Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Sp*rm harvesters" rape another man!!!!

In what has become a painstaking jigsaw puzzle to establish the motive of s�x attacks on men by suspected female rapists, another man has allegedly been raped in Kadoma.

The man is recovering from the trauma of being forced to be intimate with two women who made off with his semen after he was offered a lift.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara yesterday confirmed the incident where a 24-year-old man (name withheld) was s�xually assaulted by a three-member gang on Monday evening. Police said at around 6pm at Battlefields bus stop, the complainant was looking for transport when a Mercedes Benz compressor vehicle, navy blue in colour with two women and a male pulled over and offered him a lift to Kadoma.

The complainant reportedly got into the car and immediately one of the female passengers offered him a canned Coca-Cola drink which he accepted and drank. After a few minutes, the man started feeling dizzy and fell unconscious.

He only regained consciousness a while later and realised the car had been parked about eight metres from the road near Bryden Primary School just outside Chegutu along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway.

The male suspect reportedly produced a pistol and threatened to shoot the complainant before giving him six condoms and ordered him to have s�x with the two women.

The complainant obliged and took turns to have s�x with the two women. Following the assault, the suspects allegedly took the condoms laden with semen and wrapped them in tissue paper.

They then sped-off from the scene leaving the complainant stranded.

The man, who lost property worth $276, was helped by passers-by who took him to Kadoma where he reported the matter to the police.  
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Kenny Ogungbe And Tony Okoroji Fight in Public

The Nigerian Entertainment Conference held over the weekend at the Grand ball room of the Eko Hotel and suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Heated words were exchanged between Kennis Music Boss Mr. Kenny Ogungbe and Chairmanof Copyright Society of Nigeria COSON, Chief Tony Okoroji who had confronted Kenny Ogungbe in the presence of journalists for daring to say in public that COSON owed him money.
�How could he say such a thing? And in public?� Chief Okorogi fumed. Kenny Ogungbe on his part remained resilient, insisting he would stand by his words. They exchanged abusive words and with the way things were going, it could have resulted in a physical challenge. Kenny Ogungbe went on to say �After now, if anything happens to me, it is onyour head�.
The incident happened immediately after the first session of the conference where Mr. Kenny Ogungbe had been amongst a panel of discussants along side Cool DJ Jimmy Jat, Sound Sultan, MI and Weird MC during which pertinent industry issues had been raised.
The panel before taking questions from participants discussed �Looking at the music scene through the eyes of talents, labels, investors, consumers, regulatory bodies. The role of an artiste in the digital age and lastly,surviving in a peculiar industry like Nigeria.
However, Weird MC in her opening had raisedquestions on the �exploitation of our works�. She noted that the music industry is no longerabout just entertainment but a business that should be accounted for. She claimed that music properties of artistes were being exploited with no form of payments made as settlements. Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) is Nigeria�s sole government approved collective management organization for musical works and sound recordings.
Weird MC specifically asked the society if theyhad any kind of international affiliations with international music copyright regulatory bodies to help check the exploitation of works put out by Nigerian artistes.
According to her �We need to address the International Affiliations involved cause this isa business. Kenny Ogungbe had stepped out after the panel to re-emphasize these statements made by Weird MC to reporters before making the comments that infuriated Chief Okoroji. After the argument, both were too angry to speak on other important issues.
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(LOOK) Describe This Outfit With One Word??

LooooL!! Na wa o!!
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(LOOK) What's Wrong with this photo??

Look at the picture very well. There is something strange about it, what is it?
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VIDEO: Woman Raised By Monkeys Releases Autobiography


Marina Chapman claims she was raised by a group of capuchin monkeys in Colombia.
She says she spent several years of her childhood with the primates after being kidnapped and abandoned in the jungle.
With the help of her daughter, Vanessa James, Mrs Chapman has been able to share her extraordinary life in a new book.

Two Bag Seven-Year Jail Term For N33million Fraud!!!!


