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I’m Still Expecting Artificial Arm From Dangote Cement – Injured worker

30-year-old Adekunle Adesanya had high hopes for his future the day he was  employed as a factory worker at Dangote Cement in Ibese, Ogun State.
photoThe secondary school certificate holder had dabbled into hip hop music and hoped to take it to the next level.
But first, he needed a job to keep body and soul together as he worked to get recognition in the music world.
“I applied for the job with Dangote Cement as a divertor machine operator because I could not find something better. I had no means to go further in my education but I did not lose hope of going for higher education in the future,”Adesanya told our correspondent.
The Ijebu-Ode indigene was employed at the factory on February 10, 2012.
He told our correspondent that though he was employed as a casual worker at the factory, the authorities told those in his set they would soon be incorporated as full staff. This, he said, was why he accepted the N26,000 per month salary.
But barely one month into his employment, Adesanya would regret ever setting foot in the company.
He was on night duty on March 20, 2012. The young man went to work without an inkling of the calamity that was about to befall him, the calamity that turned his life upside-down. That day, he went to work, looking forward to a successful day at work.
“I was on night duty that day. Night duty starts at 6pm and ends at 7am the following morning.
“I was on the shift at the divertor machine. My responsibility was to see that finished cement bags pass through the conveyor belt unhindered. I was also responsible for sorting out any bags that gets caught in the machine and rearrange it for onward conveyance through the belt,” Adesanya said.
He had done this same job hundreds of times, he knew what he was doing, he explained. But that day, he would lose his arm to the same machine.
The young man claimed that he did not just lose his arm to the machine, he nearly lost his life because of the factory management’s negligence.
Adesanya said, “Anytime a bag is caught between the belt, I am expected to stop the divertor machine in order to properly rearrange the bags. But that night as I stopped to rearrange some bags of cement that were stuck, the machine suddenly kicked back to life and I had to quickly jump off it.
“When this happened, I went down to the control room to report the incident so they could rectify the problem with the machine. But I was told to go back and continue using the machine because that was the way they had been using it for a while.”
He claimed the incident happened three times and he complained to the factory’s control room at each time.
Adesanya said he would have been sacked on the spot if he refused to continue working on the machine. He did not want to lose the only job he had at the time, he said.
The now physically handicapped young man explained, “After the third incident, I had to go to the technician on duty to express my anxiety about the situation and the problem with the machine.
“He too said I should go back to work and try and manage it well. When I went back to the machine, I met one Mr. Joseph, who supervises the machine. He complained that I was not at my duty post but I explained the situation to him.
“The man stayed with me to rearrange the bags because at this point, many of them had become stuck on the belt. But while we were on the machine, the same thing happened. The machine turned on by itself.  I quickly jumped off but the checker was caught between the railings and I had to pull the cable out to stop the machine.”
Adesanya did not stop working on the machine because he said he feared being fired.
He did not want to lose his job in an environment where there are probably 100 others waiting to fill that same position.
He said around 4am, he stood on the edge of the machine, to remove some bags that had been stuck again.
“The machine came on in an instant. The belt caught my feet and I fell down between the belts. The belts caught my right arm and chew it off from the shoulder. Nobody was there to help me but I managed to pull myself out and called for help.
“I lay in a pool of blood as other employees who heeded my call could do nothing. There was no medical staffer on duty.”
Adesanya said he was later taken to a clinic around 5am and was given treatment.
He explained that  some management staff of the factory, in company with one Mr. Malik, whom they referred to as the Deputy Managing Director, came to visit him in the hospital and promised some compensation and prosthetics.
Adesanya’s voice thickened with emotion. Tears he had held back without success ran down his cheeks as he continued.
He told Saturday PUNCH, “I stayed in different hospitals for about six months until I was discharged. The company paid the hospital bills. But this is one year after the incident, the company has not fulfilled any of its promises.
“I cannot go on with my life like this. I have become a disabled man because of that company’s negligence. The least they should do is to make life a little easier for me by compensating me and providing me with prosthetics.
“Am a tenacious young man with great dreams but this incident has set me back. What can I do without my arm? Where do I start? The management of Dangote Cement has turned a deaf ear to my cry.”
Adesanya’s lawyer, Mr.  Femi Falana, has demanded N50m compensation on his behalf.
A letter addressed to the company by Falana stated in part, “It is so pathetic and disheartening for your client to have abandoned our client since the tragic accident caused by your client’s negligence.
“As our client do not intend to sleep over his right as contained under the relevant acts governing matters of this nature,we have our client’s instruction to demand and hereby demand that the sum of N50,000,000. (fifty million naira) be paid to our client as compensation.”
When the company did not pay, the lawyer filed a suit against it at the Abeokuta High Court.
When our correspondent contacted the Group Head, Corporate Communications, Dangote Group, Mr. Anthony Chiejina, he said the company had not abandoned the Adesanya as he claimed.
“The company has not stopped his salary for more than a year since the incident happened. We have also being taking care of his hospital bills.
“At the moment, we are making arrangements to get him prosthetic arm from either South Africa or the US.”
Adesanya later confirmed to Saturday PUNCH that the company had indeed been paying him monthly.
“Yes, it is true that they  have been paying my salary since the accident occurred. I get paid every two weeks because that’s how the company pays its staff,” he told our correspondent over the phone.

