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PHOTOS: Of Bloodbath at Wedding When Guest Fires AK-47 into the Air to Celebrate!

A wedding party in Yemen turned into a bloodbath when a guest dancing to Gangnam Style shot dead at least three people after apparently losing control of his AK-47.
Horrific video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube showing a group of guests performing the moves to the hit song by South Korean pop star Psy.
Among them is one man waving his assault rifle as he spins round on the dance floor while others look on.
When the song reaches its chorus, shots can be heard as the gunman sprays bullets all around him.
One of the victims can be seen on the ground in a pool of blood after suffering a head wound.
Another man writhes in agony as guests drag the bodies away, while the screams of terrified witnesses fill the night air.
Although it is illegal in many parts of Yemen to carry weapons during weddings, gunfire during such celebrations is common practice
The video could not be independently verified. It is also not known if the gunman was arrested after the incident.
Maybe it is another warning 'From the Above' for the Yemen government to stop forced marriages of child brides - girls as young as NINE.

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Anambra 2013: INEC Admits Irregularities, Fixes Nov. 30 For Supplementary Election!

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, yesterday fixed November 30, for the conduct of supplementary governorship election in Anambra State.
The National Chairman of INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega made this known while addressing a news conference in Abuja. He rejected the call by the All Progressives Congress, APC, that the election should be cancelled.
INEC had last Monday declared the result of the Saturday, November 16, governorship election in the state inconclusive after cancelling the polls in 210 polling units across the state. Jega then appealed to all stakeholders in the state to cooperate with the commission to ensure that the a successful supplementary poll.
He acknowledged that INEC's performance during the controversial election fell short of what its leadership had expected but insisted that irregularities that occurred during the polls were not substantial enough to warrant outright cancellation of the result.
He further stated that the Commission received complaints from many stakeholders and held meetings with its field officers before taking the decision to go ahead with the supplementary poll. His words, "INEC prepared for that election more than it had ever prepared for any election, but there is no doubt that INEC's operational capability could not be said to be its best. But we did our best under very difficult circumstances.
"Nigerians are aware that the Returning Officer for the election, Prof James Epoke while announcing the results of that election declared it inconclusive and announced that there would be a supplementary election. "We regret that there is no other decision that could be taken by the Commission other than to conduct a supplementary election in the areas where elections were cancelled."
Prof. Jega maintained that there was no substantial evidence to support the call for the cancellation of the election as most of the allegations that had been made were not substantiated. Commenting on the delay in the deployment of the electoral officers and materials during the polls, Jega admitted that this contributed to the problems that erupted during conduct of the elections.
He further regreted that in spite if the detailed plans made by INEC, the outcome of the election was not the best. Responding to allegations by some of the opposition candidates that three different forms of voters register were given to political parties by INEC, he said " We have reviewed the register and are convinced that it is the same register we gave to the parties.
It is very unfair to accuse INEC of giving out a different register; we challenge the parties to come out with evidence that the register that was used was different from the one that was given to the parties 30 days before the election." He insisted that the only difference was the age of the registers presented on different days. Commenting on the alleged disenfranchisement of some voters during the polls he said "this is quite regrettable as we had briefed the parties on how the number of registered voters came down from 1.8 million to 1.7 million based on INEC's efforts to clean up the register.
"We were determined to discard the use of manually compiled register. We did a continuous voter registration and used it to correct the problem of manual register. Anybody who voted in 2007 and had his name in the addendum register must take part in the continuous voter registration which we did last August to have his details captured in the updated voters register."
He said that majority of those alleged to have been disenfranchised, must have been those who would have engaged in multiple registration or who did not take part in the continuous voters registration in order to have their names in the electronic register. "No evidence has been adduced to warrant the cancellation of the election; the Electoral Act is very clear and our guidelines are very clear that if on presentation of your voter's card and your name is not on the register you will not be allowed to vote. "
"Our electoral officers were trained to allow those whose names were only on the electronic register to vote. I can speak emphatically that the PDP governorship candidate Mr Tony Nwoye who alleged that he was not allowed to vote, even though his name was on the manual register� Since we were not using the manual register, and he did not use the opportunity we provided to get his name on the electronic register, we couldn't have allowed him to vote. "We recognize that the election we conducted in Anambra State was not perfect, but we are satisfied that the evidence that has been adduced is not sufficient to warrant a total cancellation of the election."
Jega also, assured Nigerians that "we are not partisan and we have the capacity to ensure that anybody that compromises the elections is made to face the wrath of the law. We have handed over the electoral officer who compromised the election in Idemili North over to the police and he is being investigated and would soon be arraigned.
"We are determined to keep on improving. We are still investigating what happened and we will ensure that anybody that had a hand in what happened in Anambra State would be brought to book. There are other people who should take the blame for what happened in Anambra by enticing our staff to compromise the process." Commenting , on the arrest of some APC members who claimed to be observers for the polls, he said, "We were very strict as we accredited only those who applied within the time frame.
In previous elections we were very thorough as we had to ask for the photographs of the applicants. For the Anambra State election, given the complaints we had received we insisted that the would-be monitors must be in Awka to get their accreditation. "We even arrested somebody that was trying to impersonate another person.
He is with the police and would soon be prosecuted. It was that thorough and the accreditation that we did aided the arrest of fake observers from Osun State." According to Jega, the Osun State delegation of observers forged their documents.
"They did not come to Awka to collect their accreditation; rather they camped in Owerri. Some of them have been arraigned before a Magistrate Court" he said. He accused the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, of Imo State of attempting to take over the prosecution of these people.
On the use of commercial vehicles for conveying electoral materials, he said all over the world, electoral management bodies always used ad-hoc staff during elections "as no organization can put on its pay roll, all the staff it needs. No electoral body can have all the vehicles it needs in an election. When we came on board, we made a case for one four wheel drive vehicle per local government across the country. You also need vehicles to transport people and materials.
These challenges should not have arisen, it was due to human error. "When we prepared for the Anambra election, we did a budget for the number of vehicles that would be required, and we provided funding for it. So these are some of the things we are probing. We want to know whether inadequate number of vehicles were hired. We want to know whether some of them broke down or the drivers did not turn up on the day of the elections."
Commenting no the use of students from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, he said those who complained over this misunderstood INEC procedure. "In all elections we do, we have ensured that the NYSC members are presiding officers. But there are also Assistant Presiding Officers, APO's, and others. where there are insufficient number of corps members. We have always complemented them with students from federal universities.
We did it in Edo, we did it in Ondo and we also did it in the 2011 elections as there were not enough NYSC members to be appointed presiding officers. Even for us to get enough corps members to be Presiding Officers, we had to bring in some of them from Enugu and Delta States.
We have been using students from tertiary institutions to complement members of the NYSC". Also responding to a question on the APC's petition to INEC, he said "I have looked at it and have asked a team to also look at it. All the allegations contained there were a repetition made by the APC candidate which we had replied to.
As I said earlier there are no sufficient ground to warrant the cancellation of the election. If the purpose of the petition is to convince us to cancel the election, I am sorry to say that there is no sufficient evidence to warrant the cancellation of the elections."
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FIRE Destroys YemKem Herbal Products Manufacturer Office At Ayobo, Lagos (PHOTOS)