Justice M. L. Shuaibu of the Federal High Court, Kaduna has sentenced two persons, Ifeanyi Echebiri and Sylvester Okoli, to seven years imprisonment each for obtaining money under false pretence.
The accused persons were arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on May 13, 2011 on a 21-count charge of obtaining money under false pretence, contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act 2006 and punishable under Section 1(3) of the same Act.
The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge.
In the course of the trial, the EFCC called eight witnesses and presented several documents, which were admitted as exhibits.
After over two years of trial, Justice Shuaibu delivered judgment on April 26, 2013 and convicted the accused persons on 17 of the 21 counts.
The accused persons were sentenced to seven years imprisonment on each of the counts but the sentences are to run concurrently.
The court also ordered that the accused persons be made to make restitution to the complainant.
However, this order will only be carried out sequel to a thorough and satisfactory investigation into the source of the complainant’s money, that it was not acquired illegally.
The convicts’ journey to prison began when on May 13, 2011 one Usman Falalu, a 31-year-old Engineer, who works with a construction company in Kaduna State petitioned the Commission, alleging that he was swindled of N33 million by a syndicate of fraudsters through a phony contract to supply power voltage rings worth N132 million to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Police Arrest Cow Over Murder!!!


The police at Sango Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, have arrested a cow following the killing of a 24-year old teenager identified as Azeez Salako at Ilata area of Ota, a suburb of Ogun State.
P.M.NEWS gathered that youths in Ilata Ota were planning to hold a carnival on Saturday 27 April, 2013 and there was an argument between some of the youths which led to a fight and one of the boys identified as Dayo broke a bottle which he used to stab Salako in the neck and he bled to death.
•The cow detained at a police station over murder
When the police arrived at the scene of the fracas everyone had fled leaving behind the cow bought to slaughter during the carnival and the police arrested the cow and took it to the station where it is currently being detained. When P.M.NEWS visited Sango Area Command where the incident was reported, both the Area Commander ACP Titi Kayode and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Sango Division CSP Dibie were not available for comment. However, a source at the station who confirmed the incident on condition of anonymity said the suspected killer is on the run as no arrest has been made.
“Both the Area Commander and the DPO are not around now. We are still investigating the matter as no arrest has been made. The person who was alleged to have stabbed the deceased is on the run. It is only the cow the youths wanted to use for the carnival that was brought from the scene,”
source. pm news


I’m 26yrs old woman, i stay with my father & Mother.
Now i found difficult to live with them coz i feel jealous
when i see them going to bed @ night after i saw dad
in shower he got a nice Penis.
I think i love my father coz i have feelings
4 him i want to have sex with him.
When my Mom is not there i try my
best to wear a miniskirt & sits attractive
(photo) but he don’t pay attention me,
or my legs are not sexy?
Help me wat can i do to let my father know
about my feelings? I’m really dying

Rihanna buys £700,000 limited edition car for Chris Brown...

Rihanna has got enough dosh to make sure Chris Brown doesn’t just get socks and a dodgy jumper for his 24th birthday.
The singer has shelled out more than £700,000 on a limited edition 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss – only 75 were ever made. And she’s also planning to take him to that well-known UK tourist hotspot... York.
A source said: “Chris is in Las Vegas with pals so he’ll get his birthday gifts on his return to LA next week.

Birthday surprise ... a 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss for Chris
“Rihanna has spent more than a million dollars on his main gift – a custom-made car. She’s had it personalised with his initials on the red leather seats.
“Rihanna is also planning a break to the UK in June when they’ll visit York.She’s on tour then and he has always wanted to visit the historic town.”

