of pot smoke in the room.

How Nollywood Actress, Bisi Komolafe, Died In Ibadan

The showbiz industry was again thrown into mourning on Tuesday following the death of a fast-rising actress, Bisi Komolafe.

Many refused to initially believe the news which started trending online on New Year eve, especially as a similar story was erroneously reported on Friday by an online platform, claiming that a prominent actor was dead.

The truth about Komolafe, however, manifested when some of her colleagues confirmed the news.

When our correspondent called cross-over actress, Foluke Daramola, she was all tears and when asked what was responsible for her weeping state, she said the industry had lost an actress, revealing her to be Komolafe.

There were speculations concerning how she actually died. While it was said that she was slightly sick, an online source said she died in the University College Hospital, Ibadan after suffering complications from a four-month pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage.

Actress Lizzy Anjorin, who told our correspondent that she got wind of the news viathe picture of the late actress displayed by someof her BlackBerry contacts, added that if it was true then it was a huge loss. She stated, ‘‘I had met her on set many times. She is a nice person, a very nice actress.’’

Also, popular comedy actor, Bolaji Amusan, otherwise called Mr. Latin, said he heard the news on Tuesday. Commenting on the deaths in the industry, Mr. Latin explained that death was not occurring only among actors and actresses.

Saying everybody would definitely die someday, he noted that there was nothing anyone could dowhen death comes.

He added, “People die daily. Only God knows the number of people that have died globally between the last day in 2012 and the New Year.

But because of our closeness to some people and for the fact that they are famous, we tend to express great loss when they die. The popularity of dramatists and the love people have for them often make their fans lament whenever any of them dies.’’

According to him, even if a dramatist dies five years ago, the death of another one may make some people to say that many of the industry practitioners are dying.

‘‘It is the love they have for actors and actresses that make them think so. Death is inevitable. But it is so sad that while people are rejoicing for the New Year, friends, fans and colleagues of Komolafe are mourning. She was a great and talented actress, very promising,’’ he noted.

The deceased actress had featured in Igboro Ti Daru, Omo Ghetto and Imisi Esu .

In 2012, the industry lost dramatists such as AkinOgungbe, Gogo Ombo, Ahmed Oduola (Dento), Enebeli Elebuwa and Pete Eneh.

- Omgghana

Unemployed First Class Graduate Spends His Last €500 To advertise His Cv On Bill Board

Thousands of unemployed people spend their days tirelessly filling out application forms, composing cover letters, and trying to think of a creative answer to ‘what would you say your weaknesses are in the workplace?’And after unsuccessfully applying for countless positions,

Adam Pacitti had had enough – and spent his last £500 on a billboard asking employers to give him ajob.

The 24-year-old dreamed up the way of promoting himself, and his talents, three months ago, after sending out his CV for at least 250 different positions.

Adam, who lives with his family on the Isle of Wight, said he wanted to add something extra to his application – and as video CVs are now a popular form of a applying for jobs, decided to go a little bigger.

He said: ‘I thought traditional advertising could work to promote it. It’s a very striking image and I thought news outlets would be able to cover it easily.’

Now, after creating the website , and yesterday posting the billboard and Tweeting the image, the would-be producer has watched his campaign for employment go viral in less than 24 hours.

He said: ‘After posting, I had about ten re-Tweets in an hour.’Then my phone exploded, and now I’ve had over 7,000 re-Tweets.

‘I’m incredibly humbled that people have seen I’ve thought outside the box, and then shared this with others.’

After graduating this year with a First Class Honours degree in Media Production from the University of Winchester, the student worked in an arcade, filling the two-pence machines and stacking toys.

He said: ‘I was grateful to have a job, but it’s notsomething I’d really like to do.

‘I came up with the idea for the video and billboard about three months ago, and managed to save up £500 while working.

‘I called in favours from friends and asked studios, and made the video, and decided to post the billboard in London, because that’s where most of the jobs are.’

Adam said he was forced to come up with the unusual approach after spending six hours a day filling out application forms.