Office of the leading herbal products manufacturer YemKem, located at Bada, Ayobo area of Lagos, burned to the ground in a fire.
Reports reaching us indicate there was an explosion at about 6:30 p.m. today. The fire gutted the company's office building, two other houses, and a local primary school (Liberty Primary School).
There are also reports of shooting: the policemen try to disperse the gathering crowd, as firefighters arrive the scene.
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'Suspend ASUU Strike For Iyayi's Sake' - Pro-Chancellor Of UNIBEN Begs Union!

As the Academic Staff Union of Universities' NEC meeting gets underway, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Board of the University of Benin, Senator Bob Effiong, has appealed to the striking lecturers to go back to classrooms as a last respect to the late Professor Festus Iyayi who lost his life while struggling for the course of the Union.
Iyayi, a former Head of Business Administration Department of the University of Benin and former National President of ASUU was killed in an auto crash while on his way to attend ASUU National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Kano.
Effiong had expressed that the death of Iyayi was painful as he was unable to see to the end of what he was struggling to resolve; a strike he said had lasted for more than four months.
The Chairman had equally, in a condolence visit to Iyayi's family yesterday called on the Union to institute an academic foundation in honour of Iyayi for his immeasurable contribution to the nation's education sector.
"�it is expedient at this point for both the federal government and ASUU to come to an understanding in honour of this great patriot," Effiong said.
The condolence message reads thus: "When we take into cognizance his immense contributions to ASUU in its quest to reposition Nigerian universities in the world and his role as a teacher and scholar, we know that the academia has lost a rare gem that would be difficult to replace.
"However, we want to console you to bear the loss with fortitude, resting in the knowledge that Professor Iyayi gave his life in the struggle to ensure a better and brighter future for the Nigerian child in terms of sound education."
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What Breakup? Beyonce & Jay-z all loved up after reports he partied with beauty queen

You know there have been several publications that they are on the brink of breaking up.According to Daily Mirror,  Jay Z spent more than �5,000 on champagne while partying with former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen in Antwerp�s Magic nightclub last month. Claudia, 27, who snapped him relaxing after his gig at the, said:'He sent over a drink � he had this huge bottle, it must have been six or 10 litres.'He said, "I�ve been all over the world but the girls in Antwerp are the prettiest."
Despite this the couple look more inlove as they watched an NBA basketball game together.  .I think Jay & Bey are going to be together for a really long time
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Al-Mustapha Visits Jos, Seeks Bringing Peace to Plateau

The former Chief Security Officer to late Head of State, Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha has pledged to help bring an end to the crisis that has rocked Jos and other Plateau communities.
‪Major Al-Mustapha made the appeal in Jos during a peace parley with youth of the state at the Hill station hotel on November 21, 2013, Thursday.
‪"Back in the 80′s, Plateau was home for all. I am calling on the people of the state to tolerate each other. I am committed to ensuring that lasting peace is restored back to the state.
‪"I am appealing to all communities in Plateau State irrespective of tribe, religion, to eschew bitterness and forgive themselves for peace to reign. My mission at all times is to ensure a peaceful Nigeria,"the former Chief Security Officer said.
‪When asked why he visited the state, the former soldier, who spent 13 years in jail while on trial for murder, said "my mission here in the state is that of peace and nothing else."
‪"I and the youth and the entire people of Plateau State are going to work together with all stakeholders to consolidate on the fragile peace in the state."
While addressing the youth, the former soldier promised to provide job opportunities for them.
‪While in Jos, Major Al-Mustapha visited the secretariat of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and that of Jamaatu Nasir Islam, JNI, to solicit the spiritual support of the clergy for peace to return to Plateau. He also paid a condolence visit to the family of the late former Plateau governor, Solomon Lar.
It would be recalled that Mr. Al-Mustaphawas released from jailin July 2013, after the Court of Appeal ruled he was not involved in the murder of late Kudirat Abiola.
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Shooting Between Police And Gunmen In Lagos, 2 Killed (PHOTOS)

Armed robbers held residents of Akanro Street in Ilasamaja area of Lagos hostage for over an hour with persistent gunshots.
Motorists stopped mid-way (at Agiri Bus-stop), to avoid the quickly running robbers who were a few meters away.
Initial accounts suggested the armed robbers were attempting to rob.
However, on visiting the scene, eye witnesses at the spot of the 'final showdown' explained that the robbers were fleeing from the police and were double crossed at Power-line junction (on Akanro road) by another detachment of SARS operatives.
The shooting lasted for about several minutes. As s result, two alleged robbers were killed on the spot and one was seriously injured.
As people gathered at the scene of the bloody encounter, some people were seen picking shelled 'Bullet Casings'. Such a situation indicated a high level of ignorance among those doing it, as it could put people in trouble.
The bodies were taken away by the police. The pictures from the site show shelled bullet casings and blood spatters from those killed.
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BREAKING NEWS: How President Jonathan Was Hospitalized In UK For Chronic Stomach Pain (READ SHOCKING DETAILS)

Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan, has reportedly remained hospitalized at an undisclosed London hospital to which he was taken early today after complaining of chronic stomach pain.
"The President woke up to get ready for the business of the day only to complain of serious stomach pain", one presidency source said.
The personal doctor to the President, Fortune Fibresima, reportedly administered some medicines but as the pain escalated, Mr. Jonathan was reportedly rushed to a hospital. Presidency officials hoped he would be released to participate at an Investor's Council Meeting taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Central London, about five minutes from the InterContinental Hotel where the Nigerian president is lodged. The meeting is the objective of his visit.
Several presidency sources have confirmed to SaharaReporters that the President and several government officials partied heavily into the early hours of this morning as they celebrated Mr. Jonathan's 56th birthday.
The Nigeria leader is accompanied on the trip by several Ministers and officials, but three state governors who were invited to accompany him did not show up. They include the Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan, who opted to go to Poland. He was reportedly afraid the London Metropolitan Police might pull him aside for questioning concerning his role in the money laundering fraud that led his cousin and predecessor as governor, James Ibori, into jail in the United Kingdom.
Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang and his Borno State counterpart, Kashim Shettima, were also both invited on the trip both they did not show up.
Last February, during another visit to London, Mr. Jonathan came down with an intestinal disorder described as Amoebic Colitis and he underwent testing at the London Clinic on Harley Street. It is unclear if his new troubles are related to that experience.
President Jonathan is said to have a taste for ogogoro, a local gin that is widely-enjoyed in the riverine areas of Southern Nigeria. Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati has however denied that alcohol is served in the presidency.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

PHOTO: Top Tanzanian Gospel Artist caught with Her Director

Here are the snap shots.
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Chris Brown booted from rehab for throwing rock at mum's car!!

You know Chris Brown checked himself into rehab to deal with anger management issues.However many were shocked when he left 2 weeks later.A new revelation claims he didn't leave out of free will.He was kicked out for throwing a rock through his mom's car window
According to TMZ,Chris' mom showed up for a family session and was urging her son to stay in the facility for extended treatment.  Apparently, Chris violently disagreed with her and in a fit of anger threw a rock through her car window, shattering it.
The judge has just ordered Brown to 90 days in a facility and also ordered him to submit to drug testing.
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ASUU: Official Confirms NEC Meeting Will Be Held Friday

The Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Dr Lawan Abubakar has debunked media reports that the union had postponed its National Executive Committee, NEC, meeting slated for tomorrow.
According to him, the Union had previously postponed the scheduled NEC meeting to mourn the death of Festus Iyayi, a former President, who tragically passed last Tuesday in a motor accident along the Abuja-Lokoja highway.
Abubakari also denied that the striking lecturers had accepted the over N1trillion offer by the Federal Government, adding that the Union is agitating for the full implementations of the 2009 agreement, and"nothing less".
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See The Top 3 Nigerian Stars That Never Miss A Party

Everybody knows that stars are meant to attend every top party but this ones go to any party regardless of how huge it is that's why they are the top 3,  Karen Igho, Uti and Susan Peters but at the end all I can do is tell you guys what's up. Do you guys agree lol?
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Man Sends Gang To Rob His Father Of N61m!

A 31-year-old man, Kabiru Mohammed, has confessed to hiring a seven-man robbery gang to steal $383,000 (N61, 280, 000) from his father.
The suspect, who works with his father, told PUNCH Metro that he hired notorious robbery kingpin, Abiodun Ogunjobi, aka Godogodo, to steal the money from his father who owns a bureau de change at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.
It was learnt that the gang robbed Mohammed�s father twice.
Mohammed, who is being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, said, �My father is a bureau de change operator at the airport. I am the one who arranged a seven-man armed robbery gang led by Godogodo to rob my older brother, Ibrahim who was carrying my father�s money amounting to $383,000.
�I told the gang that my father had dollars. The first operation was when Ibrahim wanted to convey money from local airport to international airport, I called Godogodo and gave him the car number plate and the colour of the car. I told them not to kill my brother, but to shoot into the air. I knew my brother would release the money because my father told us not to drag money with armed robbers. They collected $350,000 and gave me only two bundles which is $20,000
�In the second operation they stopped my brother in front of Air Force Bus Stop and collected $33,000 and they gave me $8,000.�
The suspect also confessed to have joined Godogodo in some robbery operations in the state.
�I am a member of the robbery gang. My role is to find targets and also information which I give to the gang. That is why they call me �Target man�.�
Mohammed, who claimed to be a 400 Level student of History and International Relations at the Lagos State University, said he was introduced to robbery by one Akin he met in 2008.
When asked how he spent his loot, the Kano State indigene said, �I used my money to build a mosque in Kano and buy 17 rams for some people in Kano.�
Another suspect, Okechukwu Lawrence, who was arrested alongside Mohammed, confessed that he was the one handling the weapons for the gang.
The indigene of Imo State said, �My work is to keep ammunition for the gang after collecting AK47 rifles from the policemen the gang shot dead. I joined the gang to get enough money to boost my spare parts business in Ladipo market.�
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'Iyayi Was Assassinated By Expert Shooters In The Cover Of Nigerian Intelligence' — JAF

The Joint Action Front (JAF) has accused the government of assassinating former president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Prof Festus Iyayi who died recently in a motor accident involving the convoy of Kogi State governor.
The group said Iyayi's killing was master-minded by the government the attack was carried out by expert shooters under the guise of Nigerian Intelligence.
In a statement signed by its president, Comrade Abiodun Aremu, JAF said the death of Iyayi was connected to the on-going ASUU strike, adding that his death was questionable.
According to the group, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and the Sole Administrator of the Specialist Hospital, Lokoja, Dr Paul Amodu's official explanation of Iyayi's cause of death which they say is due to the accident did not explain did not explain the piercing of his heart by a strange object.
The statement reads in part:
"JAF wishes to alert Nigerians and the international community that Comrade Festus Iyayi was murdered by operatives of the Nigerian state, contrary to the widely reported claims that he died in the bus accident of November 12, 2013 along Lokoja - Abuja road due to the recklessness of the Kogi State governor's convoy.
"JAF has every reason to believe that the murder of Comrade Iyayi was connected with the on-going Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike to compel the federal government to, not only honour the Collective Agreements it reached with it in 2009, but also to make government responsible to adequately fund public education against the dictates of its puppeteers - the IMF and World Bank.
"We strongly believe that the assassination of Comrade Iyayi was carried out by expert shooters in the cover of the Nigerian Intelligence, reminiscence of the state murder of Dele Giwa in 1986 and Kudirat Abiola in 1996",the statement said.
JAF added that Iyayi's death is a wakeup call to all Nigerians to struggle for a better society where people's lives are respected and preserved.
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SHOCKING: Teacher Flogs 4-Year-Old Pupil To Death!