PHOTO: Kanye Runs Into Pole while Trying To Evade The paparazzi!!

Sorry man!
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PHOTOS: See What A Secret Admirer Sent To Yvonne Nelson All The Way From Italy

Awww! Only a few celebrities get to receive surprisingly romantic gestures/acts from their fans and that was exactly what Yvonne Nelson got today!
photoA fan surprised the Ghanian actress by sending a beautiful flower bouquet all the way from Italy to Ghana. Yvonne was super excited and had to tweet "OMG from italy....speechless"' See the romantic flower below...

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Nigerian University Girls Exposed, Lésbian Party Gone Wild (SEE PHOTOS)

I would wish if you can share this story on your platform, There have been rapid increase of gay relatíonships in Nigeria and these days alot of people take it as a normal thing, here I was invited for a party, so i came with my boyfriend and later got to know it was an all girls party, so since he had exams, he said i should just have fun that we would see later, I was disappointed, but later decided to cheer up since i didnt want to feel down, but i was surprised that when the music started playing, girls started doing Intimate stuff with each other, some where kíssing, and touching each other séxually, i took pictures but my battery was low so i couldnt take much, here are the ones i got, i would have loved to share the university with you but dont want any silly stuff to come out, and since am a girl i would be affected, cause you know that even if i share the name of the uni with the world, if the authorities come they will start doing off things, which will simply just piss me off.
but i can confirm that its in the eastern part of Nigeria thou. please share my story and pictures too.
thank you


“I’m Back And Better” - Ngozi Nwosu Returns

Popular Nollywood actress and Fuji House of Commotion actress, Ngozi Nwosu is back in the country. The actress returned home Tuesday night from the United Kingdom where she underwent a surgical operation for kidney and heart transplant.
Ngozi left the UK hospital after her doctor confirmed that she is fully okay to return home. Ngozi landed into the waiting arms of her family, friends and colleagues. She said on her arrival, “I’m back and better.”
It would be recalled that the veteran actress developed kidney related illness and left the shores of the for an operation on 26th of February, 2013. It is also worthy of note that Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator, Pius Anyim stood by her all the way.
The actress in a statement appreciated the Governor of Lagos State and the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for their support and care when she needed it. She also had this to say to her fans “I am back and better”. Her publicist disclosed that she will return to the UK in a few months time for medical checkup.

