Saturday, September 28, 2013

PHOTOS: Genevieve Nnaji Spotted at Bachelorette Party in London

Popular Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaj has been spotted recently at a sparkling bachelorette party in London.

The African Movie Academy Award winner, Genny, was invited to the party by the top UK based PR consultant Vanessa Amadi.
Such parties usually signify the upcoming marriage, so, probably, Vanessa Amadi is getting married this weekend in London.
Check out the photos from the party below: 
PHOTOS: Genevieve Nnaji Spotted at Bachelorette Party in London
And our best congratulations to Vanessa Amadi, if these drinks were for her upcoming marriage indeed!..
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Only in Naija! N1000 Bundle Now Been Used As Wedding Souvenir To Guests

Funny things are happening in Nigeria.We’ve seen a top politician son’s wedding where blackberry phoned were given as souvenirs. N1000 bundle (100K), the one in the picture above were given out by a bride’s family to guests that attended their daughter/sister’s wedding on the 13th of September, 2013. Bride’s name is Ummi Shagari.

Babysitter Spared Jail After Having Sex With Two 14-Year-Old Boys In Her Care

A babysitter who was charged with having sex with two underage boys two years ago will be spared jail time.
Loni Bouchard, 22, of Clinton, Connecticut, was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison, but her sentence was suspended and she was instead given two years of probation.
It helped her case that the family of one of her victims, who was 14 at the time of the charges supported the no-jail sentence, Judge David P. Gold said.
Under her probation, she is barred from any contact with boys who are under the age of 16 and also barred from contacting her victims.
'I'm really sorry to the victim and their families,' Bouchard, who was 19 at the time of the relationships, said. 'This will never happen again.'
She had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.
Loni Bouchard had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy who she was hired to look after and had written in her diary about how much she missed him and how unfair it was they couldn't see each other.
She wrote: 'I have finally found the guy who treats me right and makes me so happy and I can't be with him because the law says so? I don't care about the law. I just want to be with him and not have to hide it. How can the law tell us who to fall for, who to like and who to love and especially who to date? I thought America was a free country'.
She was also involved with another underage boy - also 14 - from Southington. His parents did not allow him to speak with police investigators.

WATCH Davido & Samuel Eto'o dancing to Skelewu!!

 You know you are a big boy when you are not only hanging out with Africa's best footballer, but teaching him to dance to your hit song
Street Cred(More photos & video below)


Photos from Rukky Sanda's movie premiere

Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda premiered her movie Keeping My Man on Wednesday 25th Sept at  Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi. Rukky wore a Sherri Hill strapless cream coloured gown from the label’s Fall 2013 Collection to the premiere. See more photos after the cut...

Checkout Rukky Sanda's dazzling outfit to her movie Premiere

The premiere of her new movie "Keeping my man" took place two days ago at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos
She looks every inch a superstar

Explosions, Shooting In Saminaka, Kaduna

Explosions, Shooting In Saminaka, Kaduna
Reports reaching us indicate the town of Saminaka, Lere Local Government Area in Kaduna state, has been shaken by a series of explosions and shooting. 
The incidents took place Thursday night, and continued till early hours of Friday, September 2013. 
It is alleged that the trouble was caused either by insurgents, or by armed robbers who had set two commercial banks in the area as their primary target. 
The town of Saminaka shares borders with the states of Bauchi, Plateau and Kano. Because it is a woodland, the area is said to serve as a safe haven for terrorists, as well as a secure path for criminals who cross to southern Kaduna from northern Nigeria.

Reliable sources disclosed that soldiers have been sent to Saminaka to fight the attackers.

Woman Kills Her 2 Newborn Babies!!

A nymphomaniac allegedly killed her two babies so she could go to a swinger club for more sex has been arrested after the corpses of her babies were found by her father.

24-year-old, Steffie Koppers apparently talked about her visits to the sex club on her Facebook page.
She wrote:
'I'm in the swingerclub Kali. We are three nice ladies but we want men and there are none here!'
'It seems it's bad when a solo woman goes to a swinger club to get gratification from more than one man.'
On Tuesday, the corpse of the baby was discovered by her father in her home,
One was reduced to a skeleton, the other wrapped in a sheet. 
He telephoned the police who arrested his daughter at her place of work.
Murder commission head Gerd Hoppmann said: 'She admitted what happened but not comprehensibly able to tell us exactly why.'
One of her cousin says: 'She was obese. We suspected on more than one occasion that she was pregnant but she denied everything.'

INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)

24 September, 2013
Annel Snyman, a 31-year-old, from the Waterberg region of South Africa, has adopted a tiny cob of a white lion last spring. Now the lion, called Tima, is a year and six months old, weighs 120 kg and eats not less than 4 kg of fresh meat per day.
As a cub Timba could often be found snoozing in Annel's bed but having outgrown the bedroom the friendly feline still tries to cuddle up with Annel on the sofa.
Annel's love for animals started six years ago when, with help from her mother and father, she opened a guest house - called Loebies Guestfarm - on the land where she lives.
In a bid to make the resort more appealing she decided to adopt various farm animals and this eventually turned into hand-rearing African cats and other wild animals after being approached by someone in the game industry in 2009.
Since then Annel has hand-reared dozens of animals including six serval kittens, a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion and a leopard.
Annel admits she spoilt the first lions she cared for even more than Timba and would regularly go swimming with them.
She said: 'Being the first lions reared on the farm, they ruled the house, the bed and the couches and would regularly join me for swims in the farm dam up until they were rather large.
'While most people are amazed, this has become my life and part of who I am.
'There are times when it is difficult to do day-to-day things but I do manage to live a normal life - well normal for me anyway,' the owner of an unconventional pet stated. 
Find out out how the lion grew up by seeing the photoset below:
INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)INCREDIBLE: Meet the Woman and Her Unusual Pet... A White Lion! (PHOTOS)

"Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks"-Shocking details of the torture faced by hostages of the Kenyan Mall attack (Photos)

The siege  is officially over but shocking details continue to emerge about what the hostages went through while forces tried to takeover the mall. The details are sickening and unimaginable..
Below is the report by Daily Mail 
Soldiers told of the horrific torture meted out by terrorists in the Nairobi mall massacre yesterday with claims hostages were dismembered, had their eyes gouged out and were left hanging from hooks in the ceiling.
Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged. 

Children were found dead in the food court fridges with knives still embedded in their bodies, it was claimed.
Most of the defeated terrorists, meanwhile, were reportedly discovered ‘burnt to ashes’, set alight by the last extremist standing to try to protect their identities.
The horrifying details came yesterday as the first pictures emerged from within the wreckage of the building, showing piles of bodies left strewn across the floor. 
A third of the mall was destroyed in the battle between terrorists and Kenyan troops. 

Yesterday, soldiers and doctors who were among the first people into the mall after it was reclaimed on Tuesday, spoke of the horrifying scenes inside.
‘You find people with hooks hanging from the roof,’ said one Kenyan doctor, who asked not to be named.They removed eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood.
‘They drive knives inside a child’s body. Actually if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers. Here it was pain.’
A soldier, who took pictures at a bread counter and at the ArtCaffe, said he was so traumatised by what he saw he has had to seek counselling.
Bomb disposal experts with sniffer dogs were yesterday painstakingly combing the part of the building still standing for explosives before clearing forensic officers, police and troops to search for bodies.
The main thrust of the operation began at 6am on Monday when troops and helicopters surrounded the building, but their efforts were hampered by an Al Shabaab sniper who managed to pin them back for nearly 24 hours.
As tear gas was used to try to flush him out, another terrorist reportedly blew himself up. It is believed the resulting fire may have killed dozens of shoppers in a supermarket.  
The following day, the soldiers were ordered to adopt a 'shoot to kill' policy and launched their final attack on the terror group on the roof of the mall at 5pm.
The mall was retaken about half an hour later.
Between 10 and 15 terrorists are thought to have stormed the mall on Saturday, according to Kenyan officials.
The police said five insurgents were killed in the battle and at least 10 taken into custody.

Graphic photos: Train kills man (cuts him into pieces) in Oshodi

Some eyewitnesses said the man threw himself in front of the train, some said he was just walking across the railway track with his friends when a train coming from Agege approached early yesterday morning around the Bolade area of Oshodi. Don't know which one is accurate but there's one fact; the unidentified man was crushed into pieces by the train. When I say into pieces, I mean head off, hand off,  leg off, cut into two from the stomach. Horrific!
Please I beg you don't open the photos, it will give you nightmares. But if you insist, see them after the cut..