Detectives in Ondo State have detained a primary school teacher, Alade Adebayo, for allegedly flogging to death a four-year-old female pupil Elizabeth Wanogha.
The deceased pupil was a student of a private primary school, Falaye Memorial Nursery and Primary School, located at Fanibi area in Akure metropolis.
The teacher, according to report, accused the deceased of being stubborn in the class. He was said to have beaten the girl to a state of coma. Cries from other pupils in the class reportedly attracted other teachers who rushed to the scene where they found that the girl had fainted.
She was said to have been rushed to a private hospital and was admitted but reportedly died later.
Police authorities, however, said that the pupil died two weeks after the beating by the suspect.
The father of the deceased, Mr Wanogha lodged a complaint at the Fanibi Police station, alleging that his daughter died as a result of the injuries sustained from the severe beating by her teacher.
Following the complaint, the teacher was arrested for interrogation.
Contacted, the Police image maker, Wole Ogodo, confirmed that the teacher had been arrested.
Ogodo however said that people should not jump into conclusion that it was the beating which took place about two weeks earlier that led to the death of the pupil. He pointed out that the autopsy will determine the cause of the pupil's death.
Ogodo said that the suspect is being quizzed at the state Criminal Investigative Department, SCID.
He explained further that the deceased was hospitalised immediately after the beating but died two weeks after.
Ogodo said that investigation into the death of the pupil continues adding that the findings would be made public.
The father of the deceased pupil insisted that the teacher should be prosecuted for murder.
Mr wanogho who lived at Adebowale street Fanibi vowed that the matter would be pursued to a logical conclusion to serve as deterrent to wicked teachers who vent their anger on innocent pupils put in their care.
He appealed to NGOs to take the matter up by ensuring that it was not swept under the carpet.
The proprietor of the school declined comment on the incident.
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"I'm frustrated"-Kim K reacts to reports she secretly had $80k plastic surgery!

After claims today that she got 80k dollars worth of surgery to lose the baby weight,( HERE) Kim responded on her twitter page..
"I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight! This is FALSE. I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I work out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!! I'm so proud of my accomplishment & NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports! Say what u want about me but I work hard & am the most disciplined person u will ever meet!"
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Young Nigerian woman killed in Columbus Indiana by her neighbour!

The body of 26 year old Adaobi Michaella Obih (pictured above) was found yesterday Tuesday Nov. 19th at an apartment at Riverstone Apartments in Columbus, Indiana. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.
A spokesman for the Columbus Police Department said her neighbour, 36 year old Ryan Allen Klug,  (pictured above) is a person of interest in the case. Ryan also lived in the apartment complex but has gone missing since Adaobi's body was found.
The Columbus Police have not revealed how and why Adaobi was killed but they're currently seeking the public�s help in locating Ryan Klug.
Adaobi was the first of two children and was already pursuing her PHD in Electrical Engineering at just 26 years old. So sad! May her soul rest in peace...Amen.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"ASUU NEC Meeting Not Postponed Indefinitely"

The Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Dr Lawan Abubakar has described the media reports that the union had postponed its National Executive Committee meeting indefinitely as false and speculative.
This was even as he dismissed the claim that the union had accepted the N1.3 trillion offered by the Federal Government, saying"what the union is agitating for is the full implementation of the 2009 agreement and nothing less."
Abubakar said in an interview with Vanguard, yesterday, in Bauchi that the National Executive Committee of the union only adjourned its meeting for seven days to enable it mourn Prof Festus Iyayi who died in an auto crash involving the entourage of the Kogi State Governor, Capt. Idris Wada, adding that the members were awaiting further directives from its national leadership on a new date for the NEC meeting.
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DISGUSTING: Woman Sleeps Next to Her Dead Husband's Decomposed Corpse for a Year (PHOTOS)

A woman had been sleeping next to her dead husband's decomposed corpse for one year until authorities made the grizzly discovery this week.
Apparently, 79-year-old "Marcel H." from Liege, Belgium, died back in November 2012 of an asthma attack, according to Carters News Agency. His wife was so upset that she failed to report the death and continued to sleep with the body until Belgian authorities made the bizarre finding on Tuesday, Nov. 19.
They were led to the apartment because the landlord claimed the couple hadn't paid their rent since last year. Neighbors never reported a bad smell. The body had mummified.
Expert's Opinion:
"A body can mummify in a dry, warm environment," Philippe Boxho, pathologist at the Forensic Center of Liege told Carters. "It takes at least a week to reach such a state. In this case the body had rotten [sic] in the bed [and] his internal organs had melted and liquefied. ... Even though the smell of human decay is quite specific, many people equate that smell to the smell of garbage and once the body has become rotten the smell does decrease significantly."
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Rihanna debuts new hairstyle in a jaw-dropping attire

Rihanna showed off her new hairstyle and what better way to show it off than in this sexy attire.Well, she is Riri.I hope Usain Bolt doesn't have a heart attack after seeing this.Lol
Not feeling the hair tho..but she's Riri, she can wear a mop on her hair and look good

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Karen Igho shows off her sexy A*ss to celebrate her UK citizenship!

Karen is now a UK Citizen. She tweeted "I'm so happy.I just became a citizen of the uk""before going for a swim to celebrate her new feat.I know Nigeria doesn't accept dual citizenship, so does it mean she is now officially British...........
One word for her hot bod.."DANG""
I see that husband coming sooner than expected....
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Busted? Kim achieved her hot post-baby bod by secretly spending $80k on plastic surgery!

After Kim claimed she lost all the baby weight by workout and a strict diet,  Life & Style magazine claims she achieved this by seeing Dr Simon Ourian, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at the Epione clinic.
The magazine claims she's had 'fillers, stretch mark treatments and a fat reducing ultrasound procedure on her stomach that costs up to $5000 a session and the total makeover of her post- baby body cost $80,000
They say Kim last visited the plastic surgeon on November 13, and that Kanye West's fiancĂ©e is 'obsessed' with him.  Kim tries to cover her tracks by posing for pretty pictures with photographers so they don't betray her real destinations. In one instance, Kim is said to have pretending to go into a Pilates studio before heading for laser hair removal.
Kim doesn't want her fans to know she didn't lose weight the old fashioned way.
Anyone believe them..
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I was tortured & forced to confess to the murder of Cynthia Osokogu-Key suspect claims!

