Friday, October 4, 2013

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Man impregnates daughter for rituals!!

Villagers in Zimunya were left speechless after  local man allegedly had sex with his daughter and sired a child with her.

Zebediah Chisamba is the alleged father of her daughter, Evermore's six-week baby and was recently summoned by acting Chief Zimunya at his traditional court to answer the charges of the bizarre incestrous affair.

The court heard that Chisamba's late wife who passed on in 2003 has been manifesting through Evermore to sleep with him and 'make babies'. Evermore, during the court session, professed ignorance over the issue and said she could be bedding her father unknowingly.

Interestingly, the then pregnant Evermore earlier this year eloped to a Harare man known as Maocha but "everything failed to work" after Maocha disowned the pregnancy. The paternity of Evermore's first child is also shrouded in mystery.

The community, however, has remained adamant that Evermore has been in playing 'hide your sausage' game with her father and subsequently sired children together.

Chisamba was found guilty when he appeared before acting Chief Zimunya after overwhelming evidence was produced against him, chief among them being revelations by his own brother who testified against him.

For impregnating his own daughter, Chisamba was ordered to pay a beast and one sheep before the end of October. He was also asked to call his kinsmen so that the chiefdom would devise a way forward.

"This is unacceptable. So you should therefore pay a beast and one sheep. You should also call your kinsmen so that we will conclude the issue and come up with the way forward. You have a case to answer. This abominable act can surely defile my righteous community. We don't tolerate that taboo," said the Chief in his ruling.

Chisamba's young brother attributed the affair to rituals.

"We cannot deny that my brother (Zebediah) slept with his daughter. We all know that. However, we cannot blame them.

His late wife was reportedly into witchcraft and it is possible that when she died she 'transferred' some of the shenanigans to him. We also learnt that she is coming to sleep with him through Evermore although Zebediah would not want to agree.

"Zebediah akamboromba (he once acquired mysterious wealth charms) but he did not finish the process of cleansing the juju so the incestrous affair could be attributed to his dark past which he is trying to put right. His late wife's spirit descended on Evermore and spoke out. It's not surprising that Evermore could be in the dark about the whole issue," he said.

Zebediah whose contrasting statements baffled many who were in attendance initially denied the allegations saying he was a caring father who respected his family.

"How on earth would I do such a crazy thing? I am a very loving dad. I accommodated her when she was pregnant and I took care of her as well as comforting her. Yes I miss my wife, so much but I am surprised that my brother is accusing me of that," he claimed.

After further interrogation he however, later admitted that sin of the flesh overpowered him.

"What can I do? I'm also a human being," he eventually confessed.

Evermore, who was visibly confused during the whole session said he didn't know what was taking place.

"I don't know anything. I went to the father of my first child and things did not work out well. I also eloped to my second husband when I was carrying the pregnancy of the baby in question and I was also chased away before I decided to come back home and stay with my father. I am confused. I can't say anything more," said the spiritually troubled woman.

Meanwhile, Section 75 of the Criminal Law Cordification Act (Chapter 9:23) states that having sex within a prohibited degree of relationship which includes father and daughter is a criminal offence. It is called incest and the accused will be charged with rape. .
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stunning Photos from Lnda Ikeji's Birthday Party!!!

Looking so sexy in that dress, nice thighs too ;), she deffinately had a great time in Manchester on Friday Sept. 27th.  See more photos after the cut..

CBN Bans Importation Of Foreign Currency

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has banned the importation of all foreign currencies except with approval.

This was contained in a statement signed by CBN Director of Corporate Communications, Mr Ugo Okoroafor, on Tuesday in Abuja. It said that the move was sequel to the Bank’s withdrawal of the operating licence of 20 Bureaux de Change (BDCs).
The CBN alleged that the BDCs purchased and sold huge sums of U.S. dollars with no documentation to show details of the transactions.
The statement quoted the Deputy Governor, Economic Policy, Dr Sarah Alade, as saying that the CBN frowned at the existence of strong foreign exchange demand pressure from domestic sources.
She said that the CBN had observed a surge in dollar cash importation by banks and the huge cash sales of the dollars to BDCs by the banks. She disclosed that the purchase and sale of the cash were not adequately documented by the BDCs.
Alade said that if the trend was not contained, it could pose grave threats to the value of the naira as well as the Nigerian economy which had gradually become dollarised.
She said the CBN Governor, Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and his team decided to take immediate action to safeguard the naira and ensure its stability in the face of the aforementioned challenges. Meanwhile, the CBN has also announced that the Retail Dutch Auction System (RDAS) would take effect from Oct. 2. This followed the suspension of the Wholesale Dutch Auction System (WDAS) at the official foreign exchange market.
It said that the RDAS would allow only customers of deposit money banks to buy foreign exchange at the CBN through their banks. This is against the WDAS where the deposit money banks bought foreign exchange at the CBN on their own accounts and in turn sold to their customers.
“The re-introduction of the RDAS is expected to prevent round tripping of foreign exchange purchased at the CBN official window to unauthorised channels. “Also, a circular has been issued mandating all deposit money banks to redeem all inward money transfers in naira to the recipients at the prevailing inter-bank foreign exchange rate. “This is in line with best practice,’’ it said.
The statement said that apex bank would continue to support the operations of BDCs in line with existing guidelines, adding that BDCs were still relevant in the foreign exchange market.
“To guard against stifling the activities of the BDCs, the CBN has authorised all deposit money banks to deal at the official foreign exchange market rate. “It also warned that banks can only sell foreign exchange cash to BDCs subject to a maximum of 250,000 dollars per week per BDC.
“The CBN also advised all BDCs to continue to comply with the conditions of their operating licences, including the proper rendition of returns with respect to the purchases and sales of foreign exchange.’’
The statement said that the apex bank had assured members of the public of its commitment to maintaining price stability and the preservation of the value of the naira in accordance with its mandate.