Bangladesh Building Collapse: Woman Found Alive After 17 Days In Rubble (Photo)

For many days, rescue workers plowing through the site of last month’s building collapse in Bangladesh had the grim task of pulling out body after body.

photoOn Friday, as the recovery operation wound down, they found a survivor. Crews digging through the rubble heard a woman’s voice pleading for help.
“I’m alive,” she said, according to Capt. Ibrahim Islam, a Bangladeshi military official outside the site of the recovery operation. “Please rescue me.”
They extracted the woman in an hourlong operation, an army official said.
Crowds converged to watch and pray at the grim site as she chatted with rescuers who rushed her to a hospital.
Her name is Reshma. And she’s one of the more than 2,400 people pulled out of the rubble alive.
The discovery comes more than two weeks after a building in a Bangladesh complex, housing factories full of garment workers, caved in, South Asia’s deadliest industrial disaster.
Rescue and recovery workers searched through the nine-story building’s tangled wreckage in Savar, a suburb of the capital, Dhaka. During the first several days of dangerous and painstaking work, crews rescued a couple thousand people.
But since then, they haven’t found any more survivors — until Friday when Reshma was spotted.
As more bodies were recovered Friday, the total number of people confirmed dead rose to 1,039, said Maj. Zihadul Islam, a fire service official.
The past 11 days have focused on the grim task of retrieving dead bodies still buried in the heap of broken concrete, many of them so severely decomposed that authorities struggle to identify them.
“We are near the end,” Ibrahim Islam said.
The owners of the building and the factories are under investigation over accusations they ordered workers to enter the premises on the day of the collapse despite cracks in the structure the day before.

PHOTOS: Check Out Mercy Johnson's New Massive Home In Ajah

Mercy Johnson and her husband Prince Odi Okojie recently moved from their Omole estate home to a massive new home in Ajah, Lagos.
The multimillion naira 6-bedroom duplex has a roofed car park, a swimming pool, well equipped gym, bar, terrace, a pent house and boys-quarters at the back.

Family Of Four Killed In Auto Crash!!!

AT least four members of the same family reportedly lost their lives in an auto crash in Akure, the Ondo State capital Friday when officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC allegedly stopped a vehicle in the middle of the road abruptly.
The action of the FRSC officials according to eyewitness account resulted in three vehicles ramming into one another along the ever busy Ilesa-Owo expressway in Akure metropolis.
Some irate youths mobilized to the FRSC office along the road and vandalized it.
 Timely intervention of policemen from Ijapo Police Station prevented the youths from razing down the office.
Other officials of the Commission who were on patrol reportedly took to their heels when they saw the mob approaching them.
The officials of the commission were said to be on patrol along the express road when the incident occurred.
The eye witness Taiwo who is a motor dealer at the Akure Auto mart which is adjacent to the scene of the crash said that the FRSC officials stopped the driver of vehicle in the midst of the road and were checking its particulars.
An oncoming trailer reportedly lost control and rammed into the vehicle and compressed it.
A visit to the scene showed that a red Toyota Corolla car marked Lagos BBG 247 AU was being moved away from the major road.
In an interview the Head of Operations of the Commission in the state Mr. Sunday Ajayi, said none of the occupants of the affected vehicle died.
Ajayi denied that men of the Commission were responsible for the crash adding that they were on normal mobile court exercise when the incident happened.
According to him ” two of the injured persons were recuperating at the Jojein Hospital in the Oke Ijebu area of Akure while the two others were receiving treatment at the General Hospital, Akure.
 ”The attention of our officers who were on mobile court exercise was called to the accident and they immediately rushed to the scene.
“However just as they were trying to rescue the victims, some people mobilised to the scene and started vandalising our vehicles.
“The mob stormed the scene thinking that we caused the accident but the situation is calm now because security men were invited to maintain peace.”