Ok this is taking a disturbing turn. The key suspect in late Cynthia Osokogu's murder trial,Nwabufo is now claiming he was tortured to admit to her murder.
According to a report by Channels TV,The defendant, Okwumo Nwabufo 34,In his evidence, Nwabufo told the trial judge, Justice Olabisi Akinlade that he had been dating Cynthia for over one year before her death.According to him, he and Cynthia had met more than five times before she was murdered.However, Nwabufo insisted that the alleged confessional statement made by him was made under duress stressing that he was tortured by the police.
He said
�On the day I was arrested, up to 20 policemen  broke into my apartment and asked for my name after which they called me a murderer and started beating me. I was later blindfolded while I was putting on only pant and taken to FESTAC police station for interrogation��.
He said �when we got to the police station, I was taken to the Area Commander, Mr Dan Okoro�s office who showed me a lady�s picture and asked if I knew her. I said yes, she is my friend and he immediately called me a murderer while he used plyer to pinch my left eye.
�I was then taken to a room where I was chained and tortured to accept whatever they (the police) told us concerning the murder. I was chained and hung upside-down, like a roasted chicken��
,� Nwabufo further explained that it was during this torture that the police brought out a suspect and shot him on the leg to show that they would shoot us if we don�t comply.�One of the policemen released tear-gas into my left eye and I have not been able to see with it since then,� he said.Nwabufo further told the court that it was the torture that led to the statement which was being dictated to him at different times.The suspects are alleged to have chained and strangled 25-year-old Osokogu to death at Cosmilla Hotel, FESTAC Town, Lagos, on July 22, 2012.
I PRAY real justice is found soon
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LOVE: 'He's The Best' - Tania Omotayo (PHOTO)

Wizkid hasn't let distance stop him from showing his girlfriend love let alone showering her with gift.
Tania who is currently in London gushes about her boo, Wizkid who got her a new Rolex and she just had to share.
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CHAOS: Two Faint, Many Injured In Anambra Women, Police Clash!

Two women fainted while several others were injured when security agents dispersed about 300 women protesting the Anambra State governorship election on Wednesday at the state office of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Awka.
The women, who identified themselves as Anambra Women, called for the cancellation of the election and the discontinuation of the supplementary election called by INEC at a yet-to-be-announced date.
They carried placards with the inscription, 'Anambra not for sale', 'No election was conducted in Anambra', 'Fresh poll not supplementary poll', 'INEC cancel 608,000 votes not 113, 113 votes', among others.
The women were dispersed by security operatives attached to INEC office, who fired teargas canisters into their midst, leaving many of the elderly women wounded while two persons fainted.
One of their leaders, Mrs. Tina Akonobi, said they were at the commission's office to "mourn for the disaster, destruction, doom, robbery and fraud that took place on the November 16."
Akonobi added,"The election was a sham aimed at insulting the integrity, intelligence and intellectual ability of the people of the state and Nigeria in general.
"INEC brought a fraudulent register three days to election where they removed names of voters whose name starts with the letter 'O' like Okonkwo and Okeke at Idemili.
"They brought fraudulent people to conduct election here; it was a scam and destruction of a generation and Igbo land.
"We are calling for the cancellation and resignation of Prof. Attahiru Jega for the doom that is impending because this is what will happen in 2015."
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Student to die by hanging for stealing mobile phone & recharge cards!

According to a report by Thisday,a High Court in Effurun, Delta State, has sentenced a 24-year-old secondary school student, Moses Akatugba, to death by hanging for stealing mobile phones and  recharge cards. Read the report below and tell us if you think the sentence is appropriate or too harsh
"Akatugba was convicted on a two-count charge of conspiracy and armed robbery in contravention of Section 6 (b) and punishable under section 1 (2) (a) of the Robbery and Firearms  (Special Provisions) Act Cap R11 Volume 14 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.
The prosecution told the court that the convict with others now at large �robbed one Mrs. Akpor Mazino of the sum of N113,930, three phone handsets, 54 various denominations of MTN recharge vouchers, 28 Airtel vouchers and 25 Glo vouchers valued at over N100,000 at No. 30 NNPC Housing Complex Road,
The victim in her evidence gave a vivid account of how she was robbed of the items at her shop at gunpoint.
An Asaba High Court also yesterday sentenced a 30-year-old commercial motorcyclist, Paul Nwanegbo to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for robbing a female passenger of her telephone handset. The incident, according to prosecution took place along Direct Labour Agency Road, Asaba, on October 5, 2011 before the ban on operation of commercial motorcyclists in Asaba metropolis and other designated cities.
The female passenger, Amaka Okafor told the court that on �realising the gun was a toy, I resisted him but he overpowered me after biting me with his teeth and snatched my phone from me.�
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See our president's birthday cake...

President Goodluck Jonathan is a year older today and got two lovely birthday cakes. He had a small celebration at Aso Villa this morning...pictured in white is VP Namadi Sambo.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CRAZY:Man burns friend to death for drinking his last four cans of beer!

This is so sad, its really crazy what people do these days, first it was the kid that killed his friend cuz of earpiece now this. According to Daily mail, Two friends are alleged to have burned a third man to death after the friend drank the last four cans of beer in the house.
Gary Stewart Miles, 40, and Gregory John Channing, 41, are accused of murdering Paul John Stamp in Darwin in September last year after a row.
Stamp, who was sharing a house with Miles at the time, apparently drank the last four cans of Miles' beer, despite being warned not to.When Miles found out, him and Channing allegedly beat Stamp, breaking eight ribs and causing internal injuries.
The duo are then accused of dragging him to the boot of a car before driving to an industrial estate where they planned to 'teach him a lesson' by making him walk home.
Darwin Supreme Court heard that the car ran out of fuel, so the pair hitched a ride to get some more, and when they returned they poured the petrol over the car before setting it alight and burning Stamp to death.
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Jonathan Postpones Presentation Of 2014 Budget!