Beyonce was a good girl till she met me...I made her gangsta-JayZ

In the recent issue of Vanity Fair, Jayz who is on the cover opens up on his drug past and also talks about Beyonce, how hard it was to impress her and says he changed her from a good girl to a gangsta.
On Drug dealing
 ''I know about budgets. I was a drug dealer. To be in a drug deal, you need to know what you can spend, what you need to re-up.Not until later, when I realised the effects on the community,I started looking at the community on the whole, but in the beginning no.

'I was thinking about surviving. I was thinking about improving my situation. I was thinking about buying clothes.''You have to have an exit strategy, because yourwindow(for dealing drugs) is very small. You're going to get locked up or you're going to die
On dating Beyonce..
'''We were just beginning to try to date each other. Well, you know, you've got to try first. You got to dazzle ... wine and dine.''If I’m as cool as I am, yes. But she’s a charming Southern girl, you know, she’s not impressed... But I would have definitely had to be this cool.'
He also confirms that the line on his latest album: 'She was a good girl ’til she knew me' is about his wife.
When quizzed if she is no longer a 'good girl', Jay-Z responds: 'Nah. She’s gangsta now.'

PHOTO: Meet the 52year old woman who tattooed Robert Pattinson & Twilight movie poster allover her body

52 year old Cathy Wardas has taken her love for the hit movie, Twilight to another lever.
Her first tattoo is an elaborate recreation of the film poster for New Moon as well as other characters in the movie.She says..
'We've got the book covers, we've got the ribbon, we've got the family crest, we've got the hairpiece, we've got the chessboard from Breaking Dawn, we've got the wolf tribalsymbol,' she reveals.
'I've had five wolves done and one of the last things Jacob says to [Bella] when he realises he's lost her. He said: "It would be as easy as breathing with me".'

She states however that she is more interested in Edward, played in the films by Robert Pattinson, and is about to tattoo his face on her legs
'Obviously, I'm Team Edward so most of my tattoos are of Edward,' she explains. 'I'm definitely a Robert Pattinson fan. I've had about 91 hours of tattooing now and it's costing a small fortune,'I've forked out just under £8,500 and by the time I'm finished, when [my] body's completely covered, we're looking at between £17,000 and £25,000.'

PHOTO: Meet The Man Who Butchers Animals Himself And Eats Their Raw Meat


  • Meet The Man Who Butchers Animals Himself And Eats Their Raw Meat
    Derek Nance, from Lexington, Kentucky, U.S., has eaten only raw meat for the past five years, after a mystery illness caused him to develop an unusual appetite for bloody animal carcasses.
    Derek says he even brushes his teeth with animal fat in a bid to feed his odd food addiction, and is training to become a butcher. He claims that he never gets sick of eating the same thing, and feels better than ever, adding, "The idea of cooked meat no longer appeals. It just tastes burned."
    He said that doctors thought he'd developed a food allergy when everything he ate started making him sick almost six years ago.
    To combat his sudden weight loss, he scoured the internet to find treatment plans and diets. At first he cut out wheat and dairy but when that didn't work he turned vegan, which also had no effect. 
    His fellow in misery recommended a carnivorous version of the Palaeolithic diet, popularly referred to as 'the caveman diet.'
    Meet The Man Who Butchers Animals Himself And Eats Their Raw Meat
    "I'd been sick for such a long time that I was willing to give anything a try. I had a couple of goats in my yard that I was using for milk, and you know, I was tired of milking them. So I slaughtered them. I ate both of those goats, all raw, and just switched over."
    At first, he said, there were certain problems with his stomach, as his body adapted to his new meat-loaded diet, but three weeks later he was hooked.
    Mr Nance is keen to spread the word about eating raw meat. In a YouTube video, he demonstrates how to dissect a lamb's carcass, which he'd left to 'age' in his fridge for a couple of weeks.
    Adding a bizarre twist, Mr Nance's girlfriend, Joanne, is vegetarian. However, she only recently decided to stick to greens and has tried her beau's diet in the past.
    Meet The Man Who Butchers Animals Himself And Eats Their Raw Meat
    She says she understands that he must restrict his diet for health reasons, and feels lucky that she can eat anything.
    However, some people are less understanding about Mr Nance's habits. The former electrician says that his family think he's 'lost it' and at the 'deep end of insane'. During family visits, his diet is not mentioned and they tend to avoid getting together around the dinner table.
    Nothing goes to waste and he says organs and clotted blood are a good source of vitamin C.
    Meet The Man Who Butchers Animals Himself And Eats Their Raw Meat
    Source: Dailymail