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Residents Lament Infrastructure Decay

Residents of the Akoka area of Lagos State are lamenting the poor state of their roads, poor drainage channels and increasing insecurity in the community.

This, they did at a stakeholders’ forum organised by the Akoka Community Development Association.
The ACDA Chairman, Mr. Segun Adesanya, explained that there was a need for both the state and the local governments to come to the aid of the community.
Adesanya said the association had compiled projects that would enhance the standard of living in the community.
He added that about N28m would be needed for the construction of new drainages, boreholes, rehabilitation of some roads, provision of street lights, refuse bins and the purchase of transformers.
The ACDA chairman said, “Our community is in need of a proper drainage system. During the rainy season, the whole community is usually flooded. Rejuvenating this community is a major project that requires the attention of both state and local governments.
“Owing to the poor drainage system and lack of adequate maintenance culture,  our roads are in a deplorable state. We will appreciate if there is a continuous construction and maintenance programme in place for our community. Most of our projects really require the intervention of government.”
Source: Punch Nigeria

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lovely! Tiwa Savage’s Romantic Birthday message to Fiancee TeeBillz

Tiwa is so inlove with her man and doesn’t spare any opportunity to let the world know.She posted this photo on instagram with the caption
I’m not asking for too much just a “Couple of Forevers” with my soulmate, my best friend, my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Balogs

Popular Gospel Musicians Involved in Lesbíanism

Call it the biggest scandal to hit the Ghanaian gospel music fraternity and you will not be far from right.
Disgraceful? Reprehensible? Outrageous? Shocking? Or simply scandalous liaisons? All will be apt when the news is finally made public.
Host of Peace FM’s -Entertainment Review- Kwasi Aboagye dropped the hint on the Saturday June 1 edition of the show on his return from a recent trip to the United States of America.

The dreadful and appalling news, according to the host of Accra’s most widely-listened to entertainment show is that, some female gospel musicians are involved in the act of lesbíanism.

According to him, he has a list of the names of the gospel musicians involved in the practice. Moments after dropping the shocking exposé, several of his colleagues including panel members on the show and listeners who had their dials locked on the 104.3 frequency, flooded him with text messages with some even daring him to go public or cease speculating.

“Well, I’m not speculating. I’m saying that some female gospel musicians are involved in lesbíanism and I don’t think that is speculation”, he stridently said.

Asked when he will reveal the identities of the gospel musicians involved in the practice, Kwesi Aboagye indicated that at the “right time I will disclose their identities on radio but I know what I’m saying...and I stand by it that some gospel musicians not all gospel musicians. I said some female gospel musicians are involved in lesbíanism and I have evidence to support that”.

Pushed further to disclose whether they are budding artistes or veterans in the industry and or whether they based in Ghana or practice the act with other gospel musicians or ordinary women in the country, the “Entertainment Review” host simply said “I can only state that I got privy to the information in America and the gospel musicians are Ghanaians.”

The revelation has certainly raised eye brows in the industry with tongues wagging as to which one among them practices lesbíanism. But some believe it’s just a crude way by Kwesi Aboagye to gain more listenership.

However, considering his reputation in the entertainment industry and the niche he has carved for himself over the years, it will be highly inconceivable that a professional of his caliber will be so tactless to indulge in hearsay or peddle falsehood regarding such a sensitive issue without any shred of evidence.

For now, it remains to be seen as we keep our fingers crossed whether the “Darling Boy” as he is affectionately called, will make good his promise of disclosing the identities of the female gospel musicians involved in the practice of lesbíanism after the completion of his investigations into the matter or it will be just another “expensive all fool’s day” joke; despite the fact that we are in the month of september.

Bovi & wife welcome baby girl in the US(Photos)

Bovi & his beautiful wife Christabel are the proud parents of a baby girl.His wife gave birth a few hours ago in the US.They already have a son. Yesterday was his birthday too.
Congrats to them
Photo below

Bovi & wife welcome baby girl in the US(Photos)

Bovi & his beautiful wife Christabel are the proud parents of a baby girl.His wife gave birth a few hours ago in the US.They already have a son. Yesterday was his birthday too.
Congrats to them
Photo below

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CHECK OUT Tonto Dikeh's outfit to the premiere of Rukky Sanda's movie

This is what Tonto Dikeh wore to the premiere of  Rukky Sanda's movie 'Keeping My Man' tonight. Styled by Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swanky Signature. You like?...see another pic after the cut...

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