He said: ‘It’s like a job in itself, it’s difficult – you have to tailor your CV to each job, you’re often asked to do a video project – and I only had two interviews after sending off my application.

‘It can be disheartening applying for so many joband not getting anywhere.

‘I have a good degree and relevant work experience, but others have more experience thanme, so perhaps I don’t look like the most attractive candidate.

‘I thought this would be a way of showing my personality and my experience.’

Adam, who says his strengths are production, advertising, good taste of mainstream television and a strong knowledge of social media and advertising, says his dream job would be a junior producer.

He said: ‘If I could get that job with an independent production company or broadcaster, I’d be over the moon.’

The creative student says after the campaign he has had some emails from companies, but no concrete of a job offer yet – but is hopeful his campaign will persuade someone to give him a chance.

Source : Daily Mail UK

Photo Of Banky W And Family

They Look So Cute...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Interview With Pete Edochie After Rumours About His Death

Veteran Nollywood Actor Chief Pete Edochie gives an exclusive interview to debunk rumors of his death.
Rumors had gone around last week that Pete Edochie had fallen and died in a movie location in Austria. As we can see from the video, Pete Edochie is alive and well.
Watch video interview here from 4th Jan

Watch Here

28-Years-Old Nigerian Student, (Kelvin Lakoju) Commit Suicide in India!

A very sad news reaching us from Times of India, is that a 28year old Nigerian student allegedly committed suicide after jumping off the second floor of his rented accommodation in Sector 41.

The Indian Police said that the deceased, Kelvin Lakoju, who is popularly known as Biggie was in depression. (do Nigerians commit suicide?)
Kelvin Lakoju

Kelvin Lakoju had been living in Noida since 2009 and was pursuing a photography course from an institute in the Film City. The indian police said he jumped off around 11pm on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

The deputy SP, S Chinappa said and we quote.
“We have questioned some people and came to know that he was upset for some reasons,
” His friends said Kelvin was good at studies.

Somepersonal problem could be the reason for committing suicide,” said another senior police officer.

However, other sources said Kelvin Lakoju was killed and then pushed from his second floor apartment.

The Nigerian Embassy and Kelvin Lakoju’s family have been informed about the incident. We are hoping that the Nigerian authorities in India will do thorough investigation into the alleged suicide, and come out with the truth. We are waiting for them to conclude if it is really a suicide.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: How Possible Is This???

How Possible Is This?? Share Your Views About This Photo

Woman Banned From Getting Pregnant For The Next 13 Years

A mother who left her four kids in a hotel room to go out partying has been banned from giving birth to more children for 13 years.

Kimberly Lightsey, aged 30, agreed to not get pregnant before 2025 to avoid five years in jail.
She had earlier told the court in Bartow, Florida, she wanted to have more kids.

Lightsey left the youngsters – aged one to 11 – alone at a hotel in Winter Haven, Florida.
Cops were called after a guest heard crying noises. One child with epilepsy and cerebral palsy had needed constant care.

Lightsey, who had been serving four years’ probation for child abuse in 2009, was arrested on her return to the room.

She was put under two years’ house arrest and banned from any unsupervised contact with children. All her kids have been placed in the care of relatives.


Burial Programme For Enebeli Elebuwa Released

The burial programme for late veteran actor, Enebeli Elebuwa, who died on December 5, 2012, has been released by his family. On January 9, 2013, a candlelight procession and Night of Tribute, will be held for the late actor at O’jez, inside the National Stadium at Surulere, in Lagos.

On January 10, 2013, a wake keep for the late actor will be held at NTA Channel 10 ground, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos. On January 11, 2013, a requiem mass will be held for the actor at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Lafiaji, Lagos. Interment will follow immediately after the requiem mass, at Victoria Court Cemetery, Ajah.

On January 13, a Thanksgiving Service will be held for the late actor at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Lafiaji.

The actor passed away in New Delhi, where he was receiving treatment, after having suffered a stroke.

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