The presentation of the 2014 budget scheduled for Tuesday is postponed.
The decision to postpone the presentation is contained in a letter sent by the President Goodluck Jonathan to both chambers of the National Assembly.
In his letter, Jonathan explained that "there is a need for both chambers to harmonise the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Financial Strategy Paper (FSP) before the presentation" of the next year's budget.
"[I]n the circumstance, it has become necessary to defer the presentation of the 2014 budget to a joint session of the National Assembly until such a time when both respected chambers would have harmonised their positions on the MTEF," said the President, adding that he hopes that harmonisation will be done "in the shortest possible time."
After the announcement, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila told Channels Television, that President "gave a very cogent reason why the budget could not be presented. Under the Fiscal Responsibility Act, as you will be aware, the budget is predicated upon the MTEF and the MTEF has not been passed" noting that the Senate passed a version of it with a benchmark at $76.50 and the House has passed $79 per barrel benchmark. Despite the setback, the House Minority Leader maintained that "we cannot sacrifice a proper budget at the altar of timeousness."
Last week's session was shifted because the MTEF, the government's financial outlay for the next three years, was not adopted by the Senate and the House of Representatives.
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ASUU Strike: the Union Queries Four ESUT Professors for Alleged Sabotage!

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has queried four professors of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) for sabotaging its ongoing nationwide strike.
Prof. Agu G. Agu, the Chairman of ASUU at the ESUT, informed about it while briefing the journalists in Enugu on November 18, 2013, Monday.
ASUU-ESUT leader stated that the lecturers had a very successful congress with almost half the population of its members present, and they made it very clear that they still stand by the resolutions of the ASUU national executive on the strike.
On the purported resumption of academic activities in ESUT, Prof. Agu revealed that some of the lecturers met with the management and sold the idea that they were representing ASUU and that was what caused the problem.
"We are in a meeting with the management and we have refuted that because we do not know them. We did not give them the mandate and everybody seems to be concerned about such a development and we have taken the necessary steps by issuing them with a query.
"Four professors are involved and we have issued them with queries and when they reply, we know the next action to take. We are forwarding the query to ASUU national, so that next time people should not arrogate to themselves what is not their duty. Nobody sent them. They don't have the mandate of ASUU," Prof. Agu stated.
ASUU-ESUT leader further noted that the actions of saboteur professors was even very painful, seeing that it came after the death an illustrious fellow academic, Prof. Festus Iyayi, who died in the struggle.
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ARMED ROBBERY Caused Accident on Benin-Ore Expressway - FRSC

An armed robbery is the cause of the accident involving six trucks at KM 33 on the Benin-Ore Expressway. This information was been reported on Monday by the the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Edo.
The FRSC Toll Gate Unit Commander,Adewale Ameen, said in Benin on Monday that no one died in the accidents.
However,six truck involved in the accident burnt, said Ameen, adding: "As I speak with you, the fire is still raging and our men are there controlling traffic.
Ameen also explainedthe timelines of the accident:
"The robbery caused a container to fall across the road. Two other unsuspecting trucks got to the scene and rammed into the container. "The unfortunate thing was thata truck laden with 33 litres of petrol rammed into the other trucks and caught fire."
Unit Commander said that the the Ore side of the expressway had been blocked and traffic had been diverted to the Benin lane.
FRSC "appeal to motorists from the Lagos axis to go through Ogbemudia farms," he said.
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CRAZY: Boy, 13, Kills His Classmate and Friend Over Damaged Earphones in Kogi

Kogi Police apprehended a 13-year-old boy, Yinusa Halilu, for allegedly killing his friend and classmate, Mustapha Kazeem, 12, over a damaged earpiece.
The Acting Commissioner of Kogi Police Austin Evakhabokun informed about this crime while briefing the journalists in Lokoja on November 18, Monday.
The ACP said that the fight ensued between the suspect and the deceased, both primary school pupils, when the suspect demanded the return of the earpiece he lent to the deceased.
Halilu told late Kazeem that the earpiece was damaged and demanded monetary compensation from him.
It has been learnt that the demand enraged the deceased, who reportedly called the suspect a thief. , adding that this resulted in an exchange of hot words, as Halilu insisted on collecting the money by force.
Evakhabokun said that Kazeem became furious and rushed into the house, brought out a sharp cutlass and inflicted cuts on the suspect's head.
He said that the suspect reportedly rushed to a nearby restaurant with his machete cuts and picked a sharp knife, with which he stabbed the deceased in the chest, leading to his death.
The suspect said that he borrowed the telephone earpiece from someone, saying that he insisted on replacing it since he did not know what to tell the owner.
Halilu said that the deceased hit him on his head with a machete, adding that in retaliation, he stabbed him in the chest, which led to his death.
It would be noted that both of the boys were friends and studied at Primary Five.
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BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Explosion And Gun Battle Rock Kano

Reports have it that Multiple explosions and sporadic gunshots has left Gayawa village, Ungogo Local Government area of Kano state in a state of chaos on Tuesday morning.
According to an eyewitness report, "The early morning military raid lasted for one and half hours and there are fears of heavy casualties among the suspected insurgent."
Tuesday's operation was on the heels of a raid where two soldiers and two suspected terrorists were killed in the city.
Efforts to speak with the JTF commanders for confirmation proved abortive.
Details later.
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PHOTOS: Man Develops Big Breasts After Stealing Cattles!!

A 40-year-old man from Nherera in Mhondoro suddenly grew breasts after he allegedly stole and sold some cattles.
The Villagers believe the man identified as Acry Chinhivi Shayamano has been punished by the cattle owner.
50-year-old Hamilton Magaisa said, "We all know that Acry grew boobs because of his thieving. People who steal are punished in so many ways. I have no sympathy for him."
Shayamano did admit that he was a thief but denied ever stealing a cattle.
"Who told you that I have grown boobs. Mine are not that bad. I never stole anyone's cattle.
"I steal but not cattle. I stole some DVDs and I was arrested and ordered to pay a fine," he said.
He said his grandmother lost two cows in February and that was the time he noticed his boobs growing. He said people just made a connection, which was not the case.
Acry said his boobs were not painful but were still growing. He said the boobs could be a side effect of the ARVs he was taking. He has been taking them for the past three years.
But some villagers are convinced that Acry is paying for his crime.
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Money Laundering: Sule Lamido’s Sons Released on Bail

Two sons of Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido, Aminu and Mustapha, whowere detained last week, have been released on administrative bail by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
This information was disclosed to LEADERSHIP on the night of November 18, 2013, Monday.
The SSS is said to be investigating questionable transactions involving the governor and two of his sons. While Lamido enjoys constitutional immunity and cannot be arrested, his two sons were arrested last week by the EFCC.
Incidentally, it is the SSS that is handling the case of the bankers.
According to the SSS, further investigation of the sources of income of the governor's son revealed huge transactions involving the movement of Jigawa State funds into accounts of companies in which both the governor and his two sons are believed to have interest. The amount involved, according to the SSS,is about N10 billion.
More to follow...
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SHOCKING: Peter Okoye's Family Members Do Not Like His New Wife!