    (+18)-Rihanna shows off her stripper skills

     These are more pics from her Pour It Up video shoot...I guess this is going to be her raunchiest video yet...From these pics I have to say its going to be hard for girls like Miley to take over when it comes to that sexy image .Rihanna just has a way of being sexy without being trashy..

    More photos below...Don't open if less than 18 ohhh..What you are about to see,you have never seen before....Lol

    Maheeda shows off her crotch & boobs to mark Independence(+18Photos)

    Well......................................She tagged them Independence pix..I guess thats her own way of marking it...I thought Rihanna was the baddest of all..I guess not.
    More below

    HORRIBLE: Family Couple, Three Others Killed in Ghastly Road Accident

    When Mr. Victor Idam, his wife and three others left their home in an ash-coloured Nissan Primera car for Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, they had no premonition that the journey which started on a joyous note, would end in a disaster.

    The couple and their three companions who hailed from Afikpo North Local Government Area, were involved in a ghastly auto-crash which claimed their lives, leaving two others with minor injuries.
    The crash, which was a head-on collision with a trailer, occurred at about 3.45 p.m. at Berger Junction along the Ishiagu – Afikpo Road.
    The deceased couple who were members of Deeper Life Bible Church were riding in a Nissan Primera with registration number UML 250 AA when it (car) collided with a yellow-coloured Mack Trailer with registration No. APP 215 XP (pictured).
    HORRIBLE: Family Couple, Three Others Killed in Ghastly Road Accident
    A source close to the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, in Ebonyi State told Vanguard Metro on condition of anonymity that the crash was caused by over-speeding. He advised road users to desist from over-speeding on the smooth-surfaced Ishiagu/Afikpo road.
    Another eyewitness attributed the crash to the carelessness of the driver of the trailer. The source said that the accident occurred when the conductor of the trailer was trying to take over from his driver while the vehicle was still in motion.
    “The accident was very terrible; in fact, those who came to rescue the victims had to force the doors open before the victims were brought out. I learnt that the conductor was trying to take over from the driver while on steering. Before their death, the couple were resident in Umuahia. The wife worked with the Education Board in Abia, while the husband who is graduate of Ebonyi State University, EBSU, Abakaliki worked with a media outfit located in Port Harcourt. He was a presenter with Deeper Life Satellite Television,” the source explained.
    The State Coordinator, Special Marshal RF 9.2 Nigeria, Dr. Henry Urochukwu who spoke on the accident, advised government to make the teaching and learning of safety education mandatory in primary and secondary schools.
    “If we start on time to talk about safe driving from our primary and secondary schools, it helps the situation. That accident that happened at Ishiagu was very pathetic; learning how to drive is not just it, you need to know about the maintenance of the vehicle among other requirements.
    “In this case, we must look at both human and environmental factors before we can accurately discuss the reasons behind that accident. If a driver is not conversant with the road, accident may occur. Note that the road may be well tarred but accident may occur due to poor lighting of the road at night. If a driver does over 100 kilometres per hour, it is over speeding. The psychological disposition of a driver matters a lot during driving,” he said.
    Continuing, Dr. Urochukwu asked a lot of rhetorical questions: “We need to look at the medical history of the driver to ascertain whether he had had a heart attack. What is his psychological disposition to driving? Is he an epileptic patient? Is the driver tired after driving for about 17 hours? Is the person prone to risk taking? Does he have a pulse for over-speeding; does he have a defective judgement while driving; does he spend time quarrelling with another road user instead of focusing on his lane? Does he have a poor perception of his or her environment? It is a very complex issue but these are the factors we need to put into consideration.”
    VM learnt that the bodies of the deceased have been deposited at a mortuary in Uturu, Abia State while the injured victims are currently receiving treatment in hospital. 

    Olamide 'Badoo' Caught Smoking Shisha!!

    Olamide was spotted with smoking pipe 'Shisha' at a popular night club. Badooo!

    Photos from EME Ist lady Niyola's "Toh Badt" video shoot in New York

     EME Ist Lady ,Niyola has wrapped up the video shoot for her latest hit single "TOH BAD"  The videowas shot  in New York and directed  Kemi Adetiba..
     No doubt its gonna be a hot video..
    More pics below

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