33 Killed As Bus Plunges Into River


A crowded bus skidded off the road and plunged into a fast-flowing river in northern India on Wednesday, killing at least 33, according to police.
The accident occurred near the popular summer resort of Kullu, 250 kilometres from Himachal Pradesh state capital Shimla.
“So far, 33 bodies have been retrieved from the river and 14 other people are injured and have been rushed to hospital,” local police chief R.S. Negi told AFP from the crash site in Hamachal Pradesh state.
Negi said the death toll was likely to rise as some victims appeared to have been washed away in the fast-flowing waters of the Beas river which courses through the mountainous Indian state. Local reports said the bus was completely submerged in the water.
The officer said it was not immediately clear how many people were on board the bus, which was on its way to a village from Kullu when it slid off the road.
Wednesday’s crash is the worst reported road accident in India since March, when 37 people were reported dead after a passenger bus plunged off a bridge spanning a river in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Singer Vast Of Bracket Diagnosed With Cancer Of The Blood!!



When i came across this story i almost cried. Nwanchukwu Ozioko, popularly known as Vast from the popular singing group, Bracket, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma - cancer of the blood.
vast of bracket cancer
Vast was diagnosed in February this year after suffering serious body pains, headaches, non stop coughing, loss of weight and weakness while in Paris for a show. He flew to London where a test showed that he had cancerous cells.
vast of bracket

Vast has been receiving treatment at the Wellington Hospital in the UK since February and thanks to God the news is that he’s responding very well to treatment. He has undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy with each cycle costing about N1.4million. He will do a few more before returning to Nigeria next month.
vast of bracket cancer (2)
The talented singer previously visited a hospital in Nigeria late last year when he started losing weight and feeling weak. Tests were conducted on him but it took over three months to get back with the results; by then the cancer had spread to his liver.
Vast is getting better but still requires all your prayers.

Roberto Mancini Says Sir Alex Ferguson Is One of A Kind!!!

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says it has been a great honour to battle with rival manager Sir Alex Ferguson over the last three years.
photo Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says it has been a great honour to battle with rival manager Sir Alex Ferguson over the last three years.
Mancini described Ferguson as one of a kind after the 71-year-old announced he would retire at the end of this season following almost 27 years in charge at Old Trafford.
"It is his decision," said Mancini, who also revealed he sent Ferguson a message following the news.
"For me, it has been a great honour and pleasure to compete against Sir Alex for three years. It was a great honour to beat him in Old Trafford and I wish him good luck for his future. I don't know for which reasons (he is retiring).
"He's a top manager but he took this decision and we should respect it.
"This is difficult (to say who is the best manager). Everyone can have his opinion but one manager who stays for 27 years in the same club and won every trophy for 27 years is an incredible situation.
"I don't think there will be another manager like him, In Europe, there are other good managers. I don't know if you can say Sir Alex is the best (ever) but he is the best in the last 27 years."
David Moyes will replace Ferguson and Mancini dismissed concerns that the change could hinder United's ability to challenge for major trophies.
"I don't think this. A top club, a big club like United, you can change the manager. Sir Alex built this team but it is a big club with a big history and I don't think it will change something."

Airtel Introduces Single Recharge System For Voice, Data

One of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications operator, Airtel Nigeria, has introduced a dual-purpose single recharge card for both voice and data services on the network that will allow customers to recharge for both services with only one recharge card.
The Single Recharge Option, another first in the industry by Airtel, is available in both physical and electronic recharge formats. The physical recharge card comes in N100, N500 and N5000 denominations, while the electronic pin (paper) option are available in denominations of N100, N200, N500, N1000, N2000 and N5000.
For the Single Recharge, the old process of recharge for the Airtel voice service still suffices as customers are to dial *126* followed by the Recharge PIN and then #. However, to subscribe for data service on the same recharge card, customers will need to dial *143* followed by Recharge PIN and #.
The Single Recharge Option also attracts applicable bonus rates for data subscription depending on the amount of airtime purchased.
When customers load between N100 and N500, they will enjoy 60% data bonus while subscription of N1,000 to N5,000 attracts for 30 percent data bonus.
Speaking on latest innovation, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Airtel Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava, said the latest recharge option further buttresses the company’s commitment to continually offer Nigerians innovative products tailored to provide them a whole world of value and convenience.
He pledged Airtel relentless drive to deliver fresh and cutting-edge telecoms technology so to ensure that its customers continue to enjoy first-rate products and services, adding that Single Recharge is another great reason to be on the Airtel network, especially coming at a time when Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows customers to move over to Airtel for the conveniences that it offers its customers.
“The Airtel Single Recharge is simply a double victory for our customers because we have single-handedly, eliminated the multiple processes of recharging or subscribing for voice and data services separately, by merging the two procedures to produce a single and seamless recharge process for both services using a single step. This is not only unique but revolutionary, and can only come from a network that has got Nigerians proudly covered”, he said.
The Airtel Single Recharge, which is for both prepaid and postpaid customers, also provides additional advantage for data customers as it totally eliminates the process of subscribing for data using USSD or SMS codes.