A lot of fans have been wondering why Peter Okoye's big brother did not attend his wedding to Lola Omotayo which took place on Sunday, 17th of November.
Various reasons have been given for this curious occurrence and a report by a Nigeria entertainment website went on to reveal what is truly going on in the family.
Read below;
On Sunday, November 17, 2013, Lagos stood still for Psquare's Peter Okoye and fianc�e Lola Omotayo as the couple held their traditional wedding ceremony, surprisingly elder brother Jude Okoye was missing.
Social network has been buzzing. The twins' publicist Bayo Adetu said Jude was missing at the wedding because he was stuck in Ghana. Psquare had performed in Accra, Ghana at the 'Glo and Bounce Slide' tour the night before. Adetu says Jude missed his flight and couldn't get back to Lagos in time for the nuptials.
But a source who was part of another artiste's entourage to Ghana for the concert says Jude Okoye did NOT travel to Ghana. 'We didn't see him, the twins were here with their band but we didn't see Jude', a source said.
There are few instances pointing to the fact that Jude did not travel with his Pop star twin brothers to Ghana for the concert: Jude, a regular user of photo sharing Instagram never fails to post photos of their trip outside Nigeria - there were no photos of him aboard the airplane heading to GH, photos of the twins performing at the concert.
One source asks: 'If he was truly stuck in Ghana, wouldn't he have even lamented on Twitter like D'banj?'.
Instead Jude posted a photo of himself and Wizkid in the studio. The picture is believed to have been taken a night before at the Mavin Records studio where he had been working with Don Jazzy, Dr SID, Phyno and others.
Inside sources in the Okoye family revealed that Jude Okoye and a few other family members did not support their brother's marriage to his baby mama Lola Omotayo. Some sources also also claim their late mother never supported the relationship too.
'Jude and some others don't like her. They never gave their blessing for the marriage. Paul too, but he is his twin. Other family members who were there were reluctant to attend. Jude didn't go because he never supported the idea from day one', a family source tells us.
Some of the Okoye family members have even gone as far as insinuating that Lola Omotayo has allegedly constantly cheated on Peter Okoye. It was gathered there have been demands for a DNA test to really ascertain whether his children Cameron and Aliona are truly his. 'It's that serious, they claim Lola sleeps around with her so called 'uncles', they want a DNA test done, they just want to protect their brother'.
This allegations have not been confirmed, and Adetu insists there are no issues, that Jude was only MIA because he was stuck in Ghana. One of the couple's friends also told us all these are 'wicked rumours'. 'Wicked, false rumours. Nothing can be more false and distasteful. They should leave them alone and let them have peace�'
Lola currently lives in a mansion in Park View estate, Ikoyi. The Okoyes are currently building their new home somewhere not to far from there. It is uncertain where the couple will make their home.
Jude Okoye has been working with Psquare, his younger brothers since they released their first album 'Last Nite' under Timbuk2 Music label back in 2003.
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PHOTOS: SEE Tiwa Savage's Wedding IV Plus Inside Details Of The November 23 Wedding

With the kind of money, expertise and time being put into Tiwa Savage's wedding to Tunji Balogun, it's certain this will go on record as one of the most glamorous weddings of 2013.
It was gathered that Tiwa and Tunji will on Saturday, November 23, 2013 be holding their traditional marriage ceremony at The Ark Vicinity located on Okunade Bluewater Zone, off Remi Olowude Street, Lekki. The nuptials will kick off at 9AM and last four hours followed by a reception at the same venue.
The wedding invitation which is creatively designed with a 'T and T' emblem on the cover is printed in two colours - fuchsia and gold, matching the wedding outfit colours of the day. The event is strictly by invitation.
The planning of the wedding was contracted to 'The Wedding Company' led by celebrated events expert Funmi Victor-Okigbo. The company also planned the weddings for comedian Basketmouth, Bella Adenuga and Leo Stan Ekeh's daughter.
The decoration has been contracted to 'Newton and David' owned by veteran decorator Uche Majekodunmi.
The couple will be serenaded by veteran musician King Sunny Ade and a handful of other top Nigerian artistes.
Sources close to Tiwa also said she has been having a hard time penning down the guest list. With the help of her friend, budding make-up artiste Joyce Jacob, the pair (with some input from the hubby-to-be) spent hours crafting the list which mainly comprises of top entertainment buffs, industry executives and business partners.
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Anambra Election: CNPP Calls For The Resignation Of INEC Chair, Jega

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has called on the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega to resign forthwith.
The CNPP accused Jega of conducting a sham election, in the name of Anambra State Governorship Election.
In a press statement made available by the National Publicity Secretary of the CNPP, Chief Osita Okeckucku, the group said, "we are making this call on the fact that the eminent Professor Jega from available records bungled the single Anambra State gubernatorial election; and this being the case, what are the guarantee that he will not bungle the 2015 general elections?
"We were perplexed that up till this Monday morning when the gross irregularity were clearly made public by the Returning Officer, Professor James Okuoke resulting in the declaration of the result as inconclusive and cancellation of 113,113 votes; Professor Jega behaving like a hired hand on a television interview Sunday afternoon had sort to defend INEC and its failed exercise.
"Jega to our consternation was nervously harping on only 65 Polling Units in Obosi Electoral Ward, even when by his own admission the INEC Electoral Officer whom he claimed had been arrested had messed up the electoral process in the entire Idemili North LGA with 306 Polling Units and total registered voters of about 174,000; claiming that he cannot cancel the total election because of one Electoral Officer's malfeasance.
"The first valid question to our eminent professor is, is the 113,113 cancelled votes from only Idemili North, where no election took place and where a rescheduled election was supposedly conducted at Obosi and later extended to Abatete and Nkpor Ward 2, without official notification?
"CNPP contends that over 506,000 votes should be cancelled, as it is an oversight on the part of Prof. Jega and his cohorts in INEC to cancel only 113,113 votes and close their eyes to the 174,000 votes in Idemili North, where voting did not take place and over 200,000 manipulated votes spread across Anambra West and East, Awka North and South, Ihiala and other uncountable Polling Units, as evidenced by reports of local and international observers.
"Secondly, is it with good conscience that an election was fixed on a Sunday in a predominantly Christian community?
"The third valid question to the eminent professor is can we trust the fate of Nigerians in an incapable, inept and compromise hand to conduct the more sensitive and delicate 2015 general elections?
"In fact the Anambra State Governorship has in no uncertain terms exposed Professor Jega's palpable ineptitude, gross incapacity, utter negligence and near compromise in managing elections; therefore Professor Jega should resign forthwith.
In sum, we call for the total cancellation of the Anambra State Governorship Election", the CNPP added.
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ASUU STRIKE: "No Negotiation Without Salaries Commission"