Terry G Beats Up AY Dot Com

Although the both parties mentioned do not enjoy the best of relationship for some years now, no one knew it would degenerate into a rofo rofo fight years after, until they finally engaged each other in a severe boxing match recently that finally earned AY a serious head but from ‘Terry the Ginja’ .
For the purpose of those who may not have understood the whole story, let us revert to the beginning of the matter.
In 2009, AY Dot come launched an attack on Terry G and warned him to stop performing his song, “Pass Me Your Love” in shows. The song which featured Terry and was also produced by him turned out to be a monster hit single later became the subject of a misunderstanding between the two parties over the years.
While Terry on his part claims he has the right of performing the song since it was a duet that featured him, AY Dot Come maintained it was never going to happen while he lives.
Meanwhile, AY on several occasions lamented of how Terry G went about collecting money on his behalf to perform the song without his consent.
Now from the story, you can see it was an age long animosity which finally turned out into a free for all fight, where blows were exchanged; several bottles broken, people injured, trying to separate the fight. Fast forward to what happened at Terry G’s Iju home on his birthday.
An eyewitness said, ‘AY came in the company of some friends as a sign of solidarity to celebrate with the ‘Intellectual Mad Man’ on his birthday and upon sighting him, Terry G Immediately threw caution to the wind and all the madness in him was let lose, as he punched AY severally and landed him an headbutt.
AY upon being rescued reached out for the next available weapon but was immediately intercepted by friends and colleagues. At this point the party was already thrown into a halt, while Terry G insisted that Ay disappears from his house before something worse happens. AY was immediately seen to the gate of the compound with bruises all over his body.
Neither Terry G nor AY was available to give their reaction on the story, as their both numbers were switched off as at the time of filing in this report.

I cheated on my husband and I plan to continue!!!

I have been the angry, unsatisfied and bitter wife for the last nine years. I’m married to a man who has absolutely no respect for the marriage institution. He has had more girlfriends than I have changed my hair since we got married. He started cheating on me months after our wedding in 2004 when I was pregnant. And it hasn’t stopped ever since. Every other day a different girl, a different situation, a lot of drama. Initially he would lie or try to cover up when I ask him questions or catch him but now he tells me to go to hell and leave the marriage if I was no longer satisfied.
Well, I have four kids and I don’t plan to be a single mother in this kind of environment so I’m staying put in my marriage but I’m done being the victim. Yes, I have started cheating on my husband. I am proud to say I have a boyfriend who I have regular, satisfying sex with. And I have absolutely no plans of being the faithful wife ever again. Once this affair ends, I’m starting a new one. There’s no going back now. As long as he’s cheating on me, I will be cheating on me. I smile a lot these days and it’s not just Jesus putting the smile on my face. This is the happiest I have been in at least 8 years. And I also discovered that quite a number of my female friends have been cheating on their husbands for years now. Why didn’t anyone give me the memo sooner? Just thought to share my happy story.


The Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State, born actor who narrated his ordeal in tears to The Nigerian Compass on Sunday, recently said he is bitter with his colleagues though he prayed God to touch their lives. He revealed how everyone including some of the young actors and actress he mentored in the industry abandoned him since the stroke he suffered.
The actor who spoke to The Nigerian Compass on Sunday in Asaba, the Delta State capital, where he is recuperating also expressed his disappointment with Delta State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mr. Richard Mofe Damijo (a.k.a. RMD), a close friend of his, whom he claimed suddenly ignored him.
“This man Richard, I remember we did a lot of things together before now. That is the world for you. In fact, he organised and hosted me when I visited Asaba, when I was healthy. He promised this and that, but the moment I had this problem, he started dodging me.
I remember one day that I managed to get to his office in Asaba to seek his assistance. Upon seeing me, approaching from afar he told his personal assistants to tell me that he was not around. But he did not know that I saw him from a very far place.
That is human being for you. For me, this stroke has thought me a lesson and I have learnt not to put my trust in any man as my bible tells me.
“Up till now, many of them believed I would die.”
Bruno said that since his travails started, he has not received a common phone call from any of his former colleagues in Nollywood “not to talk of assistance.” He said that many rather prefer to hear his obituary or any other bad news as they have even started spreading rumour that he is dead.
“I had a stroke and that was the end of it. I was unconscious, and if you are unconscious you are dead. It was when I opened my eyes that I realised that I was in a church here in Delta State. I don’t even know when they brought me down to this place. When I opened my eyes, I was so hungry.
I had not eaten for along time. All I could remember was that I was in admission for a long time before they took me to a church where God healed me.
“Again, all I can say now is “Thank my God that I am alive. I have also given my life to Jesus Christ as you can see that I am now a Pastor,” Bruno said.
He said that when he would not recall exactly when he was hit by the strange illness as one of the effect of stroke is one that makes one to forget his past.
“If I tell you that this was the particular day I had this stroke then I did not have stroke. Up till now, I am still trying to find out how this stroke hit me and how they brought me here in Asaba. Because when you are hit with stroke you will even forget your own name. I forgot my name.
In fact, I never knew I still exist. Up to the time they took me to the bible school I never knew. That is stroke for you. I pray that no man experiences it. I am happy, T getting better. God is in control. And I will not give glory to any man but God who has healed me.”
Though sidelined from for the past one year, the popular actor also thanked God that the stroke did not that sniff life out of him. He noted that the journey of his life in the past one year has been an uncharted script that has taken him from the throes of death to the land of the living.
“Let me tell you the truth, after I had this stroke I did not know how I was looking. That is why I am not happy with this so-called people you call my colleagues. But I forgive all of them because God has transformed my life. Do you know that some of them that I had hoped on have not even made any effort to assist me and 1 believe that they are all aware of my present condition? I remember there were some of them I met recently. Do you know that when they saw me they were surprise because of the way they were looking, at me? They made me look like a Methuselah. They never recognised me because my face was not looking good.”
Bruno who has featured in numerous movies and television productions again thanked God for being there for him since the illness. He said it pained him that he committed all his talent to making Nollywood a big industry and putting smiles on the faces or Nigerians only for his colleagues to forget him at adiretime.
On whether other interests apart from Nollywood has made any effort to assist him, he hinted that government is yet to come to his assistance.
“I went to speak with my state governor and 1 believe he is a wonderful man. He has a great passion for all Deltans. But I am still trying my best to see how I could reach Governor Uduaghan, which has not been possible. I believe that if l can have access to him, he will assist me. Since this thing happened there has been no single actor that called me to ask about my condition. It is a shame to them.
“Would they say they don’t know that 1 have been down in the last one year? I am saying this because I know what I did for many of them. I now feel that the industry is full of ungrateful people.”
Bruno said he now feels that many of his colleagues are empty because they have denied themselves the opportunity of showing compassion to their fellow human beings during trying periods. He reasoned that what is to blame is the limit of their understanding of the power of empathy.
“I actually do not think it is now necessary to have any bad feeling against any of them because many of them, especially, the young actors think that money is everything. But that is hypocrisy. When one is sick, then he knows who is his or her friend. I thank God that he has not ignored me. God has showered his blessings on me and that is why I am happy,” he said

They Should Never Have Gotten Back Together – Chris Brown’s Dad

Chris brown’s father is on the same page with most americans when it comes to his son dating Rihanna — they should have NEVER gotten back together.
In an interview with the New York Daily News, Clinton Brown said that while he understand breezy’s attraction to RiRi, they are better off on their own. He told the paper, “I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together.”
The elder Brown, who split from chris mom when he was 6, thinks the on-again/off-again couple does not have the proper balance to maintain a good relationship, explaining, “You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”

Monday, April 29, 2013

"I Lost Two Children In 4 Years And Nearly Quit Acting" - Nollywood Actress, Iya Awero

Lanre Hassan, also known as Iya Awero, is a veteran actress in Nollywood. She can also best be described as a cross-over actress having acted both in the English and Yoruba movies of Nollywood. 

In June 2013, she will roll out drums to celebrate her 50 years on stage. Not too many veterans have achieved that feat.
While telling her pain in a recent interview with First Weekly Magazine, the talented screen mother disclosed how she lost two children in four years which almost ruined her acting career. 

"The only thing that shook me happened in 1974, when I lost a child, while acting on stage. He (the child) was with his paternal grandmother, he was seven or eight years and they came to call me that he died that night, I had to rush down to our home town.
"I lost a second child, when Ojo Ladipo (Baba Mero) died. The two of us were at the burial, I woke up, but my baby did not wake up. It really discouraged me, but I summoned courage that I had been doing the work for long; I won't allow all these to stop me. 