Wizkid unveils artists under his Starboy label!!!

Man Arrested With N106m Fake Condoms & Drugs

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has arrested a trader, Olisaemeka Osefoh, for importation of counterfeit medicines into Nigeria.
The suspect was also arrested with fake Rough Rider condoms. PUNCH Metro learnt that the estimated street value of the goods was N106, 210, 000.
Some of the drugs seized include, Mycoten cream, Neurogesic ointment and Skineal cream.
In his statement, the suspect said he was in partnership with a cartel based in China, where the products were sourced, before being shipped to Nigeria.
The Director General of the agency, Dr. Paul Orhii, while parading the suspect, said Osefoh was arrested after a tip off.
He said the suspect had also given investigators information on how the goods were illegally cleared through Tincan Island Port, Lagos.
He said, “Operatives of NAFDAC’s Investigation and Enforcement Directorate raided a warehouse located at Progressive Traders Market known for the sales of jewellery and cosmetic products.
“During the raid at Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway, Lagos, 158 cartons of Skineal cream, 43 cartons of Funbact- A Cream, 719 cartons of Mycoten Cream, 131 cartons of Neurogesic ointment, 56 cartons of Rough Rider Condoms, 20 cartons of Iman Luxury Powder and 205 cartons of Heal Balm were impounded.”
Orhii said investigations revealed that drug counterfeiters no longer specialised only in foreign products but also in Nigerian-made drugs.
He said most of the fake drugs being imported were from China while India was second. He however said the agency was having talks with the Chinese Embassy on the issue.
He said, “I can say for sure that most of the fake drugs we have in the country now are from China while India comes second. The Indian government is giving us full cooperation but we are still having talks with China.
“NAFDAC is working with the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria to track down the criminal company in China that connived with the suspect to ship the fake medicine into the country.”
The NAFDAC boss seized the opportunity to warn landlords who rent out their warehouses to dealers in fake drugs.
He said henceforth, landlords would be arrested and charged to court if their properties were used for such illegal acts.
He advised consumers not to patronise traders who sold drugs secretly in their shops but should use proper pharmacies instead.
“Recent discovery has revealed that drug counterfeiters now operate from markets that deal in other commodities so as not to draw the attention of law enforcement agencies to their nefarious activities,” he said.
Source: punch

PHOTO: Tonto Dikeh Rocking Her Blonde Hair!!!

Controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh posted a photo of her rocking her blonde hair with caption 'You look innocent with blonde'.
Looks like the new trend among actresses these days is going blonde. From Chika Ike to Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim.
What do you think of hair, does she look innocent?

Emenike Promises Super Eagles $50,000 to Qualify For World Cup!!!

