Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FOOLISHNESS: Girl Tatoos Davido's Name On Her Body

Imagine This Girl, Who Tatooed Davido's Name On Her Body.. I am Sure Davido Doesnt even Know Such A Person Is Existing... Why Are Girls Just Mis Behaving These Days??? Huh???

Money Talking: Jim Iyke Flaunts Expensive Gadgets As He Flies Private Jet

Igbo Ppl say: Oji ego Bu Eze...

Ihe di Nma Ruo m Aka..

Better Soup, Na Money Kill am...

This Nigga Here Don Make Am For Life...

Na Him Money Dey Smell nOw!!!

Man wakes up at night, catches male friend giving him a massive bl*wjob

A Zvishavane man from Zimbabwe literally got a rude awakening when he woke up and found his friend sucking his private parts in the middle of the night, police have said.

The man, Mr Tawanda Kaitano, of House Number 1228, Highlands had offered his stranded friend, Jameson John, a place to spend the night when theincident happened.

Acting Midlands police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident, which happened last week on Thursday night.

"I can confirm that we are investigating a case of aggravated indecent assault involving two male adults, who are also friends. It is alleged that Mr Kaitano offered his friend, John a place to spend the night before he could then proceed with his journey the following morning. The suspect, John was on his way to Gweru when he met Mr Kaitano. He then asked for a place to spend the night, as it was getting dark and he had nowhere else to spend the night. Mr Kaitano agreed to help his stranded friend. He went with him to his one-roomed house. The two shared the same bed. During the night the accused woke up and started sucking Mr Kaitano's private parts," said Asst Insp Mahoko.

Police appealed to members of the public, who might have information on the whereabouts of John, to contact the nearest police station to them or use suggestion boxes.

A police officer based at Zvishavane Central Police Station said the weird incident was still the talk of the asbestos mining town.

The police officer said when Mr Kaitano woke up and discovered John sucking his manhood, he pushed him away and an argument ensued between the two friends.

"The heated argument lasted for about half an hour, as the suspect claimed that he did not know what had happened. Mr Kaitano got so angry that he wanted to assault John, but the suspect ran away. The matter was then reported to Zvishavane Central Police Station and investigations are still in progress," said the police officer.

Junior policeman (22) thoroughly beats up senior police officer (39) for dating his wife

A police constable Tinashe Munhamo (22) based at Nkayi Police Construction Section, Zimbabwe is in trouble after he allegedly assaulted his boss accusing him of having a love affair with his wife.

Munhamo, who fell ill after his arrest and was taken to Nkayi District Hospital where he is admitted, appeared before Nkayi magistrate Ndumo Masuku on Monday on his hospital bed. He was not asked to plead to assault charges.

Prosecutor Maxwell Hapanyengwi said the accused must be remanded in custody as he was facing a serious allegation. He said Munhamo had allegedly threatened to assault his boss Inspector Newyear Rera (39) again and releasing him from custody would endanger Rera's life.

Masuku remanded him in custody to February 4.
Allegations are that Munhamo accused his boss of having an affair with his wife. The court heard that on January 19 at 12 midnight, Rera left his house for the office and Munhamo allegedly waylaid him. He allegedly hit the senior police officer in the neck with an unknown object. Rera fell down and Munhamo again struck him on the leftfoot with a stone.

He allegedly threatened to stab him with a knife hewas holding. Rera, however, managed to grab his hand and sought refuge at the charge office where he made a report.

Munhamo allegedly pursued his boss and threatened to assault him further, but he was restrained by his colleagues who later detained him. Rera sustained several injuries. While in detention, Munhamo fell ill on Sunday and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Majek Fashek Runs Mad??

Veteran reggae artist, Majek Fashek is a shadow of his former self, the once handsome looking,bubbly fellow is now in a pitiable condition.

He is now mentally unstable and sources say heis already in rehab but from a recent report,the little patience crooner is not getting any better. he was spotted last Fridayat Ogba, Ikeja Lagos clutching his guitar, staggering with a cigarrette in his mouth, murmuring incoherent words.

Majek resides in Egbeda, Sewage area of Gowon Estate, and according to a neighbour, she said;
"Fashek is gone, I'm not sure any kind of rehab will bring him back. He messes up in the estate; he drinks and staggers around with crowd gathering around him. He's dried up. He has body guards and a deep blue jeep, but most times, I think he sneaks out of the house and ends up misbehaving. The first time i saw him, I thought he was a mad man. He's gone!"

The cause of majek's condition is none other than his addiction to marijuana,cocaine and alcohol (3 of the most dangerous hard drugs in the world).

Sometime in 2012, i heard he got a music deal of N15 million naira and was scheduled to release an one has seen any album or heard any single but from the look of things, all did not go well.