"I believe what has happened has happened and that God would take care of other things and take care of the rest. It actually shook me to the extent that I almost quit acting," she narrated.

Odemwingie named ‘twat of the year’ at West Brom official awards!!

Adrian Chiles has re-opened the row between Peter Odemwingie and West Bromwich Albion after ridiculing the controversial striker at the club’s official awards’ dinner last night.
The ITV Sport presenter was the host for the evening at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham in front of an 800-strong audience.
The 46-year-old, a diehard Baggies supporter, drew a mixed reaction from the assembled audience when he introduced a prize for the tweet of the year.
Odemwingie has made several outspoken comments during the season via social media on the back of an abortive attempt to secure a move to QPR in January.
Chiles said: ‘Our fourth award of the evening is ‘Tweet of the year.’
‘Oh, no, sorry, it’s ‘T**t of the year’ and the winner is Peter Odemwingie.’
The audience was split between laughter and embarrassment as the reality of what Chiles had said sunk home.
A club spokesman confirmed afterwards that the former One Show host had been given a script to follow and that he had veered from it.
Odemwingie has found it difficult to re-establish any rapport with the club’s fans following the incident as the transfer window closed in January.
Since then he has been fined for several outbursts on twitter and has struggled to re-capture a first-team spot.
He was not present to hear the offending remark. Sources close to Odemwingie suggested he was suffering from a common cold and had communicated his decision to stay at home.
However, feelings among the supporters continue to run high at the player’s perceived slight.
When the large screens showed individual player contributions to the Baggies’ season, Odemwingie’s name was greeted by significant booing from those present when a selection of video clips was run.
Ironically, with Marc-Antoine Fortune suspended for this weekend’s visit of Wigan Athletic to the Hawthorns, the forward may have been in line for a recall.
But Chiles’s comments have only served to highlight the schism between club and player and the former Nigeria forward, who still has one season left to run on his current contract, will need further reassurance to remain at the club following this embarrassment.
Source: UK Mail

Man Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison For Stealing Governor’s Phone!!!

An Osogbo High Court yesterday sentenced a 31-year-old man, Kelvin Igha-Igbodalo to 45 years imprisonment without an option of fine for stealing a Sony Ericson phone belonging to Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola.
Igha-Igbodalo is alleged to have stolen Aregbesola’s phone during the swearing-in ceremony of the governor in 2010. The convict used the phone to dupe many unsuspecting people by directing them to pay money into a particular bank account on pretext that it was the governor’s directive. Click to continue.
The ex-convict was eventually arrested and charged with six counts of conspiracy, obtaining properties by false pretence, stealing, impersonation and advance free fraud. Igha-Igbodalo pleaded guilty to the charges slammed against him and Justice Oyejide Falola sentenced him to 45 years imprisonment to run concurrently without an option of fine.
Daily Trust learnt that the ex-convict had earlier served six years imprisonment at Ikoyi prison in Lagos over a murder charge leveled against him.
According to the charge sheet, “Kelvin and others now at large in May 24th, 2011 impersonated the governor by using his phone with intent to defraud, and obtained the sum of N500,000 from his royal majesty, Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran, Owa-Obokun of Ijesha land”.
The prosecution, Mr. Biodun Badiora, told the court that the convict committed an offence contrary to section 8(c) and is punishable under section 1(3) of the Advance Free Fraud and other related offences Act, 2006.
Counsel to the convict, Mr. Ameachi Ngwu, prayed the court to commit the convict to community service.
from dailytrust

Nigerian Night Club – Things you Never Seen on Tv (video)


The Nasty Things That Go On In A Nigerian Night Club but you Never See on Tv…
How We Party and Live in Nigeria.

UNN ACCIDENT: Ceiling Fan Falls Off The Roof During Lectures At The University Of Nigeria!!!!

No casualties was recorded however!!!.

Source: VNTI UNN

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