Emmanuel Emenike has promised to dole out $50,000 to members of the Super Eagles, if they clinch qualification to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
Nigeria currently sits on top of their Africa qualifying group with five points from three matches, ahead of Malawi, Kenya and Namibia.
The Spartak Moscow striker, who is currently injured and will miss games against Kenya and Namibia, has motivated his team mates to go all out, by promising them monetary reward.
“I promise the whole team $50,000 if they qualify for the World Cup in Brazil,” Emenike told
“Like I said before that we have team who can make this country proud, and I am doing this from the bottom of my heart just to motivate the team. I am not doing this to intimidate anybody but just to show my total support to the team because I grew up supporting the Super Eagles.
“I am really behind the team. I don’t want them to miss me because there are other players who can get them the goals.”
Emenike also revealed that he has always been a fan of the national team, even before he made his debut.
“Before I decided to play for Nigeria, even before I dreamt of becoming a professional footballer, which I am today by God’s grace, I have been a passionate fan of the Super Eagles.
“I could remember when I used to watch the team way back at the 1994 Nations Cup and World Cup, and I am speaking today as a Super Eagles player, it is a great honour, so the team means a lot to me and that is why I deem it fit to support the team in my little way.
“I never knew I will play for Nigeria. This is a reward for what I have done in Europe and it is time I supported my country even more.”

If I’m Arrested, Nigeria Will Be History – Dokubo-Asari

Leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has dared the House of Representatives and leaders of northern Nigeria to arrest him if they can.
Dokubo-Asari, who spoke with journalists on Wednesday evening in Abuja, said he stood by his words that there would be no peace if Jonathan is not reelected in 2015.
He was responding to calls by members of the House, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State and northern leaders, saying the leaders were cowards if he was not arrested.
The former President of Ijaw Youth Council also added that any attempt to arrest him would make Nigeria “a history”, asking why those calling for his arrest turned deaf ears when some northern leaders like former Military Head of State Maj.-Gen Mohamadu Buhari, Alhaji Lawal Kaita and a former member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Aliyu, among others.
He said, “I stand by my statement which I made in my early press conference. There will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere, if Goodluck Jonathan is not president by 2015.
“I want to refresh your memories with comments made by these northerners, who had in the time past threatened war and break-up of Nigeria.
“In 2010, one Lawal Kaita said and I quote: ‘Anything short of a Northern President is tantamount to stealing our Presidency. Jonathan has to go and he will go. Even if he uses the incumbency power to get his nomination on the platform of the PDP, he would be frustrated out…The North is determined, if that happens, to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his way to the seat of power on the platform of the PDP against the principle of the party’s zoning policy’.
“Today insurgent groups, in furtherance to Kaita’s call are wreaking havoc, attacking military barracks and seizing weapon, but we will not sit and watch. Kaita made this statement, nobody arrested or call for the arrest of this fellow, today he is walking free.
“Buhari made this statement in 2011, he was never arrested and nobody ever called for his arrest. In other countries, former leaders are being tried, but here, a man who overthrew a legitimate government, continues to threaten us with blood and nothing has happened.”
He added, “I am not afraid of arrest. I am saying it bold and clear without mincing words, that the consequences of my arrest, Nigeria will be history.
“The last time Obasanjo arrested me, my arrest reduced Nigeria oil production to 700,000 barrels per day. This time, it will reduce it to zero barrel, and we will match violence with violence, intrigues with intrigues. We are ready for them. Goodluck Jonathan will complete his tenure of two terms, whether they like it or not.
“I am daring them to arrest me if they can. If they don’t, they are cowards and shame on them.”

(SEE): Look who’s watching you?

So the Federal Government has installed no fewer than 906 Close Circuit TV cameras in strategic parts of Lagos State to ‘enhance security surveillance in the state’.
The Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Adebiyi Mabadeje, said this on Wednesday at a news conference in Ikeja organised to mark Governor Babatunde Fashola’s sixth year in office.
According to him, the cameras were deployed from the 1,000 earmarked for the state, saying the devices were already assisting security agencies to track the activities of criminals.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the deployment of CCTV cameras nationwide to enhance surveillance, is a core component of the FG`s National Public Security Communication System Programme.
“Yes the project is on and it is real. 906 of the 1,000 cameras earmarked for the state have already been delivered and they have already being installed at secret locations across the metropolis.
“Though they have not been officially commissioned, they are already being put into use by the security agencies to track the activities of criminals,’’ he said.
The commissioner noted that the installed cameras were sophisticated devices as they had the capacity to generate video, voice and data simultaneously, to ensure effective surveillance.
So my question exactly, Is this necessary?