I only pray he recovers and God help him, he quits hard drugs otherwise Nigeria might lose another musical gem.

Peter Okoye Of P. Square And Lola Welcome Baby

Wow!!! Peter Okoye Must Be Exteremely Happy!!!

Welcome New Baby Aliona

Photos Of Aliko Dangote Aliko Dangote's Custom-Made Luxury Yacht

The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, recently took delivery of a luxury yacht said to be worth millions of Naira. The Yacht, which was specially built for him, is called Mariya , and it's currently sitting at Carrington Crescent, behind Femi Otedola's office in Victoria Island.

"I would like to sexually destroy you" - Female Fan to Wizkid

Gone Are The Days when Men chase women, but Now, Reverse Is The Case... Yesterday, A Fan Of wizkid Twitted This As Below!!!! Hmmm Some Girls Sha...

PHOTO: Osaze Odemwinge's 1 day Old Son, Noah

This is Osaze Odemwingie's one day old son, Noah

Monday, January 21, 2013

Man impregnates daughter for the second time after his wife died

A Gwanda man is alleged to have impregnated his stepdaughter for the second time.

Sources who declined to be named said the man (name withheld to protect the girl's identity) resides in Spitzkop North Extension in Gwanda town.

He is said to be a member of an Apostolic Sect (Madzibaba) and is employed at one of the filling stations in Gwanda town.

Sources who spoke to our news crew said the man has not been reported to the police.

"Madzibaba (name withheld) turned the stepdaughter into his new wife after his wife died a couple of years back. We became suspicious after we realised how he treated the young girl. He was always after her as if she was his lover. The most painful thing is that the wto started dating while the girl (name withheld) was still in secondary school," narrated the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Madzibaba, when reached for comment, however denied the allegations.

"I'm not the one who impregnated her. I cannot as well say who impregnated her. My stepdaughter gave birth to her second child last week," he said.

Man In Late 70s Arrested for Killing an Elderly man at Old People's home

A MAN believed to be in his late 70s was last week arrested in connection with the murder of a colleague following a misunderstanding over noise at an old people's home here.

Willie Banda, believed to be in his late 70s, had a misunderstanding with Regis Hanzu Machubu, also believed to be of the same age whom he shared a room with together with two other colleagues at Chengetanai Old People's Home.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson InspectorClemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident. He added that Banda was held at Chinhoyi Central Police Station where he was assisting with investigations.

"We confirm as police that we have arrested a man(Willie Banda) we believe to be in his late 70s for the murder of his colleague (Regis Machubu) following a misunderstanding over noise as the elderly people were just retiring to bed," he said.

Machubu succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the assault after spending more than threeweeks at Chinhoyi Provincial hospital where he was receiving treatment.

The incident occurred on December 20 last year at around 11.30pm when the home mates were retiringto bed. During the night Banda reportedly started shouting on top of his voice prompting Machubu to reprimand him. This did not go down well with Banda who woke up and took a wire, which he allegedly used to severely assault Machubu who was lying in his bed.

He left him lying unconscious on the bed and wreathing in pain. The other housemates did not interfere to restrain Banda as he reportedly had ahistory of being violent and a bully.

Photos: Baby Buried Alive Found In Lagos

Yesterday, It Was About Floating Bodies In Anambra State.. Today, A Baby was Found Alive, Buried By a Wicked Human Being..

What Actually Is Going On In This Country???

See Photos Below!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PPHOTO: Wedding Reception In The Middle Of A Pool

We really can’t figure out the concept behind this wedding reception, but our rough guess is that the couple love the idea of Burj Arab in Dubai, and were keen on recreating something close to it here.

PHOTOS: Dead Bodies Foun Floating On A River In Anambra State

corpses floating on a river in Anambra state, with local media claiming the number could be much higher.Some local media reports put the number of corpses between30 and 40.
It is unclear how the people had died or how their bodies ended up in the river. Television showed footage of what appeared to be male corpses in the Ezu river in Amansea, a border community between Anambra and neighbouring Enugu state, but a local police official saysthere have been no recent reports of communal clashes

Osaze Welcomes A New Baby

This Was What The Nigerian And West Brom Footballer Twitted...

Happy For Him And His Wife, Sarah

"I Almost lost my manhood during the civil war'' - Obasanjo

Former president of Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo is a very interesting man, he made a statement that shocked guests at an event he attended on Friday.

while speaking at the reception organized in his honour by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, he revealed that shrapnel (metal fragment of a bullet or bomb) hit him around pelvic region at the war front.

The former Military Head of State said he was lucky to have survived the injury,which would have resulted in him not having children.

he made further stated that he does not regret participating in the biafran war, addingthat it was a fight that needed to be fought.