Implementation of the agreement between the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, may have to be delayed as the Chairman, Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Service Matters, Aloysius Etok, has said that the ongoing negotiations between the duo would be null and void without the input of National Wages and Salaries Commission.
Senator Etok stated this during an oversight tour of the Commission. He said that under no guise should the Federal Government negotiate salary or wage increase without the input of the relevant commission.
He attributed most of the incessant industrial actions in the country to sentimental negotiation for salary increase in the civil service.
He said: "We have said this earlier that on no account should Federal Government negotiate salary increase or anything that has to do with wages or salaries without the input of the Commission.
"They should avoid the issue of sentimental increase or negotiation and there should be no exceptions. Four months is about a semester."
Etok further stated that the commission was expected to have played a prominent role in the 2009 agreement reached between the Federal Government and ASUU.
Questions budget implementation
The Etok-led committee also demanded explanations from the commission on how the 2013 appropriation was implemented and why the impact of the commission was not felt on civil servants salaries crises that threaten some sectors of the economy from time to time.
He lamented the withholding of part of the 2013 budget of the commission, stressing that the commission required funds to carry out its research-based projects, calling for its immediate release so that the commission can implement its budget to the full.
He said: "The commission might look small but the importance cannot be overestimated. We have come to know your level of im-plementation of 2013 budget.
"We also want to know the relevance of the commission to the Federal Government; why your impact is not felt in the salary problems across the country; why the commission would be there when ASUU is on strike for months and who guided the Federal Govern-ment in the agreement entered into with ASUU in 2009?
"You cannot be ruled out in the scheme of things in this country."
"They allowed ASUU compute its own salary"
Also speaking, Chairman of the commission, Dr. Richard Egbule, exonerated the com-mission from the agreement reached between the Federal Government and ASUU.
He said: "The Wages Commission has been up and doing in everything concerning wages and salaries in this country.
"When the controversial agreement was reached in 2009, we were there but not as negotiators. We made it known to them that the route they were going was wrong. Today, I wish to say that ASSU did not go on strike because of salaries because we handled it very well.
"What is controversial was the excess workload allowance, but we have asked them to employ more lecturers to avoid excess workload.
"There has never been a time any agency was asked to go and compute its own salary, but they allowed ASUU to do so. We needed a structural increase where government agency would be factored in."
Egbule noted with regret that successive leaderships of ASUU had established the culture of using industrial action to announce their arrival.
The Senate committee visited the National Assembly Service Commission, where the Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Umaru Fika, disclosed that N2.5 billion was appropriated to them in the 2013 fiscal year.
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PHOTOS: Lagos Danfo Driver Strips Naked To Avoid Arrest

There was drama at the Palmgrove Bus Stop, Ikorodu Road, Lagos State, on Monday when a commercial bus driver stripped naked to avoid being arrested by officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.
The LASTMA officials had blocked five different commercial buses for indiscriminately taking passengers by the side of the road.
Passengers in the four vehicles were asked to alight, as officials of the traffic agency took over the wheels of the impounded vehicles.
There was however drama when the old man who drove the fifth bus suddenly went inside his bus and brought out a bowl.
A fetid odour emanating from the bowl polluted the fresh morning air.
The LASTMA officers, policemen and commuters ran for cover.
But one of the officials came back and stood his ground, wielding a baton and insisting that the man must follow them.
When it became obvious that the odour strategy had failed, the driver began pulling off his clothes, prostrating by the front tyres of the vehicle and rolling on the floor.
A crowd formed around the area, with some of the bystanders capturing the scene with their camera phones.
One of the officials was heard telling his colleagues to "leave him alone and let him go."
However, they took close shots of the vehicle number plate, and the driver, before taking other seized vehicles away.
Our correspondent spoke with a resident who said he knew the old man well.
He said, "That is how the man usually does. His bus plies Lagos Island everyday and he picks his passengers from that spot."
The source, who did not identify himself, added that it was the second time the man would put up the show.
He said the bus was owned by a military officer.
When our correspondent approached the old man for comment, he refused to talk.
When he was, however, confronted with the allegation of being a serial offender, he said, "Look, whoever wants to talk should talk. Everybody has his problems and I have mine." He drove the vehicle into a filling station.
Attempts to speak with LASTMA proved abortive. An officer who spoke with our correspondent on the telephone said he was not disposed to comment and referred him to another senior officer, who equally declined comment.
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Lamido’s Sons To Be Charged With Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is making frantic moves to charge two sons of the Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido to court.
Aminu and Mustapha Lamido were flown to Abuja in the early hours of Friday by the operatives of the commission after their arrest in Kano on Thursday.
There are strong indications that the anti-graft agency may charge the two brothers for fraud involving billions of naira belonging to the people of Jigawa State.
It was learnt that the EFCC traced about N10bn to the accounts of companies of which the governor and his two sons were alleged to be directors and signatories to the account.
The alleged transactions took place between 2007 and now.
The commission has been holding the governor's sons in relation with billions of naira belonging to the Jigawa State Government which were traced to their accounts of companies of which they and their father are said to be directors since Friday.
On Monday, the EFCC Head of Media and Publicity, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed that the commission was still grilling the suspects.
He also said that the commission was still in custody of the two brothers because operatives involved in the investigation were not yet through with them.
"They are still with us; they are with us because they are still being interrogated," Uwujaren said.
Investigation however revealed that the commission was making painstaking efforts to ensure proper investigation and to charge the suspect to court if culpability was established against them.
A source at the commission, who confided in our correspondent because he was not authorized to speak on the issue, said that the commission would take the suspects to court as soon as they have evidence that could stand the test of the court.
"You see, the commission is conducting a holistic investigation into this issue.
"If those conducting the investigating do it hurriedly, and the matter gets struck out in the court, Nigerians will say that the EFCC is doing a shoddy job."
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