Waje On Glo Ambassador Deal: ‘I’m Grateful To God’

This could be described as a double blessing for the sensational singer, Waje who was recently unvieled as one of the new Glo ambassadors, a mouth-watering deal that came up few days after she launched her much talked about album.
Still basking in the euphoria of the excitement, the singer said, she is so grateful to God for the deal, adding that it is an indication that more blessings are coming her way before the end of this year.
“I am so grateful to God for this deal. It shows that more blessings are still coming my way. As for what I will do with the money, it is strictly my personal business,” she said.
The telecommunication giant, Globacom last week unveiled its new brand ambassadors, putting an end to all speculations about which entertainers would be signed on or not.  While Omawumi, Waje, Lynxxx and Flavour have already been showcased in Glo’s number Portability campaign, other entertainers like Bez and Tiwa Savage are being expected to follow suit.
Our sources revealed that the telecommunication company may be resting their deals with Nollywood actors and switching over to pop stars. Glo, according to an insider  believes,music stars  are more influential amongst the youth than their Nollywood counterparts.

Exposed: Real Father Of Michael Jackson’s Children Finally Confesses!!

Brit actor Mark Lester has dramatically vowed to have DNA tests to prove he is the ­father of Michael Jackson’s three children, the Sunday People can reveal.
Former Oliver! child star Mark – godfather to all Jacko’s kids – believes there is a “good possibility” he is their biological dad.
The 54-year-old actor, who was Michael’s best pal for 30 years, donated sperm to the ­superstar a year before the singer’s first child was born.
Now Mark, who has not been ­allowed to see Prince Michael, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 11, since their father’s death in June 2009, has sent them a message, ­saying: “I’m here, come and visit England, we’ll look after you.”
Speaking exclusively to the Sunday People, Mark said: “After Michael asked me to donate sperm for him I completely forgot about it.
“He was a great dad to them, brought them up and was brilliant with the kids so I just didn’t go there but there is obviously a good possibility (that I could be the biological father).
“I wouldn’t have a DNA test without the children’s permission but when the children come of age, and it’s not far away, and they decide they want me to do it then I will. It is up to them.
“I don’t want to tell them what to do. I just want to reconnect and be the godfather that Michael made me.”

Wayne Rooney Deletes Manchester United From His Twitter Page

Wayne Rooney faces a backlash from Manchester United fans after it emerged he asked outgoing manager Sir Alex Ferguson for a transfer two weeks ago.

Fans took to Twitter and message boards to urge the club to sell the England striker after Sportsmail exclusively revealed that Rooney is seeking a fresh start elsewhere.
The news will interest Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, who are favourites to sign the £25m-rated frontman.
Rooney also recently removed the words ‘Manchester United player’ from his Twitter profile, replacing them with ‘Nike Athlete’.
His representatives insisted no change had been made recently and it later emerged that a number of other Nike-sponsored players – including United team-mate Tom Cleverley – had made similar changes to their social media biographies some months ago.

(LOOK) Meet The Mr. Universe Nigeria 2013 Contestants!!!

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Abuja                                                    Abia
Click for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image Size
Akwa Ibom                                                  Kebbi
These guys are on point.....who do you think deserves to win and to the ladies who would you hit on. Be  careful who you choose, make you no go wound o! Lol

Click for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image Size
Edo                                                      Kogi
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Bauchi                                                 Bayelsa
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Kwara                                                        Cross Rivers
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Kano                                                       Taraba
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Benue                                                Niger
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Gombe                                                Delta
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Adamawa                                            Plateau
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Enugu                                                                  Rivers
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