“I don’t have any regrets over some actions or decisions taken then, and I don’t have any apologies over that, because it was in the interest of all.”

90-year-old Man Arrested For Molesting a 13-year-old girl

A 90-year-old man in Zhombe, Zimbabwe has been arrested for allegedly raping his 13-year-old niece in a case that has shocked the entire district.

Sekuru Zachariah Kwega of Donga Village is also being accused of having physically abused the teenager on several occasions. He pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Gokwe-Kwekwe regional magistrate Mr Amos Mbobo last week.

He was remanded out of custody to February 4.
Court records show that Sekuru Kwega became the girl's guardian following the death of her parents. On the night in question, he and the orphan shared a bedroom while his wife attended an all-night prayer meeting in Kwekwe.

It is alleged the senior citizen woke up late at night. He then allegedly carried the 13-year-old who was fast asleep on the floor onto his bed.

Sekuru Kwega undressed and raped her, the State further alleges. His luck, however, ran out when shewoke up.

Man (34) kills 6-year-old boy who looked like a goblin

A predicted merry Christmas by a Zhombe family turned sorrowful after a neighbour strangled their toddler claiming he was a goblin.

Marvellous Dube (34) of Mangwizi area in Zhombe, Zimbabwe under Chief Malisa is in police custody after being arrested for the alleged murder of the six-year-old boy who had come from Harare to enjoy Christmas holidays with the rest of the family.

According to sources, privy to the incident, on 24 December, the now deceased Takudzwanashe Muguti (6) of the same village had just arrived from the city when he decided to accompany his cousin and two other friends to the bush for cattle herding.

Dube, who stays near Mugutis, is said to have advanced to where the quartet were playing, threatened to beat them up and they all took to their heels for dear life.

"Takudzwanashe was however, outpaced by the others and was left behind, prompting Dube to get hold of the boy," said the source.

It is further alleged that Dube grabbed the boy and dragged him to a nearby stream where he strangled him and plunged his face in the mud.

Members of the public, responding to the alarm raised by the other minors who had managed to escape, attended the scene and found Dube in tears sitting helplessly besides the body of the toddler.

"We got there and found him crying next to the body of the young boy whom he had covered with grass and tree leaves. We immediately effected citizen's arrest and handed him to the police," said a man who only identified himself as Sibanda.

Dube, however, shocked everyone when he said he saw a goblin and decided to attack it before it attacked him first, much to the chagrin of the public who requested to mute instant justice but were restrained by the police.

A police source said Dube is supposed to appear incourt soon after being examined by a psychiatristin Harare.

"We were shocked when he said he thought it was a goblin so he decided to deal with it before it killed him. We had to stop the marauding crowd from beating him up as they claimed he is not normal. They said he deserved a thorough bashing but we could not allow that," said a police detail who attended the scene.

Rapist breaks 2-year-old girl's virginity

POLICE in Mutare, Zimbabwe arrested a 14-year-old boy whoallegedly raped a two-year-old girl from Chikanga.

The teenager (name withheld) who resides in Natview Park took advantage of the child mother's absence and raped her once.

Police said the teenager lured the two-year-old minor who was playing outside the room and rapedher once last week.

Her mother later came and saw the two half naked. She also noticed that her baby had lost hervirginity as she was bleeding on her privates.
She reported the matter to the police and the juvenile was arrested.

"This is unacceptable. We urge parents and guardians to always monitor their children and be on guard. Children should not be exposed to people or places where there is potential abuse," said Manicaland police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri.

Zimbabwe - Woman nearly killed biological brother after grabbing and pulling his ManHood

A violent daughter has been disowned by her mother after she PULLED her brother's 'ManHood' following an altercation.

The angry mother, Miriam Mashaireyi, told the court that she does not want her daughter Elizabeth anywhere near her house after she clashed with her brother. This came to light at theHarare Civil Court where Miriam was seeking a protection order against Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth is my eldest child but I no longer want her to come to my house because of her violent nature. She almost killed my son when she GRABBED AND PULLED his privates over a trivial matter that they were arguing about. When I tried to stop her from attacking him, she then bit me on my arm and up to now I even have scars," said Miriam.

Responding to the claims, Elizabeth told the court that her mother disliked her because she was poor.

"Among the children that my mother has, I am the one who she does not really like because I don't have money. It is true that I bit her on her arm butthat wasn't my intention. It happened by mistake when I was fighting with my brother," said Elizabeth.

Magistrate Miriam Banda, who presided over the case, granted the protection order which orders Elizabeth to keep her peace towards her mother. Elizabeth was, however, not barred from coming to the family house.

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